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Giuliani slams 'swamp media', says it's time to fight back against Dems

Personal Attorney for President Trump and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani digs deeper into possible investigations and the Trump impeachment inquiry.

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  1. EXECUTE ALL oBUMSH!T HOLDOVERS, oBOZO itself, KILLiary, PEEshitLoser, Adler, Shifty Sh!thread, Biden, Strzok, Comey, Brennan, FAKE NEWS LIARS, And ALL DEMONKKKSHITRATS,, And ALL Their Minions For TREASON Against WE THE. PEOPLE, Our Great CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC And Our Great President Trump !!!
    TRUMP 2020!!! MAGA

  2. Barr is NOT Trump's government attorney; the AG is the people’s attorney, charged with protecting us, not Trump.

  3. 9.7K tthumbs up vs 917 thumbs down…… if this is an indication of the 2020 Election then Trump will Turn the Map Red. 10 to 1

  4. The Dems and Fake Media want to turn America into Tent City.

  5. I hope the DOJ investigate Biden's blackmail of the Ukraine and his son's payoffs.

  6. Schiff the demorats are all spies,againts the American people.

  7. If you guys want to know how deep the corruptions of the Obama administration go and watch Glenn Beck on YouTube. He did an excellent job summarizing the timeline of the corruption that took place in Ukraine.

  8. Ruddy, Hats Off to You ! Keep up the fantastic work. Nail them to the wall and skin them alive, so to speak !!

  9. 915 blind sheep disliked this video

  10. We The People need to kick these dems out of office! They are a disgrace to this country! I've never seen people just bluntly disrespect the President of the United States of America! I don't care which side was in office! People acted like they had some sense and we always showed the office of presidency respect! And these low life reporters on MSM talk about our President the way they do and disrespect the office of presidency! They need to face treason charges! I haven't never in my life seen people act this way! And something needs to be done about it!

  11. What about Pres. Obama role in all of this? How did he become a multi millonaire on a Presidents Salary?

  12. Giuliani is exactly right. Their threats foreign leaders not to cooperate with Barr is obstruction and it should be charged. Their infringement of the civil rights of the president and many others would be conspiracy, racketeering and sedition? It is time for charges and juries… or tribunals.

  13. First and Foremost theyre skipping his right to do process. Theyre breaking they oath of office

  14. Do it Rudy! They deserve every bit of it! They all are corrupt and need to be prosecuted! I stand with my President!

  15. They would have tried to say it was interference into the the investigation. This proves there was no obstruction on our' end. And it proves the conspiracy of the Tippy Top players in the agencies. To over throw our government. Q pointed it out. Some great men stepped aside to be witness to the truth. They were of one opinion and allowed to judge the information for themselves. Without all the influence and with the influence. So no offense to certain good guys and you know whom you are, but you would have dem targets and you needed see the truth from the sidelines. You're lawyers with the ability to bring forth charges on behalf of US, "we the people", against the DEMS and the human rights violations. I am the first signature. It's in a vault. All bonds. I know what others dont. They are guilty. I think it has been proven. I did my part now its time to do yours. I proved the unprovable. – Q

  16. And that stupid Cavuto said on TV that president Trump wants Biden investigated by Ukraine and China because Biden is a front runner candidate of the democrats, also that Andrew McArthy also agreed with it. Cavuto is a democrat operative.

  17. I was living in Houston TX 2 yrs ago for my wife's work, now back home in Australia. I said to my navy pilot neighbor that you have a full blown coup in Washington against your president. I was an outsider from Aussie and to me it was plain as day……..whats wrong with you guys…

  18. I support President Trump 100%. We think he is the best president America has ever had. We all want him to succeed in drawing the swamp. We thank all the Patriots and everyone that is working with him.

  19. Impeachgate is a distraction. A scandal for sure, a shiny distraction to what's coming over the horizon, which is Barr and Giuliani . Democrats are socialists at heart and therefore believe in Solidarity, The Common Good, and The End Justifies the Means. But when that juggernaut comes over the horizon the rats tend to get nervous. Maybe even jump ship. As President Trump would say. "We'll see what happens."

  20. Giuliani's mental decline has been very sad to watch. Doesn't he have any children who could stop him from embarrassing himself this way?

  21. To err is human. Since the whistle blowers report is perfectly composed that remarks of the fact that it's artificial.

  22. all the democrats should be fired socialist

  23. Blaze with Glen Beck Has Done A Great Job Doing Some Investigating Ukraine & DNC, Soros, Embassy, & others!!! It's Great!!!

  24. I am so happy to hear that Giuliani go after the Dems. Giuliani is a great Mayor for New York many years ago.

  25. Most news media networks just repeat what everyone says, they do not tell us how corruption started, why Democrats are side stepping around their dirty deeds. America wants clean up Washington D.C. Congress, Pelosi, and the Squad, Schiff, and the Far Left. Using Impeachment to cover up the corruption that happened in Ukraine with Obama, and Biden. They do not care about the people in America, offering FREE STUFF is like SNAKE OIL PAN HANDLERS. We the people must stand together and keep the truth about the FAR Left and News media must start researching for the truth not what they think we want to hear.

  26. Guiliani going to call out the fox news swamp rats?

  27. Go after all of these cynical criminals! They’ve been getting away with it for far too long! Good job Giuliani!

  28. Fight back? STOP TALKING AND DO IT! And good luck getting support from most Republicans; they have to get some COJONES first!

  29. hillary is the root of all this including obama

  30. go for it tear him apart with all the cohorts,,, schiff is in trouble. go get those dems the M..ther f..kers as tlaib said

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