Wednesday , June 23 2021
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Full Scalise: 'I'm Glad President Trump Continues To Look Into [Russian] Interference'

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), House Minority Whip, defends President Trump’s call with the Ukranian president.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Scalise: ‘I’m Glad President Trump Continues To Look Into [Russian] Interference’ | Meet The Press


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  1. I just wish this clown answer the Dam Questions!!!

  2. Why is it so hard to answer a question. We were taught in 3rd grade how to do so. You answer yes or no, then explain your reason for your answer. Do they think we are dumb? they answer questions as if they think you are.

  3. No doubt that Steve Scales is a m-f'er, but Chuck Todd is horrible.

  4. Chuck and his narrative got destroyed here.

  5. Wait!!!! So what he was talking about in the call was no longer 2020 interference by investigating Biden, now it’s investigating Russia’s 2016 interference???

    I see!! These people aren’t stupid at all! They think we are!!!

  6. get him out. he is only there to spread the word on your chanel

  7. Hey Russia if you're listening I hope you're able to find those 30 thousand emails of Hillary's GIVE ME A BREAK TRUMP COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA AND HE'S DOING IT AGAIN WITH UKRAINE WAKE UP PEOPLE THE REPUBLICUNTS THINK WE ARE STUPID !!

  8. The prostitution of the Republican politicians for Donald trump is striking. Whether they support or shun Trump is predicated on Trump poll results in their respective district/state. It's quite clear at this juncture that the Republican politicians have no sense of morality or integrity. Let's hope that is not the case for everyday citizens in red states.

  9. Is it possible for a Republican to defend trump with out Squirming and emulating a peepee dance. They all make me sick to my stomach people defending That miserable heap should all be ashamed of themselves. God bless them all !!!

  10. You know exactly WHAT he is going to say….same exact thing out of all their mouths…wonder why that is…lol. Throw in those buzzwords pal….

  11. Emasculated Republican Party destroyed by Donald Trump 😥😣😣😎

  12. They are trying to blame Russia's aggression on Ukraine, again doing Russia's bidding.

  13. Everything the Mueller report said was true, and all these Trumpoid republicans keep saying that none of it was.  Straight up lies!

  14. Since the 2016 election, the show should have been renamed "Meet The Farce".

  15. Yup, some more bs from the republicons .

  16. I would give my eyeteeth to never have to hear from Steve Scalise about anything ever again.

  17. Just wow defending the undependable!

  18. Steve Scalise represents the horrible state of Louisiana where the only thing people care about is football.

  19. How can this Enabler justify supporting a corrupt and treasonous presidency? SHAME!!!..may history remember your name!!

  20. Scalise is a very smart man. Todd and many of the media takes part of a testimony out of CONTEXT. I've read the transcript and there's nothing there.

  21. Why aren't they asking these Republicans why after all this time of having Robert Mueller looking at the 2016 election they didn't forward any of there leads to him. How many millions spent? and how many people working on it and Rudy is going to figure it out by himself? I heard another one the other day saying they need him to come out of retirement to look into joe biden. These reporters need to nail them down on all there crap, dig in your heels knock them off talking points and get them to answer the questions.

  22. Any child knows what "though" means when asking for something… be it borrowing a toy, having a buddy over, trading cards, going out to play, or in this case buying security. Things you learn before kindergarten 101.

  23. You could see the tears in his eyes he is troubled go to God Steve !

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