Thursday , December 2 2021
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Girlfriend Of Kyle Rittenhouse Victim 'Not Surprised' By Not Guilty Verdict

The girlfriend of Anthony Huber, one of the men Kyle Rittenhouse killed, says she is “not surprised” after hearing the not guilty verdict. Hannah Gittings explains how the verdict “sets a precedent.” 
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  1. Don't bring a skateboard to a gun fight

  2. So glad these two didn't breed, we would have had even more degenerates burning down cities in the future. This dude was an abusive oxygen thief, simple as that. Justice prevailed.

  3. Is she the girlfriend of the domestic abuser or the guy that attacked kids?

  4. Shouldn't have been out there attacking a vulnerable armed man on his back not a smart thing to do

  5. Alex Huber grabbed the rifle and pointed it at his own chest. It's called self defense girl. Your boyfriend got what he deserved. 35 cents worth of lead.

  6. This kid should be given a 🏅 medal for his courage because the government isn't doing much for business owners too many people don't know how to behave and caught on camera which it will be part of U.S history and how people are doing opposite of what they supposedly be protesting against . Many saw blm as an opportunity to enter stores and steal and create all sorts of chaos . It needed to be stopped.

  7. get out of country you born if you don't like

  8. Where'd they find this bad actress?

  9. She is really really cute. To bad she’s a big freakin lefty.

  10. Hey guys this hot, smart chick is SINGLE!!

  11. "Not surprised by the verdict" I guess Huber's punching bag does have some smarts!! Lol

  12. Which criminal was her boyfriend? The pedo, the woman beater or the career criminal?

  13. Can't wait for Rittenhouse's lawyers to sue you for the lies you've pushed.

  14. at least she's single now

  15. Change the video title right now, Anthony Huber is not a victim. Youtube needs to stop hiding the dislikes on videos.

  16. Ask yourself this question.. if he had not attempted to take off Kyle's head with his skateboard, would he still be alive? Who is the aggressor? Anyone that didnt attack him get shot? Will you allow an adult to hit you in the head with a skateboard?

  17. Totally thought the title was saying girlfriend of Kyle rittenhouse

  18. Almost 800 people have disliked this so far. Really shows you who’s been listening to NBC

  19. Your person was violently following a young man who had a gun on private property.

  20. Try to teach your next boyfriend some behavior! Kyle hero! Kyle forever!

  21. She deserves the same as her boyfriend

  22. Kyle is a killer he is smart he knew what he wanted to do and he pulled it off. #killerkyle

  23. If you loved you “boyfriend” why didn’t you tell him it was wrong to riot & burn down businesses that had nothing to do with anything?

  24. She could have said that she is sad about her loss and wished her boyfriend didn't do what he did.

  25. At least she doesn't have to be Huber next strangle victim. He may of just saved her life in the future

  26. Miscarriages of justice in America is allowing people to riot and/or bailing them out shortly after being arrested.

  27. The left got hit with a double whammy.
    1. The law abiding citizen can resist leftist riots
    2. The law abiding citizen can and will protect themselves from leftist thugs w a firearm if necessary

  28. Aw…poor man….There he was innocently chasing Kyle to give him a good telling off, when Kyle viciously turned and defended himself. Good grief! I bet if a couple of riot mob goons were chasing her down and she had a gun, she would have no second thoughts about defending herself with bullets….and she’d be mortified if anyone suggested she was in the wrong huh! Hey NBC…how about learning which is the morally right side to support? Idiots.



  31. I thought he was guilty but seeing the video it is self defense. I do think the last victims just thought he shot someone for no reason so they was trying to stop him. Kyle R. Didn't know what's were their intentions or if they was going to shoot him once taking his gun. So I admit I was totally wrong about the situation. It is what it is. No he shouldn't have been there but he was there.

  32. The girlfriend of Huber should lament her
    late boyfriend's actions instead of blaming Kyle for defending himself against Huber. Also, I'm assuming she's not the one he strangled and locked in the basement?

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