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GET TO KNOW ME! Working at Mulberry, Love at First Sight & My Wedding Plans!

It’s about time you guys got to know me! So I decided to do the Get To Know Me tag, enjoy!
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  1. Josie If you believe in ghosts….can you believe in The Holy Ghost? and if you believe in miracles…. can you believe the greatest miracle of all – Jesus rising from the grave? and can you believe in a loving heavenly Father (God) who has done miracle after miracle so that we can know Him and choose Him because his is the perfect love and perfect love when received casts out all fear. amen!

  2. Best features. Your smile and genuinity.

  3. I was going to say your eyes are your best feature but I just saw your Maldives clip and it's true; you have a fabulous bum and beautiful tummy too! (I have spent my life struggling/not loving my tummy! Now I just love it and it has become more beautiful! It's a miracle!). You are so bright and lovely, Josie! Of course you're a Sagittarius! Saggs are happy and excited about everything because Jupiter, their ruling planet, is all about expansion, luck, ease and fun! I love your vlog!

  4. I LOOOOOOOVE CARIBBEAN BLUE and I LOOOVE Legally Blonde!!!!!! I can't Believe it!!!!!
    We should be girlfriends!!!! Oh my word!! These mean a lot to me: I've been Following you this whole time without even realizing we have this in common! (almost brought me to tears!). I think legally blonde has influenced a Generation of Young women who realized how fun it is to be a girl!
    But I Believe in God ( he definitely made me come across this video about you! 🙂

    (And BTW I leave in the Caribbean: no Wonder. From now on I'll be Calling you the BFF I will never meet 😉 (which is a pity)

  5. You should get braces to straighten your teeth, you’d look better with straighter teeth

  6. Its now Jan 2019 and I like your videos….you and Charlie seem to have a great life and I am so happy for you….You are a great couple…and your two dogs are cute…good luck in your life.

  7. You are a real lady. You are dignified, beautifully dressed and made up . You are very positive and charming. I believe you are kind and compassionate . I don’t know if you swear like ‘hell’ when off screen 😁 (Doubt it ) but on screen you are a Lady xxx

  8. Love your style and everything 🙂 you are just so bright and cute. You brought so much joy to my life. Thanks!

  9. Totally agree with Legally Blonde, helps inspire you no matter what subject or your age

  10. Wow I love Caribbean Blue by Enya! Good choice for your bridal entrance, especially having met in the Maldives!

  11. You are so wise to not get a tattoo. Bravo! I don't get their appeal whatsoever.

  12. Since you were born near Wales did you learn to speak Welsh? I was surprised you haven't mentioned you won an award from JOHNSON AND JOHNSON FOR BEING AN AMAZING BLOGGER!!!! I hope you do a video about winning the award and how it came about, the event, receiving the award, was it a plaque, check, etc. I am so proud of you. I like that you change up your content and stick to your style and are true to who you are as well as helping Charlie start a blog and that you include LaLa in your videos. A Family is so important and sharing your success with your mom makes me happy and having an impression of someone of a different age when you travel is nice and watching you both pick similar clothes when you are on your trips is nice to see along with the love you share. Congratulations on the bridal channel and expanding your brand along with some of the changes to your home is another avenue you can expand your brand and for us to see your feminine style mixed with Charlies.

  13. I'm a huge fan, and I like you so much more now after watching this video. 🙂

  14. just a thought…my heavy duty Christian best friend says "well it was meant to be or wasn't"
    I disagree…who says it was meant to be?……if you FOCUS on what you want….then you might get what you want….if you don't focus…those opportunities will pass you by!…I know…many great opportunities came my way and I blew them all away by not being focused…..I could have had a SAG Union card (Screen Actors Guild card) that you can't "just go buy"…..its a hard card to get. So…I lost many great speaking parts due to not being focused…….but you are Josie. Your career and life will go far and big….and stick with Charlie….
    Josie, your attitude on Love at first sight is actually INTELLIGENT …..(be proud of that)
    I wish I had that…

  15. what a great career you have going…your parents and YOU must be proud. PS. Charlie is gorgeous….well done Oh…why don't you model…'re far prettier than Kate Moss (I used to be married to her uncle….)I am an American and I live in Santa Clarita. I am in films/Tv. etc.
    Why did you give up a day job considering the $$$$ of living in London etc.

  16. This just popped up on my feed so sorry for the delayed comment. Your comment on ghosts surprised me, but I lived in a Victorian home built in 1875 for seven years and yes there were experiences with the previous owners. When I researched the family I found I met them all!! 🤣 I remember one early morning my husband said “do you hear a party going on downstairs?” I just smiled and said “ why do you think I keep the dining room table set.” Great video ty for sharing! 😍

  17. You seem so down to earth, love that! And you do have a great bum, lol, I saw on your engagement vid! Love your style too. Found you from Freddy's channel :). You've got yourself a new New York subscriber!

  18. November 24th is my son's birthday (almost two decades younger though, haha)! Love this day, there seems to be cuteness overload for people born on that day! xx

  19. Great video! Your home looks gorgeous!

  20. Oh I loved watching this, you're awesome

  21. In light of on your new relationship status do you still think you’ll have a long engagement? I just find it interesting that you & Charlie have been together this long & living together for most of that time why do you feel that you need a long engagement?

  22. I'm here after you got engaged, congratulations love

  23. I enjoyed this blast from the past Josie, I gave you a thumbs up JUST for saying that you have a nice bum. Everybody should love something about themselves and say so without cringe, hopefully, you'll soon love all the pretty the parts you don't like now.

  24. Love your personality Josie.

  25. I love "end-of-the-world" movies as well! 🌏

  26. Love this video Josie. You are a ray of sunshine every day. I think you would eventually make a fantastic tv presenter. 😀

  27. I've just started watching afew off your videos and your officially my fav route you tuber ❤️❤️❤️ your stunning and I'm in love with your style of clothing so classy and elegant. Btw we have the same birthday 😍

  28. What a weird coincidence! I totally knew which song it was when you said the name 😃. My mother LOVES that song so she always plays it at home ☺️.

  29. Have you read 'Little Women'? That's probably why you were called Jo. One of my favourite literary characters. Also my best friend is named Josephine. Needless to say I love your name <3

  30. You are quiet talented and smart!

  31. Loved this video! You are quiet talented! Xoxo!

  32. Yes, I love that Enia song so much too!

  33. Can you please do a video on "why we buy" by paco underhill? I am very interested.

  34. I'm so glad that you don't have tattoos or body piercings. You are a woman of CLASS!

  35. Ahh I LOVE Enya! No one here knows who she is, i'm so glad you played that song it is my favorite!!

  36. you arra soooo boooring love!

  37. woow so u are 25? i thoughtu are way older

  38. I hadn't seen this video yet and I really liked to know you a bit better 🙂

  39. My favorite movie is Legally Blonde too! Helped me get through dental school. Blondes can rule the world!

  40. Josie you are so cute and beautiful 😍😍😍😍

  41. Wow.  Hey do you do retail bond as well?  Quick 1% profit is a 1% discount toward flight expenses, or not?

  42. Hi jacy i have just started watching your videos and i am in love with you already 😍 you are so natural and simple. You make my day brighter each minute 😃⭐️

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