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GARDENING IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL! 🌹 Planting Roses & Lavender // Moving Vlogs Episode 17 //

GARDENING IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL! Planting Roses & Lavender
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What I’m Wearing:
Grey jogging bottoms – https://bit.ly/3b3n7Da
Pink sweatshirt – https://bit.ly/33Lnkbc
Pearl necklace – Pearl necklace – https://bit.ly/33GGzmv
Pearl hoops (similar) – https://bit.ly/3bhEhwQ
(US) Pearl hoops (similar) – https://bit.ly/3abodLJ
White sleeveless top – https://bit.ly/3541SPf
(US) White sleeveless top – https://bit.ly/2VAahXR
Black sunglasses – https://bit.ly/34NMzZB
(US) Black sunglasses – https://bit.ly/2xNqJL2
Floral cami – https://bit.ly/2VS2sf6
(US) Floral cami – https://bit.ly/3eLbt21
White shorts (similar) – https://bit.ly/2WGzYoN
(US) White shorts (similar) – https://bit.ly/2ztvev2
Floral dress – https://bit.ly/2x8O3Td
(US) Floral dress (similar) – https://bit.ly/3bdGEQz

Coast embroidered dress – https://bit.ly/3dBHf09
Coast white top – https://bit.ly/35KBfiK
Batiste blonde dry shampoo – https://bit.ly/2Y6833W
(US) Batiste blonde dry shampoo – https://bit.ly/2VYs8GL
Loewe bag – https://bit.ly/2KQYiPk

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  1. Love your vlogs! You are such wonderful lady with beautiful taste!
    I wonder how many rooms you have in this house?
    Why Charlie got the walking wardrobe in the master bedroom and not you or half half? So hard to imagine that you need to go to another room in the morning to get your clothing…like I change 3 outfits before I go out from the house and that after I choose what to wear day before!!

  2. Soooooo lovely πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  3. After almost two months of never missing an upload and catching up on many of your older videos, I can safely say your channel is one of the nicest things quarantine has brought me. I just LOVE your personality, your taste, the way you carry yourself, your lovely little family with Charlie and the two furry angels, just everything about you and your beloved ones we get to see on the Internet. I rarely ever comment but this time I really wanted to put into words how much appreciation I have for you. Keep up the amazing work. Love from Italy

  4. Vlogs almost everyday..this girl is working really hard to bring us amazing content..let's help Josie to reach the 500k subscribers!!! Come on sisters..let's spread the word!!! 😍😍

  5. I use " Le Coz" from "Castlecomb" for all my Custom 4 Poster Beds. The wife Elizabeth and daughter Ann is an expert with Bedding, Curtains, and Table clothes. Note You must get the square-edged weighted Table clothes (To dies For). I used their service in my homes in Mayfair, Berkshire, and in Le Lyes Lamorlaye, France. So worth it. Did you get the chance to look at the Unopio.com website for outdoor structures in iron.

  6. Love the gardening home vlogs!!

  7. My comments are so long πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈbut it’s just that I watch your videos and I have so much to say! πŸ˜… 1) the walks through the countryside with the doggies are just lovely 2) Dexie and Dickie are supper adorable with long scruffy hair. The fluffier the better ☺️. 3) cropped tops don’t look so cropped on you, which I like. If I knew they wouldn’t be so cropped on my either I would buy the white sleeveless one. If you don’t mind my asking, how tall are you? I’m only 5’3” so I think I have a chance to pull them off without showing my midriff πŸ˜‚

  8. I really want to plant fruit trees πŸ˜‹

  9. When it’s warmer in the UK than where I live in the US

  10. Love your new home but PLEASE keep the doggies on a lead if you are walking through a field with sheep- I’m from a family of farmers and loose dogs can result in the death of sheep. I’m sure you take all the correct precautions of the countryside as you are very respectful.

  11. Charlie is like a Tom cat, pissing on every area of his territory. A joy to behold!

  12. Absolutely loving these videos, and feel so chilled and relaxed watching you plant roses and lavender. The way you talk to the dogs melts my heart, they are soooo adorable. Keep it coming, highlight of my day!!!

  13. I just subscribed a couple of days ago after YouTube recommended your videos to me and I am LOVING the daily vlogs! The house is an absolute dream, I love to see you work on the garden as well. Your dogs are so adorable, as are you two! I'm really happy to have found your channel. xx

  14. Josie ,Have a look at This Hydranga,stunning,vanilla Fraise,very you,pink.I Know a lot about plants,Did a RHS Three year course,Enjoying your house videos, πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’•

  15. Loved this video so much! Both the home content and the clothes. That white and yellow dress on you was stunning!

  16. Josie babe you have very nice clothes

  17. Are you still taking Dexter and Dickens for walks everyday now that you have such a big garden where they can run around all day?

  18. Josie babe you look lovely in your white shorts and top

  19. Such a cute video. Rocking the scruffy look!!

  20. You 2 need to have a baby!!!

  21. Your Vlogs gives me positivity- please don't change and do not stop, when A person is positive and loves life it shows πŸ₯° thank you.

  22. Loving the content lately, this is quickly becoming one of my fave channels on YouTube 😁

  23. My husband decided to sort our garden out after seeing how nice yours is, he's currently destroying the old shed, thanks for the inspo x x

  24. Happy mother's day from Chicago. ❀❀😘

  25. Josie, love watching your videos :-)I love the way you include your new home design, food, gardening and your lovely dogs in your videos. Some of your fashion I cannot wear (I am 53), but still love the ideas. Your videos are so refreshing and elegant. Once you start doing your fashion videos, would you be able to somehow give alternative fashion ideas to maybe a slightly older women. Your dresses are so beautiful but I find some of them too short for me. Keep up the great work!! Cheers!

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