Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Giuliani goes off on Biden deals: ‘It’s corrupt as heck'

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani speaks on the controversy surrounding the Biden family.

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  1. And isn't it funny that I am sure Hillary Clinton is the one that started this investigation when on that debate stage she questioned Donald Trump's ability to be in charge of law enforcement in the country, and he said yeah cuz you'd be in jail! That is the day she put his name on the Russian collusion file


  3. First interview I've ever seen where the interviewer doesn't cut off Rudy. Thanks Trish. Much appreciated

  4. Leave some teeth marks in their a$$ Rudy!

  5. So apparently Joe Biden's been using the excuse I don't know my family's business for a long time sounds almost like mobster ish doesn't it?

  6. I'd like to see the Dims rebut that

  7. Stop harassing President Trump! Isn't he making America great again? What is wrong with these stupid people.

  8. Hunter Biden could not even hold onto a job in the US Navy…he was terminated due to cocaine use. Robert Hunter Biden was expelled from the US Navy due to cocaine use. In May 2013 Biden was selected as a direct commission officer in the US Navy reserve, receiving an age-related waiver and a second waiver due to past drug-related incidents. The following month, Robert Biden tested positive for cocaine during a urinalysis test and was discharged from the US Navy. Between 2013 to 2019 Robert Hunter Biden took in millions of dollars from foreign countries while his father Joe Biden was vice-president. Robert Hunter Biden goes from being dismissed from the US Navy to making millions of dollars while and after his father was vice-president and now owing huge amounts of money to the government for non-paid taxes. Between 2013 to 2019 Biden took in millions of dollars from foreign countries while his father Joe Biden was vice-president. Corruption at one of the highest levels. Corruption at the highest level considering Obama knew all about it and did nothing but hide the corruption. This would be one of the reasons Obama told Biden not to run for President…Obama knew it would come out.

  9. Joe Biden is a real stand up guy teaching his son to be corrupt as well. Like father like son.

  10. Thank you Mr. Giuliani for your fight against those corrupted suckers “Biden and his family”. We can not let those suckers get off the hook.

  11. Where is the 1.8 Billion?

  12. Trish: your acting dumber then you realty are, your fox bosses are corrupting you !!

  13. It's about time! you've got to fight back!

  14. Hunter Biden had connections.

  15. Go Giuliani! May the powers from above guide and be with you and family!! You'll be a winner!! God Bless President Trump, his family,, administration, marines and all Patriots who support Trump❣❣🙏🙏 wwgwga!

  16. Why Joe Biden doesn’t have to testify for his corruption? Anyone involved in have to testify- that’s fair not only Trump side

  17. in new mexico it pay too play,,, just ask bill richerson,,and now the cover up of estein.not a word of anything about his house here and his guess,,,it pays off too play here,,,geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees help..


  19. God bless you Rudy! President Trump has my vote in 2020.

  20. Finally, this case is being explained!

  21. I'm starting to believe we will see Obama, Hilary and certainly Schiff in prison.

  22. Dont worry Joe, You can do it ! Just tell em one of your wild and crazy stories, that will fix it.!

  23. The Dumb White Guy (Creepy Joe) is the weakest and most obvious link in The Obammy White House Corruption. Let the Tractor Pull begin.!

  24. May God preserve you, Mr Giuliani… also may He preserve and strengthen our President Trump.

  25. I can't wait to see it the truth is coming out and the swamp rats are going mad the American people need to be told the truth the Democrats have been hiding the truth about what president Obama and Joe Biden were doing behind the American people's back Obama and Joe Biden gave the American people's jobs away China gave Joe Bidens son millions for nothing do the Democrats think that the truth will never come out that's why they are doing their best to bring down president Trump he told the truth when he said that he was going to clean up the swamp the American people should be behind this president because they don't want the American people to know the truth

  26. These women should be at home cooking instead of being so bothered about the news !!!

  27. Looking good Trish … Nice work Mr. Rudy Giuliani “U-da Man!” 🇺🇸 Trump 2020. I’m with great hope. Unplugging the drain is a messy job and it’s really happening … Operation Drain The Swamp! That sucking sound after debris is pulled away from the drain .. that’s the sound I hear coming out of Washington. Sludge removal underway. 👍🏼

  28. Obama is the one saying HE WAS LEADING FROM BEHIND remember?…..I guess we know who it was NOW…. that means everybody else is innocent because they had a hidden corrupt boss man Joe….. forcing all of them to do bad things……… follow the money numbers don’t lie people do……they are all SCARED of JOE….. and what he’s been doing….DON’T ASK Don’t Tell……it’s sad…just saying

  29. Thank you Rudy.

  30. Speak about China as well.

  31. I just love Trisha Reagan. She’s cute as a button and has a great personality.

  32. not trying to dis Usa – I fond of Usa – but surely your Country must suffer the most in the world from foreign outsider "agencies" which infiltration/penetrated your country tier levels the most in the world where I think even your Counter Intel Units must surely be governed AND almost fully staffed from outside "foreign enemy agents" to your major detriment – fuc me sideways Charlie Brown – here and there you have honest folk trying to rectify matters and they get ridiculed by the mass news.
    _ the damage done is clearly irreversible

  33. I would do it for $40,000.00 a month.

  34. Would it be a crime if I could get that $50,000.00 a month gig? I actually have work experience. How do I apply for that job?

  35. This guy is going for the BIG CATCH OF THE DAY!! OBAMA AND THE REST OF HIS CORRUPTED FRIENDS!! YAHOO! Trump just sent out the word!!!!!

  36. If I did something wrong I sure wouldn't want Rudy investigating me

  37. Democrats don't know the true meaning of crimes and corruption.

  38. Giuliani spoke to America like a prosecutor and cracked this case wide open . You freaked Trish out Rudy! 🇺🇸 Trump 2020

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