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Get Your Life Together: Health & Wellness Challenge 💪

Getting my health together! Focusing on health & wellness this week: follow me as I workout with a personal trainer, go to the doctor’s for a health checkup, and eat healthier. Thanks BetterHelp for sponsoring this video! Try BetterHelp →

How do you stay consistent with your healthy lifestyle? Share your tips for the community below!

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If you’re just joining in, the GYLT Challenge is series where I’m getting my life together in a different area each week!

// GYLT Series
◇ week 1: sleep |
◇ week 2: habits |
◇ week 3: home |
◇ week 4: digital |
◇ week 5: health |
◇ week 6: clothes & personal items |
◇ week 7: work/productivity |
◇ week 8: relationships

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I’m Aileen, a lifestyle blogger sharing knowledge and inspiration on creating your dream life.

Lavendaire is my blog about personal growth + lifestyle design. Follow along and learn how you can create a life you love.

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  1. Having a terapist is amazing.

  2. Hahaa noo it’s okay! The ear wax thing at the doc also happened to me!

  3. Yes please, more of this type. And which channels do you reccommend for health and wellness.

  4. I don’t like sponsored content 😖(regardless who it is)

  5. watching you makes me relaise how much of a messy life i'm living lol

  6. I really enjoyed how real you are in this video, (you always are) but in particular this video as your are trying new goals and things and showing your wins and loses for the week and admitting something that you struggle with, it’s actually really motivating and inspiring 😊

  7. You make me feel inspired! Cant wait for more videos. Subscribed

  8. Portuguese subtitles are available! Click "CC" and check the video settings. Thank you to the contributor listed in the description 💕

  9. Unfortunately, costs $260/month. Even with their financial aide help it is still $220/month. Just a heads up for anyone else who can't afford it and doesn't waste their time filling out a somewhat lengthy questionnaire before they let you know the cost. 😔

  10. I just include in that routine the prayer, happy and wonderful 2019.

  11. I'm there now. Can't wake up early to workout. But I've also been there when I would wake up at 4a.m. n prep healthy meals. So its time and work to make it happen. Just trying to take steps towards it 🙂 we will get there!

  12. "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?" – Jesus Christ

  13. What personalizes vitamin things do you eat? I once saw it where it had your name on the package

  14. I have been following your channel for a while now, and i love your content and the tips that you give have genuinely helped me improve my life. That being said you should be more responsible when talking about sponsors/ or recommending them. Please do more research on betterhelp.

  15. Ready to start fresh for the new year! Thank you for the motivation!!! 💕✨

  16. have you tried focusing more on “why-power“ than on “willpower“? Check out the channel pickuplimes if you want to know more about that concept. It really helps me to get my butt moving👌

  17. Out of topic. But your eyebrows got thinner ._.

  18. I request u to do ur next video on how to write journal 2019 and how maintain it and what to write in it for beginner 😊 plzz

  19. I am working on eating breakfast and not skipping meals. I forget to eat and then grab whatever is available when Im starving.

  20. I've been struggling more with my sleep schedule as well, but scheduling a class in the morning is a good idea! I know my yoga studio has an app where you can schedule a class, and if you don't go, you're charged a $10 fee 😱 (even if you're already paying for a membership), so this could be really good motivation for me to get out of bed lol.

    Also, since you mentioned you struggle with prepping healthy food, I would HIGHLY suggest looking at Caitlin Shoemaker! She has so many good recipes, and a lot of them are perfect for meal prep. She even has meal prep videos where she walks through prepping breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a whole week, usually all in about an hour or two. She also hardly ever uses any weird, expensive ingredients that are really inaccessible (unlike many other food bloggers). I hope this helps you! Sending you lots of good vibes! 🌞

  21. I got the artist of life workbook for Christmas and I absolutely love it! I already feel closer to my dream life. Thank you Aileen!

  22. I have a hard time in the mornings too.

  23. I need to changing my sleep schedule too. Because I always going to bed late and in the morning, I feel very tired for this reason. I need coffee for listening my classes, this is not okay. Because I'm teenager and I don't want to be an addict to caffeine. But I will try my best for this, I believe in myself 💜

  24. Hello. New to your you tube. Are you plant based?

  25. after my semester ive been totally off of youtube and had no idea you were doing this!!! but what i love about this series is that you didnt wait til the new year to begin! changing your habits and conducting a healthy lifestyle doesnt have to begin w the new year, it can start at anytime. i hope to learn some helpful tips as i watch this series.

  26. You are so underrated in my opinion. We as the youth need more people like you ♥to guide us in some ways. btw you have a beautiful smile ☺

  27. I wish YouTube had a love button. This video is great motivation!

  28. I can relate to you about the ear story. I was also scared and ready to turn deaf but it actually turned out I had earwax in my ear. 😂😂

  29. I just want to show my gratitude towards you! Thank you for your inspirational videos. It really helps me 🙂 Best wishes from one of your many fans!

  30. This series is so helpful. I'm setting myself some different challenges and following a different schedule but these videos are so motivating

  31. hope you will read this💜

    you and your work and videos make me feel better and make me be motivate to work on me and my life and to live my dream life

    thank you for existing, inspiring and motivating me

    love you, take care~ happy holidays and new year

  32. Did you read what I sent about sleep Eileen? 💤🌃⏳🌚🌙

  33. I had the exact same experience when I’m was in primary school! 😂 I think when I was itching my ear I pushed the ear wax in. I had to go to doctor to tweezer it out too

  34. I found this channel a couple weeks ago. And it’s safe to say that you have truly inspired me to keep improving my life. I want to thank you for changing my perspective and most importantly for helping me grow.♥️

  35. To be honest, I'm a bit concerned about Aileen promoting BetterHelp. I know she wants the best for us, but the site is kind of shady and at some point it was talked about a lot. Like, how verification of the qualifications , degrees of therapists is not guaranteed etc. I don't know how I feel about that.

  36. Plant based diet and A sleep scedule are the key for everything, if i follow these 2 I have the best body and mind to do everything

  37. can you make a video where you either invite your boyfriend on and/or talk about how he's felt and supported you through your journey? how has your change/growth impacted your relationship?

  38. Good monrning Aileen. I'm being trying to enjoy the FB page and I answer the question but for some reason dont go throught. What else I have to do so I can enjoy this group. Lavendaire lifestyle comunity? Thanks in advance

  39. i’m glad you weren’t afraid to tell us that you missed that yoga class bc you didn’t want to wake up! Sometimes youtubers seem to have this perfect life , with perfect habits so your honesty is refreshing 💞

  40. i fell into the habit of always waking up after 11 , the hours at my job are very flexible so i can choose when i start for the most part. But waking up when half of the day has almost passed bugged me , and i didn’t feel productive. So last week i choose the 7am schedule and it was HARD but i’m already getting used to it and this weekend i woke up around 8 naturally. And the best part is that when i work early, i finish early and can actually be productive, run errands, exercise, see friends. Having a balanced sleep schedule is soooo important!!!

  41. Omg, the ear wax! My ENT doc pulled out the same thing. Wild!

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