Friday , January 22 2021
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Gambhir – Karthik shouldn't bat ahead of Russell, Morgan

Gambhir and Manjrekar look at KKR’s batting order and Iyer’s heroics

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  1. Kkr easy loss mtch🙄🙄

  2. Chutiye DK aur Venky Mysore ko kon samjhai

  3. Where are those who was saying that kkr won 2 IPL's not because of GAMBHIR's captaincy but because of players like Russell,narine etc etc..I agree all these players are very good but GAMBHIR's captaincy makes big difference in kkr's team..

  4. I think Banton should open for KKR with gill

  5. If KKR want to win games then 3 changes need to be made.
    1) Karthik has to bat behind Morgan and Russell or drop himself.
    2) Narine cannot open and frankly I’d drop him for an extra bowler like Ferguson or even a Banton depending on Russell’s fitness. Sunil hasn’t been the same bowler since the remodelling of the action.
    3) Tripathi should not go in behind Cummins.

  6. Very right. No discrimination he has.can be cool batting at 6 or 7.Morgan good bat and so is Russel.rana good but needs to be at no. 4 after Morgan and than Russel.wisdom shd. wishes.

  7. "Literally The 1% Who's Reading… May Your Parents Live More Than 100 Years With Good Health ♥ ❤❤ "".

  8. Morgan no.4
    Russell no.5
    Karthik no.6

  9. Anrich Norje has turned out to be a good replacement.

  10. There is some serious batting order issues going on KKR. Why not send Morgan after Russell when he was in good form? Played two good innings in the last two games and 6? Pat Cummins ahead of a natural batsman in Tripathi? Still trusting Narine as opener despite plenty of failures? Horrible decision making.

  11. Why there is no specialist to open the innings🤔

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