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Get Ready With Me – Dinner in Paris | Fashion Mumblr

Date Night in Paris! Get Ready with Me at the beautiful Le Maurice hotel in Paris!
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  1. You are using such a good quality cosmetics

  2. Is Charlie your boyfriend

  3. i thought your name was freddy…

  4. A half naked Charlie is always nice to see……. 😉

  5. You look so old dressing up like that. And terrible hair color does not match with your dark eyebrows.

  6. Just make up and nice clothes, nothing other.

  7. You remind me so much to freddy☺️❤️

  8. Who cares? Stupid video.

  9. Valentino shoes! I think she's so rich

  10. Does anyone know if that's her husband/boyfriend?

  11. Excellent video, gorgeous total look!

  12. she reminds me so much of freddymylove

  13. Freddy my love's sister??

  14. where is the skirt in the thumbnail from?

  15. That make up bag is so cute with your name on it ❤

  16. You are so well spoken and elegant! Xx

  17. I've always wanted to go to Paris!

  18. You're my inspiration! I soo adore watching your videos❤️👌🏻

  19. Oh my god yes please do a tutorial on how you do your hair with that straightener !!! LOVE YOUUU

  20. Lol! Charlie said hurry up five minute to leave and he walked by not even completely dressed. My husband is the same he can get dressed so fast. Loved everything I can't just pick one thing loved the pant and YSL bag.

  21. I really like the earings you used for this video. Can please have the details about it? much thanks

  22. Perfume collection o favorite perfume video please!

  23. Oh you did get this YSL bag as well! I thought you decided on the big one only. I still love all three bags you considered. X

  24. Congratulations to 100k! well done! I love Paris, definitely one of my favourite cities and you look stunning.

  25. You looked absolutely fabulous

  26. 100k 🙌🏽 ! Looking very beautiful 😍

  27. Congratulations Josie, 101,211K sub. well done👏🏻

  28. That dress is stunning! Congrats on 100k 🙌🏼

  29. Congratulations on 100k you thoroughly deserve it! Your makeup and outfit looked stunning too. Where are those earrings from? So gorgeous 💕

  30. You look absolutely stunning in this video!! xx

  31. What a lovely video Josie, the topshop culottes look stunning on you. By the way congrats on reaching 100K, been watching you since 10K.

  32. getting ready with u is so much fun. 🙂

  33. 100k!!! Congratulations Josie! 💐🎉🎉
    Gorgeous look as always! xxx

  34. nice video dr subscribers my canls

  35. You hit 100k congratulations❤️❤️

  36. Gorgeous!!! Gotta try out that colored lip balm you mentioned!
    Also congrats on 100k Josie! x

  37. How do you compare the fabric foundation to luminous silk? Can you compare the two at all? Looking beautiful ❤️

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