Monday , January 25 2021
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Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds news briefing as New York starts to reopen | USA TODAY

Gov. Andrew Cuomo provides updates at his daily briefing on the coronavirus pandemic in New York.

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New York City, which became the epicenter of the coronavirus in the United States is getting back to business. Tentatively. Plenty of restrictions are still in place, but doors are slowly starting to reopen. Subway schedules flipped back to normal on Monday.

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  1. Nigga go home take the day off. This guy keeps saying the same things again and again lol.
    And he keeps getting haircuts tho 🙄

  2. !!!!!!!! CUOMO for President !!!!!!!


  4. He was addressing Covid however his words could also apply to current protests and chaos.

  5. Shout out to Melissa DeRosa…she holds the whole thing together. Cheers Girl!

  6. This is his best conference yet. No Doubt.

  7. Bring reform to yourself you are a criminal.

  8. Way to get more votes, kill off Repplubican seniors and let out Demorcratic prisoners! Aka Granny Killer.

  9. So far ,so good, Cuomo !🇺🇸🙂👍

  10. What was the death total today

  11. No more mention of nursing homes. Have not seen my spouse in 3 months when I was visiting daily. This has become a HORROR and CUOMO YOU DROPPED THE BALL BIG TIME FOR THESE RESIDENTS. Shame, shame, shame

  12. show gratitude to essential workers with ceo-like bonuses… not that much but ykwim…

  13. I'm sorry he is the reason I want to move out of new York state. If I make more money i would move out of the state because of of Cuomo

  14. He has killed this state. Moving van will be heading outta here

  15. NYS legislators expect the new cannabis industry to bring $300 million per year in tax revenue when fully rolled out. Which is great news for NY, right? Except that Senator Krueger who has been helping lead the way in cannabis reform has recently (March 12th) revised her bill S1527C to keep similar penalties for marijuana that are in place today. She can be seen speaking at a CannaGather event stating the NYS government spends upwards of $500 million on marijuana enforcement each year! This is a combination of monies spent on policing, prosecutions, and dept of corrections. How is it possible that we are willing to legalize but still spend more on enforcement costs than tax revenue brought in by this new industry, where is the social justice in that? Anyone following the politics of this process of bringing legalized cannabis to NYS has heard all these lawmakers claim "It's about doing things right" for years now but yet they are willing to submit to the status quo. Whether you are a marijuana user or not does this make sense for our state? I personally don't see how.

    If NY goes ahead with this legalization plan it will ruin all of the good it can make. I don't know what the fix/answer is here as these lawmakers know our opinion on marijuana, polls show over 60% support marijuana legalization. This is a very complicated topic and an uncomfortable one for some but I think the people have spoken in both the polls and the simple fact that we won't let anyone tell us we can't use marijuana even after decades of war against us. You can keep locking the people/voters/tax payers away but we never let go of our herb, it only becomes more ingrained in our society.

    I come loaded with facts –

    Cost to house inmates in our county jails- County by county (My home county of Suffolk the cost comes in just under $140,000 per yr!)

    Governor Cuomo's Bill – Cannabis Regulation & Taxation Act (CRTA 2.0)

    Senator Krueger's Bill – S1527C Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act (MRTA)

    Senator Krueger can be seen speaking about the cost of Cannabis enforcement costs at 1:21:30 of the video

  16. I´ve watched all the video. The only thing i did not like, was the last comment of Andrew Cuomo, "Thanks guys, i´m going to work." as if this whole talk, was no part of his work role or agenda. Maybe he just didn´t use the proper words, as "Thanks guys, i have more important matters to attend." Either way, i congratulate the USA, here in Brazil, politicians are much worse with their chossing of words.

  17. Why talk like your a idiot? If all New Yorkers are as smart as you?? no wonder you put Covid19 in healthy nursing homes. You should get charged. You killed people's Grandparents.

  18. Schools basing their budgets on local property values has always been BS.

  19. Why would the Governor say it was only One Night of looting? (corrected to 2 nights) and say
    "It's Over" and the news people who he knows by first names, just back off?
    It's not just one night for all the store owners whose business's got looted, these are the first days of many nights of complete loss & despair. People who had nothing to do with police misconduct.
    They are victims of the criminals who changed their lives forever.
    I feel people minimize the looters activities to focus on what is politically correct. I'm all for reform of police, and of corruption in government officials all over the U.S. who start off at regular pay and leave office as millionaires. Why not talk about term limits for the Senate & Congress while we at it.
    'RIP George Floyd, they call him Perry Jr.'
    Going up Yonder

  20. When will we get legal adult use Cannabis?

  21. The classic funding scam for school is the more funds the better education, isn’t it? So what happened for the past 30years, how much money fleas pumped into public schools and the results are even worse. So , you don’t have a laptop you cannot read, write, and study? What a nonsense. How many percents do home schooling, do they have extravagant $$$ to teach their kids? No!

  22. So , in summary, only if you are a protester , you may congregate. U can’t make this up. So if you want to have a a weeding or a funeral you can’t have but if you want to protest, you get your blanket coverage. This is NY leadership quality in 2020. So all if you who are glorify this governed you may need to start thinking independently, i.e. without the regular mass media. If you continue to vote for these type of “political hecks/leaders” you will be living the decay of society in front of your eyes.

  23. Why does the mask come off,?????? I can still hear you with it on?!!! Wtf . Nothing but constant mixed signals

  24. Thank you Mr Como.

  25. NYS isn't out of the woods yet. Wait a few weeks. Remember Cuomo, there more than NY than NYC. Alot of people are proud to be a new Yorker, but the ones I know, aren't in NYC. There certain people who won't get fined the 1,000.00 for social distancing is 6 ft correct? Does that mean a few inches.?

  26. Yes open New York and all United States People need Open COUNTRY

  27. Masks, hand sanitizer and glasses or googles.

  28. He's part of the NWO. Trump is the only one fighting the NWO. The Democrats is the NWO. Let them win and you will life in hell. It's a set up people, don't fall for it.

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