Thursday , January 20 2022
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Getting My Brows Tattooed! | Microblading – Before, During & After!

I finally did it! Getting my eyebrows tattooed using the very natural Microblading technique – before, during and after! WARNING this does include close ups of the process so don’t watch if you’re really sensitive!!

Sian Dellar :

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  1. There's no way in heck I'd trust anyone to do that to me. Knowing my luck……

  2. Josie, it's been over 2 years now. Have you had a touch-up?

  3. How have your brows held up? I’m considering having the micro blading done.

  4. You should do a makeup tutorial on your look at the end where you are wearing the pink top and interlocked rings necklace.

    Brows look great!

  5. I love your blog!! You are honest & really beautiful ! Will book my eyebrows appointment asap 🙂

  6. Ahh, so nice to watch this, I smiled the whole way through! I have been invited into see Sian and I was really nervous but now I have watched this I am so so excited!! How are you finding they are lasting 7 months in lovely? xx

  7. Omg I'm getting mine done next week and this makes me very excited!!!! I hate doing my brows in the morning so I am praying it comes out as gorgeous as yours! They look great!

  8. Heyyyyyyy so happy I found this video!!
    Sian just did mine a couple of weeks ago. How did you find the scabbing? And once the scabs fell off? Did you loose much colour? ❤️❤️❤️

  9. I think they look fantastic! What I'm wondering is if they scar after a while? Is there a limit to how many times you can do,this? Is it the same woman that did Hannah Renee's?

  10. how do you wash your face because you cant put water on them correct?

  11. You are such a cutie! I love the brows!!

  12. Where are these pink jeans from?!

  13. did they lighten up…I just got mines done and mines is to dark too…but she said they would lighten up in a week

  14. Any chance you know what kind of light that is she's using to see your face during the procedure? Brand?

  15. Does anyone know where her nude/Biege/pink jumper is from in the last clip? I can't find it! X

  16. It looks beautiful she did an amazing job 😍😍

  17. How long did they last if u know

  18. she talks alot for sure its annoying atchualy.

  19. They are stunning! I want this treatment now! My brows are really fair so I'm always getting them tinted.

  20. Incredible, they look so natural and are perfect on you!

  21. Your brows look absolutely amazing! Xx

  22. They look amazing!! I would love to have this done!! xx

  23. Hi Josie~ I really want to get my eyebrows done after watching you! Also I was just wondering where your sunglasses are from at 1:53 thanks xx

  24. Great vlog. I work in a Spa and clients often ask for recommendations for this sort of thing. Great that she is on Harley Street. Thank you.

  25. They look fantastic! I would have never realized if you hadn't said something. So, if I understood you right, it's not completely permanent, like over a year or so it could fade and need to be redone? I kind of like that idea better than the "old fashioned" makeup tattooing, where it was literally a tattoo technique.

  26. very pretty Josie! they look very natural!

  27. fab shape. sooo natural. People forget the shape goes on your eye shape and size etc. please can you tell me where to get the phone holder and lights used to record you treatment? thanks xoxo

  28. They look fab! Helped make my decision to get my brows done x

  29. I'm about to get this done so thank you for the video! Did you have any scabbing?

  30. It looks great Josie!  The shape is perfect. How did Charlie like them? My husband notices everything… especially hair! xoxo

  31. I been thinking about getting mine done but was too scare. After watching u getting it done I think I will reconsidered. Thanks for bringing us along. The shape looks great on you.

  32. I'm so happy for you! They look amazing! I know you were really nervous, but it all turned out perfect. 😄👍

  33. they look awesome! i love your channel. Also, where are your earings from?

  34. I have super thick brows but they're sparce in the oddest of places! deffo considering this.


  35. your brows look so good! you can definitely pull off any look💙

  36. You are so niceee. I really like your videos 😀

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