Monday , September 27 2021
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Gold, Bitcoin surge in wake of economic uncertainty

Ron Paul, former Texas Congressman, said Bitcoin is not the new gold.

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  1. Bitcoin will be the superior safe haven because it's a deflationary currency. You're not going to go to a grocery store and buy food with a bar of gold during a financial crisis. Gold is not a currency, it's heavy and hard to store, it can be sized by governments, stolen by thieves, and an overall poorer investment compared to Bitcoin. I've made more money in Bitcoin than I ever would have with Gold.

  2. With the Bitcoin halving on the horizon, and the Litecoin reward halving having taken place every day brings closer the effects of the reduction in new supply and resulting ‘supply shock’. 🎢. 🐳

  3. It's only smart to hedge against what the bankers might do to us. Diversify.

    This includes staying in debt, which is counter-intuitive, but with the government/banks prepared at any moment to inflate the currency, you can end the day with more STUFF that you can pay off with worthless dollars, later. But have some debt, with some nice toys on installment plans. Some gold. Some ETFs. Some stocks. Some bonds. If you can swing it, lock in a 30-year mortgage at the low fixed rates that are available, now, and have been for years. That mortgage payment looks smaller and smaller, in real terms, every year. It's about the only good deal out there for people, and if there's one thing I'd tell a young person is that they should just start NOW and put half of anything they make towards a down payment on a house.

    I didn't, and I deeply regret it. I always worked, but as a college student (for far too long), I was paranoid about losing my house if I had to move, because my parents had that happen to them. But my parents were just stupid or inattentive or something. The fact is, I could've gotten into my own place by the mid-80s, if I'd used that "save half" strategy. I didn't know, at the time, how many good property-management companies there are and how easy it is to hire one to give you a small profit on the house you left behind. Once you're into the place, with the right mgmt company and all the proper insurance, it generates a small cash flow all by itself. And you wait for a ridiculously good offer on it.

    Anyway, I would've been risking little to save up and buy that little house up on the hill, even though I did settle on the far side of the Continental Divide, chasing jobs for my skill set. By now, that little property would be a place to land when I moved back across the Divide.

  4. Bitcoin is fiat on fiat… buy real gold if you want real money.

  5. The 2020s will be the era of monetary revolution and Bitcoin will emerge as the new global standard of wealth. Whether you want to accept it or not is up to you.

  6. Ron Paul and his dinosaur dogma…and clueless re bitcoin! nice guy but yesterday's man.

  7. Anyone not invested in bitcoin will be left behind

  8. that old man cannot understand bitcoin !!!

  9. Millennials prefer Bitcoin. Watch 10 million dollar bitcoin

  10. So much gold and other items floating about in this solar system. Matter of time where precioua metals will no longer be precious. It will always have some value but like the price of common metals. Btc for the win.

  11. Bitcoin is the future, no dollars

  12. Food =water- shelter, means nothing , if you don't have a means to protect it. Get wit the program!

  13. Wish Ron Paul would’ve been president instead of Obama.

  14. hahaha Ron is awesome say it to their face

  15. Bitcoin has gone nowhere… is clinging to golds coattails…..but will never
    fly on its own………….Bitcoin only gets a mention because gold exists….
    I am very happy to own gold/silver and ZERO Bitcoin in this current
    market turmoil………
    Smart money buys gold/silver………….you other people can buy as much
    Bitcoin as you want……but you should be advising people to only buy
    Bitcoin after they have their share of gold and silver…….
    There is a food chain and Bitcoin is still at the bottom ………
    The stock market is rolling over and the money is flowing into gold/silver……
    not Bitcoin……………….!

  16. Simply !! Almost industries need Gold & Silver. But it can`t change chemically copper to Gold & Silver. Gold & diamond etc is rarity imited in earth. Gold need to product Computer basically!! So i will invest Gold& silver that was currency the past.

  17. Even though skeptics believe the entire bunch of cryptocurrency is heading for a major dump, this is not true especially with the bitcoin which is poised for a major bullish trend that will see it far exceeding £15,000 in value before the year runs out. This is just the right time for anyone not already accumulating to do so and the best way which unfortunately I got to find out late after losing so much money to the bear is to latch on to the success of an established trader by using his signals and working strategies in your trade. I quickly recovered and made profit exceeding £40,000 in a few weeks with Mr. Joshua Walker's system and I wish I had stumbled on someone like him before now. With his guidance, I have increased my portfolio by over 10btc which would be difficult if I had to buy by dollar-cost averaging or any other methods. You can make contact with him on Gmail (walkerjoshua592@ gmail. com)and I believe this would be helpful to some enthusiasts who are having difficulty in building a great portfolio or making steady profit ahead of the full weight of the bull market.

  18. Sure your free when the police can steal anything from you with civil asset forfeiture or the Fed can create $16 trillion and not even have to put it on its balance sheet or explain what happened to it or when you have to present your papers to get a bank account. Wake UP

  19. misleading title. Should be "Ron Paul blabs in wake of Gold, Bitcoin surge". Almost zero talk about gold and bitcoin.

  20. Are you really expecting Financial Dinosaurs to support Bitcoin?? 😀

  21. Bitcoin is the supreme form.of money fit for the next stage of human civilization. Across all attributes of money, Bitcoin outperforms both gold and Fiat money by a wide margin.

  22. Bitcoin dropped just before that transition to Ron Paul. Bitcoin is a hilarious farce! The only ones to defend it are those that have it.

  23. W H E N The Electricity STOPS. ( CME, EMP, or a Coordinated Attack) ((There IS NO Bitcoin))

  24. Can we have this guy for president in 2024. He is my guy!!!




  26. This is the best time to buy Bitcoin. Investing in Bitcoin has been the smartest decision of my life, initially frustrating, I lost half my portfolio to the crash, trading couldn’t help me because I had little experience , all I needed was somebody to put me through.On several occasions, Bitcoin Ben and some majority of the videos uploaded on Altcoin Buzz channel made references about a Pro Trader- Douglas Murray who has an affordable Strategy to show thousands of investors out there loosing because they lack the knowledge to trade their Bitcoin, they also dropped his contact in the comment section. I reached out to him through his Telegram, he has been giving the best trading Tips and I have been able to increase my little 3.5Btc to 9BTC, Thanks to those that mentioned him in your videos, you are all part of my success story. Y'all can reach out to him * /Mail (Douglastrading10@gmail. com)* or via WhatsApp: +1(772)202-0759

  27. well we dont want faggots like strzok in the fbi rigging our democracy then expecting congratulations. we dont accept the cowardly lies or criminal interference and were certainly not impressed or intimidated by tax funded incompetence trying to insure an anti constitutional consensus of clinton scam crap while calling it service. so theres gonna be some consequences. lol.

  28. Ron Paul is a wise man. I really like him.

  29. Dogecoin is the wave, such wow

  30. One more drops -700 points and Lehman Brothers 2008 show up agien.

  31. Fed could devalue US $ this or next week.

  32. Food , water and shelter are the greatest most valuable currency, followed by electrical power.

  33. All scams, choose your poison.

  34. The bitcoin "surge" is a bit of an overstatement

  35. I feel bad for bitcoin investors. It has an extremely shady history of being used for several nefarious purposes.

    If too many invest, the Federal Reserve may just pull the plug entirely. Outlaw crypto currency with strong emphasis on bitcoin

  36. Why do they show BTC as a gold coin?

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