Wednesday , June 23 2021
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Full Zarif: 'Isolation Doesn’t Put Any Bread On The Table' | Meet The Press | NBC News

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif talks to Chuck Todd about Iran’s nuclear program and Iran’s role in the war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Zarif: ‘Isolation Doesn’t Put Any Bread On The Table’ | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. 11:30 "we have not invaded any country in 250 years but any country that invaded us is sorry that they did"

    You got to love that

  2. If America starts a war..any war..they won't be able to finish it.
    Dejavu".Just leave Iran alone for the love of God,the more you probe this guy the more he tends to expose the unethical,disingenuous U.S🤔

  3. America needs to stop bullying other nations and act like a proper state like they did under president Obama.

  4. You just can't let the man finish a sentence can you?

  5. Thank you Mr.Zarif for this excellent interview.

  6. The reporter is extremely stupid. Is he an educated journalist? My 3 years son can do the better job than him. BTW Iranian foreign minister rocked the interview.

  7. The Saudis have hit their own oil fields
    They are losing every war they have to act like a victim so they can get attention the whole world is watching

  8. Europe: we know US is violating international law by violating JCPOA, and we are too scared to abide by our own obligations, but iran, come and take a loan from us instead.
    Iran: no thanks, I’ll stick to international law and therefore continue to reduce my JCPOA obligations.

  9. Can’t trust the Americans.

  10. as Irainan student, I proud you Mr Zarif
    and u!! as an American citizens must shamed your President

  11. Mr Zarif sounds like a very reasonable, rational person.

  12. chuck todd's like i fixed my teeth everybody look

  13. if JAVAD TALKS 24/7 >>>>> I listen to him 24/7

  14. The interviewer was inexperience and unprofessional. Who pays money to these kids?

  15. Todd interrupts. Sign of a weak interviewer.

  16. Mr Zarif is a though diplomat we are proud of him and can’t tank him enough with all dispute Strain and pressure from some people inside of Iran he is greatest diplomat Iran ever have.

  17. "yemen's a tragedy. stop talking about it"

  18. By the way. He is telling a lot of truth. If you would invite an expert for the middle east, a neutral one, you would know, that the trouble makers are Israel, the U.S. and the Saudis.

  19. Listen to the iranians and listen to Trump. There is no comparism.
    He talks calmly and puts his point of view. He is absolutely right that it was Trump who broke the deal.
    The U.S. president is not able to have a decent conversation. He is a bully. A poor old man, with no capacity to make a deal without threats. Thats what he is doing with everyone and he praises himself for blackmailing others.
    He is bad leader and he is far away to be a genius. If you do not remove him, he will drive us not only to a big recession, but as well to a war.

  20. This liar needs to shut up 🤐.

  21. The whole usa system is corrupt !!!

  22. from Iran: oh yee you moron…you trying to twist the word to an Iranian whos are mater of this craft. we Iranian learned how to twist the word snide first day of school. you try to cut his words to not people hear, but I make you sure who must to know he did figure already. so wash your hands from Iranian that not make you a penny out of it. and do and say something that your children not feel sham in their life

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