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Get Ready With Me in Monaco! | Fashion Mumblr

Get Ready With Me for a Michelin starred dinner for our final night in Monaco with Like.To.Know.It.Europe! Click SHOW MORE for outfit links & more!

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❤ What I Wore ❤

Breakfast Lemon Playsuit :

– Day –
Lemon Bikini Top :
Pom Pom White Skirt :
Bonjour Hat :
Blue Cold Shoulder Top :

– Night –
White Top : (now £15!!!)
Scallop Skirt :
Pearl Shoes : Stuart Weitzman but dupes here :
Rockstud Bag :

Earrings :
Necklace :
Rings :
Bracelet :


❤ Featured in this Video ❤

Hotel Hermitage
Blue Bay Restaurant
Elsa Restaurant

Makeup Bag by The Daily Edited :

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  1. I’ve been on a binge watching your videos! So elegant! Where did you get your hair styler?

  2. Omgee Josie I swear you have a black doppleganger! She's this model/former Miss Jamaica called Cherelle Rose Paterson. Check her out on IG! (Just to make sure I'm not going insane 😂)

  3. scary girl… dont makeup plz

  4. love your videos! viewer feedback: you could be so much more confident when doing your outfit snaps

  5. Josie love your vlogs!! Big hug & a kiss 🤗😘

  6. Ahhh, ty, Josie – your Monaco blogs melt my heart!

  7. You have such a beautiful smile😍

  8. Great video! Did you use your Canon EOS 600D or the Olympus Pen EPL 7 to film this?

  9. Wow, it seems like just a couple of weeks ago you hit 100K, now already 125K. Awesome.

  10. 1:43 one of the most expensive yacht in the world!

  11. Great view! Love the lemon top!!!

  12. I loved this video!! Hope you're having a great time x

  13. Whats that song at the End ?? By 10:30 😍 need to know it!!

  14. Love love love this vlog! Definitely putting Monaco on my travel list as there's such beautiful scenery😽

  15. hey, i've seen your really useful fake tanning video but was wondering how you keep your fake tan even on holidays that involve beach/pool before the real tan starts showing up? I'm knew to this world and was unsure of what to do as if i fake tan after showering then my evening clothes will be all stained! Do you ever spray tan? thanks!

  16. Stunning video!! Can you please share where you find your music??

  17. Loving the outfits especially the skirt on your last dinner

  18. hello,I love your videos! I want to ask you if your Blue gingham and lemon bardot bikini top has pads because I really like it and I would like to make an order!

  19. You are so sweet 😍😍😍😍

  20. Hi Josie! Hope you had fun! I loved your outfits. Love you!!❤️😘💋

  21. love your videos,  what a life you have , Who were your blogger friends on the trip

  22. Beautiful! I love your Hollywood waves. Such a classic hairstyle ❤️

  23. Your life looks perfect ❤️. Such a beautiful video.

  24. Loved this vlog Josie xxx

  25. This looks like it was such a fun trip! You lucky girls! And lol, watching you get ready makes me want to do my makeup on my balcony each morning, if only it weren't getting so hot here! Glad to hear the renovations are going well back home, I'm sure you're excited for it to be done. 🙂 xx

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