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Gina Rodriguez apologizes for saying N-word | USA TODAY

Gina Rodriguez apologizes for saying N-word while singing Fugees song.
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Gina Rodriguez said she loved Lauryn Hill and The Fugees while apologizing for singing the N-word in the song “Ready or Not.”

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  1. I have banned all black music in my house. This way my kids wont pick up on the word.

  2. Freedom of speech has left the chat

  3. A word is a word at the end of the day if there is no malicious intent by the person saying it especially if ur singing along to a song then it shouldn't matter.

  4. Never apologize, its just a word. Their offense is their problem

  5. I call for an immediate ban of all music containning the n word! I dont want anyone else to get in trouble

  6. She was singing along with the song is the lyrics wow that's sucks she got apologize for what's in the song wow

  7. Like Reverend Father Uncle Ruckus said, you have to rotate your racial slurs…

  8. Say it again, the blacks say it all the time.

  9. She has nothing to apologize for.

  10. This is why we hate the progressive left.

  11. Who cares,rap music is full it.

  12. Eccl 2:3 I sought to give my heart over to wine, yet acquainted myself with knowledge. Eunuch brook. Proverbs 31:6, Eccl. 4:2-3.

  13. She’s an Israelite, the Tribe of Judah will forgive her , especially if she turns back to her culture and Yahawah …

  14. Who cares? Who is this? Why is this news? Shame on USA Today.

  15. Wow singing along. Not like shes saying it with any harm. No harm done there

  16. Gina You can keep your apology we don't want it.

  17. Why is this news? This is not important.

  18. Too many people need to learn that the N-word is not like general other words to be used consistently, the N-word should be deleted from the human vocabulary period.

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