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Green machine! Allrounder hits hundred to star against Indians | India's Tour of Australia 2020

Cameron Green firmed for a Test debut with a fine century for Australia A on day two of the tour match against the Indians in Sydney


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  1. Pचीs पेTis 👓 😆😂🤣😅….😤

  2. R ashwin his mad player markedy 😂😂😂

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  5. Who's excited to see Cameron Green on the tour? 😍💯

  6. Is this even an international match???

  7. They call him the new ben stokes….

  8. To The Early Squad Reading this: Sending Virtual Hugs to everyone who need it always stay safe read my name😎

  9. Imagine how much money Cricket Australia's YouTube channel is making through this Ind vs Aus series.

  10. Siraj ka action test se compatible nhi h

  11. O:33 second and 1:49 minutes catch miss …..

  12. He is yet to face bumrah , shami in test 😏😉

  13. Everyone in the comments talking about Akshay Kumar
    Me by then: sold my car on cars 24

  14. हम कोशिश में रहे उन्हे समझाने को,
    वो जी-जान से लगे रहे हमें आजमाने को,
    हमने लाख कहा कि ये क्रिकेट न होगा हमसे,
    उन्होने मैदान में उतार दिया सिक्सर लगाने को…

  15. मैच के दौरान मुझे एक लड़की नजर आई,
    मैने नोबॉल पर अपनी विकेट गँवाई,
    वह मुझे देखकर मुस्कराने लग गई,
    जैसे वाइड़ बॉल पर बाउन्ड्री लग गयी…

  16. Ultimately aim of these channel to complete 7 Million Subscriber before the end of India vs Australia series.❤️

  17. Who will win Test Series 🤔?
    India – even likes
    Australia – odd likes

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  24. Nz vs Ind = K Jamieson
    Eng vs Ind = Sam Curran
    Aus vs ind = C Green 😪😪😪😪

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  27. Akshay Kumar is literally irritating..

  28. Bhai ye Purana wala highlight hai kya

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  30. Well played Green. People are starting to compare him with Jacques Kallis. I'll say it is a bit too early. However he'll have a bright future

  31. I uninstalled Cardekho app after watching this video.

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