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Gaetz: Democrats were always planning to impeach Trump

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fl) discusses the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

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  1. Intelligent and Handsome indeed.

  2. We are impeaching Trump so we can get a list of Senators in the GOP who are willing to let Trump hand over the Ukraine to Russia. Hard way to get a list but it will be useful for 2024.BTW Thanks Trump for removing Biden. We can now put up a real candidate instead. LOL

  3. It has always been Gods will. TRUMP will win if its Gods will.

  4. There is no whistle blower. It's not a real person. All made up. The dems will find one if its required

  5. The whistleblower has been identified. Sally Yates. She had a real ax to grind.

  6. That idiot Miller is a step above you, Lou. He knows "deep state" is imaginary foolishness but he uses it to trigger responses from right-wing crack-pots. Appearing on nighttime television lines his pocketbook. Getting rich off morons is getting easier these days.

  7. Why why won't the Republicans bring charges on them Democrats in the house for lying

  8. Lou's right. The republicans need to do more than just having counterpoint press conferences and going on TV agonizing over the wrongdoing, and do something about it, get on the offense for a change. Hate to think the dem's are smarter than the republicans, but so far…

  9. Term Limits for every position in the government will prevent deep state. The terms could vary by position, responsibilities, etc. Once a term is up, the employee must stay away for at least 2 years, for example, before reapplying.

  10. Impeach Trump started with the 2016 Election!! Democrates have planned to impeach Trump as soon as he won! It's been going on since the beginning of his Election win! TRUMP has endured the worst PRESIDENTIAL HARRASSMENT in all of HISTORY!! Yet, he continues to stay totally focused on his job to do the best job he can. Come together America I urge all of you to pray for our President he's the best PRESIDENT EVER ๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™

  11. Crazy mother effer was impeaching himself . Arrogance coupled with ignorance is a defeatist combination. He isnโ€™t even an Republican. Lol. Trump used the Republicans and he said in their own words how dumb Republicans are for believing whatever he says . Trumps kids are democrats too.

  12. The Whistleblower is fake there isn't no whistleblower that's why the Whistleblower hasn't came out if it is a real human being they were paid and bought by Queen Bee Hillary Clinton "but did you notice she appears all of a sudden ? that's because , a criminal always returns to the scene of the crime always 99.9% of the time The Whistleblower I believe is CNN Don Lemon๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘

  13. and so this is why it's so hard to prove why they started the impeachment this is why it's so hard to prove why they want him out the true reason don't everyone notice when Hillary Clinton latched her claws on to Obama what she knew she was losing she has been in politics so long and her and her husband stole so much money for so long that she was addicted she couldn't stop so she had to continue keeping her claws in the white house because she thought she could run that White House no matter who was in it and when Donald said no we don't need you she flipped

  14. the reason why they were planning to impeach him is because the queen bee the queen demon Hillary Clinton was mad not only because she lost because mr. Trump was not going to give her a place in the White House she was spoiled and she wanted to make more money and she wanted our president to be corrupt like Biden and Obama and her and Bill Struck and the FBI Comey…… they all followed the queen and her corrupt ways so since Trump said sorry demon I'm not running this country to get rich so since our president decided to do the job for the people like he's supposed to do she went on a rampage and fast-forward here we are today this is why I believe they wanted him out from GetGo because he wasn't going to play the corruption game with America he wasn't going to corrupt the American people because he knew how Hillary Clinton got away with the corruption for so long and she can't stand it

  15. Perhaps there is no living whistleblower. All created by Democrats. They cannot produce what does not exist.

  16. The real crime is the tapping of Trump's phone.

  17. Democrats in Congress are like that person that constantly accuses their mate of cheating because they're the ones sleeping around. They are psychological wackos!

  18. Thank you Matt gaetz and thank you Lou Dobbs!! All of this bull crap is making me sick!!!

  19. God is watching and listening to all these dangerous violence criminal activist money control,to Destroyed innocent people and threaten victims of politics action,and try hard to destroyed President Trump the peoples President

  20. Lou, the whistleblower is a Clinton lawyer and works for Chuck Schumer also worked for the CIA under whistleblower complaints department. From a grandma in the fly over Midwest.

  21. Communists/Democrats won't stop, till they are stopped!

  22. What they need to do is repent and turn to GOD for the possibility that HE may forgive them for all the evils they are daily doing!

  23. Time to REALLY appologize to the arussian and Ukrain administrations….they are the victim too.
    They have damaging image breakdown on the planet thiank to the idiots….
    Sew these idiot mr. Putin i would say…


  25. Didn't Edward Snowden warn about the DEEP STATE? Hmmmmm

  26. Trump has basically brought out these democrats true colors, Corruption, greed, lust for power and control, and their self serving attitudes, as well as their pure hatred and vengeful insane crooked ways. these hypocrites have absolutely no dignity, honor or shame, and the only reason these rats can sleep at night, is because they have absolutely no conscience whatsoever, their consumed with destroying our President and the American way of life, they can care less about the American people, they ought to be imprisoned for their crimes against humanity.

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