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Get Ready With Me : A Day in the City | Fashion Mumblr

Get Ready with Me for a Day in the City : London! A skincare and makeup routine to prepare my skin, and protect against pollution.

Filmed at the Shangri La, in The Shard.

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❤ What I Used ❤

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish :
Elizabeth Arden Superstart :
Elizabeth Arden Prevage Serum :
Sarah Chapman Skinesis Eye Recovery :
Sarah Chapman Skineses Dynamic Defence :
Elizabeth Arden City Smart :
Clarins Skin Detox BB :
Beauty Blender :
Bobbi Brown Serum Concealer :
Laura Mercier Loose Powder :
Stila Palette :
Benefit Brow Pencil :
Tom Ford Bronzer :
Clarins Brown Mascara :
Tom Ford First Time Lipstick :
Jo Malone Fragrance :
GHD Stylers :
Show Beauty Dry Shampoo
Tangle Teezer :


❤ What I Wore ❤

Blue Wrap Dress :

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Necklace :
Rings :


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  1. Her videos are pretty, calming , girly…. and very soothing ….keep up the good work….looking forward to more uploads….

  2. Love your videos. So Inspiring for me to practise a healthy routine like yours

  3. I really like when you do the talk over the video. It's so perfect Bless you for taking the extra time to film this video from multiple angles.

  4. This is a brilliant video! One of my all time favorites..!! <3

  5. Love the cinematic feel to this gorgeous gorgeous video! Oh the beginning 🙌🏼🇬🇧

  6. you're such a gorgeous London lady!♡♡♡♡

  7. Everythibg is fake. Brands give you products and you advertise them? ANd who takes the tube dressed like that?

  8. "All the things you could never afford that make me better than you" is a more catchy title 😂😂 hey if you've got it…. or get it for free 😏 enjoy it.

  9. it's all advertising advertising … fed up … nothing is genuine
    in other video you use other products!!! too much

  10. This should have been called THE PRODUCTS I USE instead. it was more abt the skincare than her actual routine 😡

  11. I can't believe you don't have a million subscribers! You need to be discovered big time. Love you Josie

  12. Anyone know what bag she is using??

  13. Goergouuuuuuuus, I love this look. :*

  14. Yuhh Amazing Dear..
    I wish yuhh got 10M subscribers.. 😘 #fashion Mumblr

  15. ur video quality is so good , nice to see video!!

  16. I love your videos!! Just found your site yesterday..I am just wondering, Im from America, how much does it cost to live in London? I want to at least visit there! 🙂

  17. Love your "get ready" videos. Protecting the skin against pollution in London makes sense! Maybe I should start doing that…

  18. lovely editing n music n ur voice so soft n calm

  19. I love how well your videos are put together for someone so new to this lifestyle.  Very enjoyable to watch and your friendless comes over so well oxo

  20. HI Josie,
    Is the Tom Ford bronzer definately cream? As in your video it looks a little more like powder. Also what shade is it and is it shimmery? Love the video!!
    Thanking you in advance hun. xx

  21. Please do something about the crappy voice over!!

  22. good work! your videos and your style are flawless

  23. That's so kind of you darling thank you. Loved & watched today's awesome rooftop & how cute those baby ducklings were.Sorry it's a late comment I'm about to go on one of my holidays in the morning so just finishing my packing & saw your reply just wanted to thank you for that.Take care of you& your beloved Charlie& Dexter (oh i love Dexter so much) nite nite

  24. Not what I was expecting from a get ready from me, but I mean that in a good way. This was so relaxing to watch and I loved the editing xxx

  25. I've just had 3 days with no wifi and it's such a relief coming back and seeing you've uploaded another amazing video thanks so much!!!xx

  26. Only just pushed play Josie and had to comment….awesome intro so well done I'm very impressed! setting new standards in think! 😊❤ now for the rest…excited!

  27. This video is amazing! Brilliant work on this Josie! Loved every second of it even if it did make me miss London even more than I already do. 😉😍❤️

  28. Could you do a get unready with me video and a Whats in my bag please? Loved the vid btw!

  29. You're too beautiful!! Loved the video ❤️

  30. Josie what shade is the stila palette please? as i clicked on the link & a darker palette came up.My skin tone is fair & I'm blonde so i think maybe this would suit my complexion.Thank you for taking the time to reply earlier, as i understand you have such a busy schedule, but this showed me that how caring& professional you always are.Hope you have a great week.Please only reply when you have time Susan

  31. must be super hard to walk around in those heels all day long….

  32. you are such a lady i love it and very modest

  33. Fab video, love ur channel xx have you got any tips on how to make my vids better and how to gain subbies xxx |Sweetie xx

  34. Can u do a morning / evening routine ??

  35. At beginning of the video it felt like it was a program it was so good and a brilliant description of London xx🌸👑💖🎀❤️

  36. This was the most beautiful video I have seen! So beautiful edited and put together. Had me soaked in from the start. And, you are so natural and beautiful 😘 X

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