Thursday , January 20 2022
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Grover Norquist: Biden’s spending bill hides how much it taxes middle class

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist provides insight into how Biden’s Build Back Better plan will impact Americans and international businesses. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Don't worry, if u make under 400k ur good 🤣

  2. Biden & Harris are actively destroying the country in the name of a PORK filled Spending Spree, communist infrastructure Bill; which they have always opposed infrastructure.


  4. Oh he helps immigrants come across the border so they'll vote for him

  5. Build back better my asshe can go to HELL.

  6. This bill shows us that Mr. Biden is a true enemy of the American people. Mr. Biden really is working for the Chinese…..

  7. if Joe Biden raised the taxes for poorer they bring sleep bag on the street

  8. if Joe Biden is raised the taxes for middle class they just have a tongs pick up the can for recycle to pay for taxed

  9. Biden administration and the progressive left are communists!!!!

  10. Joke obiden and his puppeteers are destroying our Country. Impeach all these fcking bastards.

  11. Middle class. Is screwed once again. There are not near enough honest congressmen to protect us from this America last PRESIDENT
    Look how nobodies trying to get the AMERICAN PRISONERS OF WAR IN TALIBAN PRISON CAMPS BACK

  12. The way it will be "paid for" is through additional fiat currency- created by the fed reserve bank, anyone holding dollar denominated instruments will see their value erode even further and the cost of everything goes up more. But the libs will just blame the "greedy corporation".

  13. Queen Pelosie is buying a $25 million home in (Florida)!!! Lol
    She destroyed California so Bad she can't handle it !!! Wake.Up !!!!

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  15. That tweet by Musk just makes me like him all the more.

  16. The collapse of this administration is iminent

  17. What is new
    All administrations

  18. Do you believe China is telling Biden what to do?

  19. Paying off the media? Dragging the world down with them?

  20. Thanks FJB: Yes, America Going Going To Hell.

  21. Time for Joe Biden to get kicked out and all of them get locked up jail

  22. Why anyone would be shocked by this is beyond me. Biden has nothing but disdain and hatred for the middle class of America. It is very sad to know that there was a whole group of people who foolishly believed this man was the answer.

  23. Please call the pervert in the white house Voter Fraud Biden!

  24. Norquist has been spewing his misguided and erroneous opinions for years. He's been proven wrong at every turn.

  25. There's too many beautiful blue ties out there bathing in their filthy greed printing it just to get more of it couldn't figure out how to earn the amount they wanted and since even a lame person can press the button that says print, they just decided to press the button that says print.

  26. How come Biden hasn’t called in China to make all republican senators and congress and the Supreme Court disappear? Tell China to conquer USA Today!

  27. Global….Global….Global. Where is the idea of competition ? Here again is the liberal slant towards global 'treaties'. Has this agreement on 'global tax rates' been sent to the Senate for ratification as is required under our Constitution ?

  28. the biden admin is "the big lie"

  29. Get rid of curropt demoncrafts before 2022 that is the answer.

  30. Let's go Brandon!
    Let's go Kyle!
    Don't let Biden sniff that child!

  31. PLEASEzzz>>> EXILE the entire evil Biden Clan to AFGANISTAN to live out their entire miserable lives.
    All one way BAGGAGE tickets including the idiotic "SQUAD"!
    Lord, deliver us from this evil…

  32. The IRS thing will just give the government communist control over the wealthiest assets if they don't fall in line

  33. People are can not afford everythings is high than before. What's going on with this idea?

  34. They're going to go after every small business that uses a 1099 and that's not going to be nowhere near enough not for their spending

  35. I'm. Waiting for. Yourself. Too. Comes right. For. Seminar. For progress. OKAYS

  36. Biden is the devil 👿 in human form , destroying america

  37. This is against every democrat on the ballot…stop the insanity

  38. Trump's tax cut for the rich is an atrocity

  39. Well duh! That’s rather obvious!

  40. Get this information. To ABC,CBS,NBC

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