Tuesday , January 19 2021
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GOP Kicks Off Georgia Campaign Effort In Countdown To Senate Runoff Elections | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Shaquille Brewster reports on the final push campaign efforts by Democrats and Republicans in Georgia before early voting starts for the state’s Senate runoff elections.
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GOP Kicks Off Georgia Campaign Effort In Countdown To Senate Runoff Elections | NBC News NOW


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  1. Yeah don't go vote remember it's rigged. Other Wise Your just a bunch Of liars. And we all know What you really are

  2. On: 12/14/2020
    "Trump & The Republican Party…
    "307,471 AMERICAN'S"
    "Republican's Stop Supporting…
    "America Will Not Forget The…
    "120 of the 196 Republican's of the House Who…
    "Comply With…


    "Get Out Of The People's House…
    "You Draft Dodging"
    "Murdering Chicken Sh#t
    Never Forget

  3. So the G.O.P. is still laying as they go on the save America tour yes voters of GA we need to save America but from the danger that has been in the WH for the last 4years. So get to the polls or do your mail-in ballot in the mail and vote for the democrats so Biden is able to get the help that the American people need. Vote for Warnaic and Ossoff to give Biden and Harris a fighting chance to get laws passed to help the American people. If Moscow Mitch remains as the majority leader the gridlock we have seen for the last 4 years will continue you see how the G.O.P. leaders propose sedition in order to keep a crooked president who was put there by his boss Putin to destroy our country to remain in power. Time to vote Purdue and Loffler out of office if you wish to get pandemic relief you need to vote Moscow Mitch does not want to do anything to help with the economic downturn that has happened because of the pandemic.

  4. Republicans will never win any of the two runoff Senate seats.
    That's what I am going to assure you.
    As everyone are already sick and tired of Trump's allegation of voters fraud and lies.

  5. It is sad that 5 or 6 corrupt States can steal an election.


  7. Crazy comes in various shapes and forms. Here, Crazy comes in form of that White woman, Green or something.

  8. Georgia is a blue state. Election was perfect.
    These Nazi Republicans need Removal. Not Election officials. The governor is whacked but he did the Honest thing

  9. Vote blue and help will flow vote red and we are dead. Moscow Mitch has a stranglehold on Americans. Vote blue on both senators to free ourselves from his grip.

  10. Please, please New York lock that Orange pos up for life!!!

  11. Shes about as Fake, as the fig shes wearing….. And sounds as crazy as the 🍊 feller in the white house…

  12. Remember, white nationalism supersedes democracy,meritocracy and even obedience to law

  13. If the democrats really control everything because the elections are all rigged by Dems…..wouldn't it be a waste of time for Republicans to vote in this GA senate runoff?

  14. They are using the same machines. It's all a big fraud.

  15. Kelly Loeffler Poses With Former KKK Leader, Now Claims She Had No Idea ………….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwoJUL-Jv4o

  16. Liar liar liar she's a dirty slur so lock her up too

  17. Who in the world would vote in a failed journalist and a pastor who is pro-abortion is beyond me. Vote for the successful candidates.


  19. Wow, that blonde lady….what a Karen! Complaining about Raffensberger…one of the true heroes of democracy… that's one Republican I'd vote for. Georgians, please vote blue!

  20. That is how a cult treat people in the cult, who is not worshipping enough. Raffenberger presented himself as a Trump supporter. I wonder if he still think the president is so great.

  21. Let your voices be heard, get out to vote, get out and show out. Georgians. The People is the power, not the people in power. We need the Senate for the Dems. Remember when people show you who they are believe them.

  22. FAST FORWARD TO 27:15 China admits & celebrates at their economic conference that they have the Biden's bought and paid for. https://rumble.com/embed/v8z7l9/?pub=4

  23. Look at all those inbreeding hillbillies

  24. The republicans is is in a fantasy world where the truth don't matter they are not for Democery and had no proof that this election was rigged, and could not prove a darn thing, in court. Trump want people to lie to overturn this election , it's like telling your children to lie when you know it is wrong. I guest they will reward that child for telling a lie than the truth. People who cannot stand for the truth shame on them. They rather have a dictator like Trump in charge.trump is like Putin, very cunning ,and want to hold on to power,because Trump knows what is coming for him after he leaves office. , He is no saint, and have destroyed this country,people lives, and disrespected the Constituation,,the military, and brags of how much he cares about America what a bunch of lies, he lies to the American people an those people believe that cult preacher..they sell their sole for him, and they are blinded by the truth..so sad. Georgia please get out an vote no matter what it takes vote blue if you want a change, to get things done for you and your family and for this country, and to clean up this mess that trump and his enablers has put us in, because Republican will block everything like the last four years trump took care of the rich and himself,and forget about us little people who is struggling to make ends meet. Musco Mitch and the Senate block every thing that would help us and the country.so this is your last chance for us to vote for the Democrat candidate in Georgia ossof an warknock get out and vote like you all did in the presidential
    election your life is on the line your furture your children furture and to save our country. From those autocrats. Please don't stay home ,this is your life don't let Moscow Mitch an all the rest stop you from voting it is your right don't be discourage be of courage and fight four your country take it back from the autocrats and the people who wants to turn over our Democery into a dictator ship. We have to turn Georgia blue to get things done.other wise we all will be in stillwater.in a sitting duck position, where our lives will not improve if the Republican wins.dont let that happen they are all for themselves not for us think of your situation their situation is wealth and that is yours I will tell you hardship , trying to feed your family shelter, insurance, jobs etc. The rich is all taken care of? Not you ?and they don't care all the Republican want is for you to vote for them an to enrich them self more, so please vote blue for the Georgia Senate candidate to get things done for the people because the Republican /mosco Mitch will definately block every thing that Joe Biden and his cabinate will try to do for the people like they did where nothing gets done for us only the rich. Don't forget that.

  25. Trump virus is worse than covid

  26. Democrat vote fraud machines from Dominion will make sure the Republicans lose again…just like the Presidential race.

  27. How did Marjorie Green win if she was on the same ballots! Her election was rigged too!!! 🤔🤔🤔 it's only rigged went they loose!! That's BS

  28. vote ossoff and warnock jan. 5th 2021 🗳️🌊

  29. You mean white supremists kick off a rally to elect the white supremists leaders.

  30. Please for love of nature and to please the maker of it announce April The Winter Goddess on December 21 2020 and you guys can as much time as you need to let it sink in. It’s just nature the way god wants it

  31. 🌱 fixing problems to secure
    Liberty 🌹💯 Constitution 🌹

  32. GOD Speed Recovery 🗺️🌹 Unbalanced Votes to people 🥀 more votes then people 🥀

  33. CHARGE #BITCHMITCH AND #NAZINANCY WITH #NEGLECTOFDUTY #FALSEIMPRISONMENT #SABOTAGE and or #HOSTAGETAKING for using the American people and economic stimulus as a hostage imprisoning and sabotaging FOR votes on the elections AND #DOMESTICTERRORISAM for terrorizing Americans and American lives it causing death poverty and destruction

  34. Why does vise present Harris still have her senate seat? What does she know?

  35. A vote for either democrat is a vote for the interests of BLM, socialists, trial lawyers, defund the police crowd, cancel culture-hollywood types and anarchy.

    BLM burned innocent peoples business's down in the midst of a pandemic destroying peoples livelihoods. Pure evil.

    Socialism hasn't worked anywhere

    Cancel culture does not allow for any dissenting opinions- just like North Korea or China.

    Defunding the police is just pure idiocy

  36. Binden 🐄🐄🐄🐄🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  37. Wood & Powell #WhereWeAgree "We're NOT here for violence… gonna show 'em EVIDENCE!" https://youtu.be/y6DlO9Xov6E?t=360
    "Must go back to PAPER BALLOTS… and a system to count them, even BY HAND if needed" https://youtu.be/y6DlO9Xov6E?t=1060

  38. Ain't nobody in that frame of mind right now to listen to that fake rhetoric

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