Thursday , August 11 2022

G7 leaders admitting 'can't get off Russian oil and gas' with latest moves: Expert

PRICE Futures Group senior market analyst Phil Flynn weighs in on world leaders moving closer to finalizing plans for a price cap on Russian oil as the country’s invasion of Ukraine continues.

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  1. What inept leadership the World has today. Extreme failure is imminent.

  2. The elites are crumbling

  3. I appreciate your effort 👆🏿☝🏾👆🏿 you’ve been through hard times, I’m greatful

  4. I appreciate your effort 👆🏿☝🏾👆🏿 you’ve been through hard times, I’m greatful

  5. Instead of the green supporters living in a city where they have tax-payer supplied infrastructure for getting around (buses, subways, etc.), let's relocate them to the suburbs or better yet, the farm country and see how they do.

  6. Russian oil has nothing to do with our demise with the inflation. Biden has been lying about EVERYTHING. He's a failure, point blank!!

  7. Charge Biden with treason!

  8. Should’ve voted for Trump

  9. If only we could somehow produce oil ourselves…

  10. Give Ukraine cruisse-missiles so the russian oil-fields can be blown up. Ukrainians can then demand 50 % of oil-revenuea, otherwise they let the missiles away !!!

  11. US-UK and Europe has no credibility across rest of the world – snakes . Price Cap on Russian oil ? Just a joke – that G7 leaders.

    US-NATO engineered this conflict with Russia to weaken Russia to force a regime change in Moscow.

    Russian Regime change in Moscow is a major failure and World is clear, NATO is seen a offensive alliance to only push US-NATO members interests across the world.

    Russia security is at risk and will Russia be able to flight off 30 NATO countries in the future .

    NATO have their eyes on Russian and Chinese demise – deluded they maybe -its a fact ?

  12. G7 is going to move with Russia and USA will be standing in lines wondering how we are going to fill up our cars

  13. The whole green thing is to keep Russia from selling oil, keep them poor, it’s a China thing also

  14. India before war just buying 4% now buying 45% oil from Russian its. Very big next pipe line to india others.

  15. We were on are way to being the leading exporter of oil. This admin is not only incompetent, it has made the world more dangerous. LET'S GO BRANDON!

  16. Biden had a chance to meet with the oil co. last week and turned it down to meet with a wind farm group. That should help oil prices! 🙂

  17. Russia was always reliable and is still is. It is Nato / US / Euro who are setting sanctions…

  18. If the whole world worked together to maximize Russian oil profits, they couldn't come up with a better plan than this.

  19. No, because she is an Affirmative Action doll AND a Gimmedat icon.