Monday , January 25 2021
Home / Sports / Gambhir: Chahal को substitute लाना बिलकुल जायज़ | Hindi review: Aus v Ind, 1st T20I

Gambhir: Chahal को substitute लाना बिलकुल जायज़ | Hindi review: Aus v Ind, 1st T20I

जाडेजा के बदले बोलिंग करने आए चहल ने कंगारुओं को फिरकी में फंसाया, भारत सीरीज़ में 1-0 से आगे

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  1. In the second innings, Jadeja's role was of a spinner and the only available spinner in the Indian t20 squad bench was Chahal, CHAHAL was the one and only possible substitute, what do you expect Burmah to come as sub?? I don't think there is any point of further discussion on this topic.

  2. For understanding what was the controversy in the match and what exactly a concussion rule is, you can watch this video:

  3. Whenever I see GG, I like

  4. Typical Sanghi like GG thinks like ethics, no character, no spirit.. just the misinterpretation of ''rules'', but, they will be put to task by their own children..

  5. Why this host is in soo much hurry?

  6. I think replacing Jadeja with Chahal was fine enough. Its almost impossible to find a perfect "like-for-like" replacement. No two players are exactly similar. Jadeja is as good as Chahal in bowling, if not better.

  7. @cricbuzz please remove Akash chopra

  8. Chahedja man of the match

  9. Aaj yahi rule rule kr rhe h agar yahi australia ne kiya hota to yahi log randi rona krte

  10. well ask some body that was gautam gambir said that yajuvendra should be out of the playing 11 but he is saying that he is praising him so ghambir i am bit confused with you man.

  11. Perfect 11
    5 bastman including Hardik
    2 allrounder Jadeja & Sundar
    4 bolwer chahar , shami/Bumrah , Natrajan , Chahal

  12. Hes speaking like a politician

  13. cricbuzz live dekho gourav kapoor ashish nehra aur aakash chopra theeno bohut ache se pre match aur post match show karte hai bohut funny bhi hota hai jokes bhi hota hai idhar toh yeh log bus serious bate kar rahe hai


  15. Man of the match yajuvendra jadeja 😜🙉🙉

  16. जो खूबसूरत आखे कमेंट पढ़ रही है भगवान उसके सारे सपने उसकी आंखों के सामने पूरे करें चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करें जय हिंद जय भारत जय श्री राम 🙏 🙏

  17. I like to hear Gautam Gambhir talk..
    Like i love to see him bat 😊

  18. aaj isne ek bar bhi nhi bola ki captaincy acchi hui🤬🤬😡😡jalta hai kohli se ye insan…india under kohli 10 t20i lagatar jiti hai

  19. As usual as politician 🤣

  20. Kl Rahul
    M Agrawal
    V Kohli
    S Samson
    H Pandya
    R Jadeja
    W Sundar
    D Chahar
    J Bumrah
    T Natrajan
    Y Chahal

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