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Full Woodward & Costa: Trump ‘Wants Power Back’

Bob Woodward, Associate Editor, The Washington Post and Robert Costa, National Political Reporter, The Washington Post, co-authors of “Peril,” talk about the Trump White House’s “attempts” to change the 2020 election after the vote.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Woodward & Costa: Trump ‘Wants Power Back’


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  1. You cant find that which your unwilling to see or investigate. No proof, nothing to see here.
    Everything Hillary did and all of Biden's corruption is okay for democrat's since they control the
    FBI and Justice department. Once Justice in America becomes non partisan again Hillary Obama and Biden will go down as the most corrupt political machine since Tammany Hall.

  2. Keep in mind that this book consists of over 200 ANONYMOUS SOURCES. They can only operate from anonymity and fabrications. These two sat on general milley information to write their book for months to write their book. This is critical information that should not be tolerated by the public. What they are talking about is NOT the story. The establishment media and writers are so sick.

  3. Trump himself knows the election wasnt rigged or stolen hes just saying it so he doesnt look like a loser that he is and his supporters are to dumb to realize reality

  4. This Country is in Kaios . Have you noticed that the hateful, vandalizing, wanting to murder, that think of nothing but themselves, and there family, cling to trump . its crazy . The criminals win these days, and allot of good people loose, and get walked on . I am tired, of Americas evil climb, above all, get it together . How long is it going to be, until trumps followers, start putting us in the Incinerators, to burn, just like the S S of Germany . gb* ~ hard life (MULDEW)

  5. This tool is so obsessed with Trump. Without Trump, these yellow journalist have a bleak future.

  6. Trump was the best President that America has had – and then you lefties put Biden in, knowing full well that he has had no qualms about telling untruths throughout his political political career. Now of course he is screwing up every thing he touches.
    Shame on you all. Just look at the state of your country now. You buggers are a joke. I just hope you can find the funnybone to laugh about the screw-up the USA is becoming.

  7. Many of us are ashamed of the news media that we have bought for the money from SOROS, or as the Vice President intends to give you millions of dollars to cover up a reality that you cannot: that Trump won the elections. The actual Maricopa report is very clear and shows all the pitfalls. It will take to the Attorney General. The other States are already asking for audits and the informants will pay in the future.

  8. INSANITY has gripped 42% of Americans.
    How can such a powerful nation allow one man, donald trump, to almost destroy the Constitution, Democracy and 42% of Americans ?!?

  9. the funny thing is he will win again after the biden harris team

  10. Britain is a mini AMERICA. In a yappy dog way with less international consequence Britain is a white nationalist racist country. It disgusts me and I left in 2007 to watch in contempt from the other side of the world. Not everyone can leave their own country when it becomes a pariah, I am lucky.

  11. It’s time Biden speak up to the nation to say Trump lost and there is absolutely no evidence that he won. And to stop the lie bc it effing up America? Why can’t we tell Trump to STFU?

  12. Trump got a taste of power, something he has never had and it is driving him crazy that he can't get it back.

  13. The results of the Arizona audit have been sent to the state attoreney generals office to look at the over 35,000 duplicate , blank ballots etc

    and electronic disrepencies , so this is far from over and other states have been doing the same as most reps and many dems cannot

    believe how 'Beijing Biden' even with the open help of the 'lamestream' media and giant tech let the 'demoncrats' steal the election overnight

    and the following weeks after Trump had won easily on election day…..

  14. Dump said he'd do whatever it took to stay in the white house

  15. It’s all about 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵
    The longer Trump can claim a stolen election, the longer he can get money from his supporters.

  16. —–123—"This
    is the man who talks about Freedom and Freedom of Opinion! See who he
    really is and don't lie to yourself!!
    Donaldi Trumpist , threatened a journalist who published in a
    newspaper that the Casino he had built would go bankrupt and was right
    by the accounts he had made! Donald's threats to him were fines of
    hundreds of thousands of dollars $$ and the end of this journalist's
    wallet! It seems strange that this defamation of the whole country
    caused by Donald has not yet had serious consequences!

  17. “There is an absurd video of a comrade talking to President Biden in the middle of a crowd, where this same guy claims that President Biden has blood on his hands for the Iraq war.
    It makes no sense! Who started this war was President Bush and Afghanistan after the violence of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York!
    And this guy screamed that the blood was on Biden's hands! He did it out of sheer envy of him, Biden, who left Afghanistan and with the courage to do it and not spend more money $$ that should be used in the US for the population of the wonderful United States of America! A Donaldian envy! Horrible! And in those wars, I believe, they were just soldiers who were in the armed forces of the United States and there was no recruitment for civilians like in the case of Vietnam.
    Soldier is soldier! And in Iraq a private army that is on the side of the Republicans, called Black Waters, that yes, that one killed many civilians in that country!
    Sad this trumpian and republican envy of producing so many lies and fake videos against Biden who is a very good president!

  18. —–123—"This
    is the man who talks about Freedom and Freedom of Opinion! See who he
    really is and don't lie to yourself!!
    Donaldi Trumpist , threatened a journalist who published in a
    newspaper that the Casino he had built would go bankrupt and was right
    by the accounts he had made! Donald's threats to him were fines of
    hundreds of thousands of dollars $$ and the end of this journalist's
    wallet! It seems strange that this defamation of the whole country
    caused by Donald has not yet had serious consequences!

  19. "Interesting and one thing that the so-called Patriots do not know is that a country that does not have a Legal President, as Donald says, is weakened and losing its defenses and form, because it does not have an Authority that indicates the Order !!
    And that only makes people who hate the USA happy and that apparently they are not only outside the USA among their enemies, like North Korea where you just need to read the Bible to be executed, but they are also inside the USA to destroy the Country ! What Donald calls the Swamp !! Simply unbelievable that apparently nobody is really seeing this happen in Reality !! Differences are not lies! Because differences exist and can only exist in true things that really exist and can be seen at different points! Are Real Facts !! Lies in the place of differences ones cannot go anywhere and they must be super superficial and they will never produce anything of real value! I'm sorry for this Political Party that is full of people of Real Bravery and super Capable !!
    Very simple for Donald to understand that a President has the Authority and the Duty to Lead the Country in his hands! If this Power is removed from the Country it will be adrift without The Authority that guarantees the Order if there is no other Authority for the place and position that guarantees the Order! And with the intention of creating chaos, he, Donald, spread the big lie and the Fake news that the current president was not elected and that he, Donald, should be in his place because the elections were stolen and cheated! And with that he wants to create chaos and violence as there was in January this year, Donald wants violence, chaos and terror! He is furious, as is Satan who is described in the Bible in the Book of Revelation chapter 12: 9-12 when he is cast down to Earth and loses his place in Heaven!
    Exactly what this fellow, Donald, a friend of Dictators in Russia and North Korea, would like to have in the USA, a Third World Democracy! He is very skilled at changing what he really feels and thinks, that instinct for him to protect himself and it's automatic, because he was educated like that by his father to face the world of Business !!Not lastly make money in the middle of the mess! And now for those who feel betrayed by the System and do not accept it, who, however, are never the Majority, sorry, in the USA and must not exceed 30%!
    "It is simply unbelievable like that Donald disrespected the USA and the citizens of the USA who live in a Democracy !! For not winning the elections he called the Democracy of the USA a Third World Democracy !! Totally mocking and disrespectful !
    Worse is that this was exactly what he would love to have in the USA, like in Russia, or even a North Korea etc … Brazil , maybe ,with its Voting Machines Programmed for Results desired by those who dominate everything and are the owners of Everything !!
    " We will all accept Miss Kayleigh McEnany's invitation ! Yes, we will enter in the Disneyland of republicans !!A Disneyland a little without grace and without surprises that can not really bring us anything interesting or realy NEW to our lives !!Let's imagine the hundreds of Voting Ballots found in a river, that nobody knows the name, that would be Voting Ballots with the name of Trump, a name that is even stamped on ice cubes in the real world, let's be curious as it was charged for her, Miss Kayleigh McEnany, that we should at least be curious to know , to a Journalist who asked her where the river was at all and was obviously left unanswered !!Come on in the curiosity of this story, aren't Voting Ballots were put there by the Republicans? Had they not been manufactured somewhere that printed them, in a garage, with the name of Trump and for him ? How were the ice cubes with the Trump name stamped ? To put them in the polls before they were opened to be counted ? And because they didn't have the opportunity to use it for that purpose, the Republicans threw it into a river that no one knows where it is and no one knows the name?Or, it would be, as he appeared in a small CLIP, with an Hindu in a small car full of Voting Ballots , for Democratic candidates, Biden and Kamala, explaining in a typical text in Donald's language that he would take all those votes to the Democrats into the Election Urns because it was paid for that purpose and he do it for money because money dominates the world and so he was doing this by order of Democrats and to cheat for the Election !!A story obviously put there, in that car with an indu and full of electoral ballots to vote, by the Republicans, that even before the Elections already built the history of the fraud wanting to make believe that they were being passed over !!"We must not forget that this fellow, Donald, threatened a journalist who published in a newspaper that the Casino he had built would go bankrupt and was right by the accounts he had made! Donald's threats to him were fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars $$ and end the journalist's wallet! It seems strange that this defamation of the whole country by him, Donald, has not yet had serious consequences!So we are going to Disneylandia of replublicans creating their one story and turned to them, after all, how could they have beaten Hillary Clinton in 2016 ? How was it possible ? That was not possible ! How could it have Won without fraud ?!How can a comrade who doesn't know how to do anything but mess up everything have won something ?! Without having defrauded ?!"Doesn't it seem childish to think that in a Fraudulent election, only Democrats defrauded? Look, if the Democrats was used the Internet through the WhatsApp to modify the Results of the Election, why the Republicans was not do?! It's a liltle bit of a children's opinion no! Very comic and very stupid! "He must have a very good team in advertising that manages, based on the thinking of the US Citizens, to stop criticism in they minds and open without thinking everything that will be induced there! To wash unprepared minds! And that is what he has done with whom he even call it stupid! Be careful! In fact, it's not hard to see that he's manipulating how good a psychopath $$ he is!

  20. Yep; "Trumpian": 6-year olds staging a group tantrum… Who do they think they are fooling?!?!!!?

  21. Just to be clear. 45 is the wicket casted out and down, because he claimed to be better than God. He is a FALSE PROPHET who bewitches many like Simon Magus.

  22. Michael Cohen said being thorough is key in order to hold 45 (and his GOP and gang accomplices) to justice, they are congressional lawyers defending corruptions, lies, the overthrow of the Washington Capitol building and the US Constitution. America is imploding making justice a mockery. I'm not a Democrat and the Republican platform is already a terminal cancer as a result of morphing into a Trumplican bot

  23. Trump is doing this ONLY for his swollen ego – feeding his narcissism – it has nothing to do with politics, only a very privileged and mentally diseased person having a power trip. Treat it as such.

  24. Trump's father continued to come down to the office in his old age, wearing three ties, and telling people what to do. Apparently, dementia isn't just people who drool at home. There are activist demented also. Humans used to know this inherently, and saw it in their own absolute leaders. Xi may be like this, so may Putin.

    The human race MUST find a way to prevent and remove crazed maniacs from being anywhere near weapons of mass destruction like nukes. It just is not an acceptable threat for humans to deal with into the future, because eventually, the luck is going to run out, and we've been quite lucky now since 1945.

    What bratty child needs is a spanking. It's hard to believe he's led an adult life. Another fine example of the wealthy not being such great people.

  25. So Chuck Todd actually did a real segment that wasn't pro-Republican. Still didn't cover who helped Trump get the insurrection stated and inside the Capitol.

  26. I would have so much respect if leaders of the Republican Party all denounced Trump. They know that the man is toxic for this nation, they aren’t as stupid as his voters. If they keep on enabling him, it can only and in disaster.

  27. My love letter to you 30 percenters: I can hear how passionately you voice your beliefs and attack your imagined enemies on the left. No disrespect intended, but you are victims of the biggest and longest running con in human history. Your opinions are being subverted by an army of clever liars and true believers. Social media and the Fox Media Matrix have accelerated the implementation of this delusional system. Condemning all competing news channels and media outlets as fake news was a necessary first step. This isolates the target audience for a never-ending barrage of mistrust, anger and outrage. If you watch long enough, it can seem plausible, and then somewhat believable, and eventually, maybe even gospel. If you've already absorbed too much negative programming, you will probably blow me off with some silly slam. But I don't care. Maybe someone else will read this and reconsider the outrage box they find themselves in.
    God bless you, and all of us in these troubled times.

  28. The one thing I noticed is, Trump fans love YouTube’s comment section and they have a lot of heat. They are angry little boys.

  29. Watching In Australia. I catch up everyday

  30. Considering the audits show he won he should have power back….


  32. Of course trump wants what is rightfully his.from a stolen vote.anyone can't see that doesn't want to.

  33. Anybody can write a book full of lies.

  34. But Graham expressed outrage during the impeachment. Why is Woodward defending him?

  35. The committee should ask themselves, "What was Nero doing when Rome was burning"?

  36. Whats happen to the real American man?

  37. Never mind trying to prove meant for the mob to get violent. It’s enough that he refused to act and told McCarthy the mob was more loyal to him than he was. That proves once it did get violent, Trump willfully aided and abetted them. Why doesn’t anybody see that?

  38. This is a lame line of questioning, especially that Trump/Nixon question. I learned more from Colbert's interview.



  41. A0 It wasn't a close election and B0 tell the rest of the story. Lindsay said, "I would have hung up too." and then proceeded to blow the Orange sack of dung.

  42. People out in the woods in New England are still waving their Trump 2020 flags. It still seems like a mismatch between those folks in the country and the supposed billionaire who would gladly sell out their land if he could make a buck off of it for himself.

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