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GOP lawmaker identifies energy secy pipeline 'contradiction'

August Pfluger, R-Texas, discusses Colonial Pipeline cyberattack and the need for energy independence.

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  1. Gop needs to do their job and investigate this immediately and get our military's finest at that border if we can afford to pay ransom then we can afford to build and secure our border and start immediately fueling up plans and send these people back when a party is in neglect of America the other party then steps in and gets things done in best interests of it's people if not then gop is in neglect to along with the party causing the problem if not then why do we have two parties system in america a lot of what is going on is because the gop will not take action demand justice for us Americans like why is the border still open then both parties are in neglect we have two parties for these reason so that one party can take action when needed in America for Americans what is the gop waiting for the constitution to be abolished it will be to late then' that is why we have a two parties system and a constitution look it up gop.

  2. Rob E. Is like putting the FOX in the Henhouse to protect Americans from China


  4. If it was tax dollars that payed that ransom then we the people need to know who it was we need to make sure that this wasn't a domestic terrorist act.

  5. Hold them accountable?
    Biden sold China insanely valuable information on how to build stabilizers for our best stealth technology. That’s why Hunter got a billion dollars.

    The current president already sold out American when he was mentally aware that he was doing so. At this point, whether he’s doing it on behest of China, or out of pure stubborn total incompetence, is of little consequence.

  6. of course there is a cover up, this whole covid pandemic is a scam put forth by the Freemasons and their political ambitions. Freemasons are satanists and they want the destruction of Christianity and to build their demonic new world order. This is all going to move into the last days as outlined in the book of Revelation. You can not stop it as God has already told you it was to come. Now we are living it out. Pray that you are counted worthy to escape the coming tribulation and be called up to meet our LORD in the air when He comes with the New Jerusalem

  7. The superb mosque randomly save because cheque commonly observe by a swanky brick. jumpy, thick thursday

  8. The only real security for America is if every citizen is WOKE.

  9. Biden's administration is secretive, NO majority approval. His dealing with China will lead us to be "slaved" depending on Chinese products completely. Biden is introducing communist CONTROL, furthermore; his style (no transparency, no press, no communications) to emulate dictatorship, NOT serving the American people. He's willing to give us "lazy money"(Relief check and/or Rescue $) to stay at home doing nothing. Limited fuel for our cars, so Chinese electric cars & solar panels are coming.

  10. At least trucks will provide jobs too.

  11. someone needs to tell witless in michigan that pipelines are good

  12. There are no other cleaner systems than the pipeline that sleepy creepy jo stopped

  13. Need to put most all high ranking Democrats under oath and when the lie .lock em up.

  14. Why cant we get rid of that guy? Joe just don't cut the mustard
    He is bad for this country!

  15. Best way for them is to go.

  16. Hey Maria, I saw something on your show that really made me laugh and I wanted to share it with you. When you showed the video of John kerry , in front of his microphone was a name plate that said , " the honorable John kerry " . 😅😂🤣🤣

  17. How are we as Americans going to go with solar power when China makes 90% of them?

  18. This dingbat is nearly as irritating as Nancy Grace. Her voice makes Fran Drescher sound like an angel.

  19. Biden is a puppet. These are Susan Rice and husseins foriegn policies and EOs and idealisms. Those two are throwing that sick old man under the bus!!!

  20. The lies from the FBI DOJ and it goes on and on cyber attacks Russia show us the proof China was our biggest attacker or was that lies would not believe anything that comes out their mouths

  21. Everyone fight or volunteer to help Arizona to do ballots , they now need backround checks to be near ballots 0philidephia had crooks tearing up trumps ballots over his head as he counted online for us all to see!

  22. This is comedy central live

  23. Ping is going to rule you all for me. America Sucks, crooks and criminals.

  24. Keep bringing up the idea to restart the pipeline. Push it in to a potential infrastructure bill (make sure it’s infrastructure only and not a “progressive” ideologue) I’m sure the moderate Democrats would like to see the pipeline back also. pipelines are critical infrastructure and they are better on the environment.

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