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Growing Concerns Over China’s Control Of American Drug Supply | NBC Nightly News

A majority of the ingredients used to make the drugs commonly taken by Americans come from China. As tensions grow between the U.S. and China, authorities are concerned that China could threaten American health and security by contaminating or cutting back on antibiotics sent to the United States, an NBC News investigation found.
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Growing Concerns Over China’s Control Of American Drug Supply | NBC Nightly News


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  1. 资本家还真能卖出绞死自己的绳子😱

  2. China providing affordable medicine, eye glasses, prosthesis to the rest of the world …China has been looked upon as a savior as in the coming of Christ while the US is looked upon as Satan !

  3. But China is good, no need for tarrifs or any scrutiny.
    NBC is racist.

  4. nbc news concerns should be in Afghanistan, not China. Afghanistan = opioid epidemic.

  5. Latin america for the most part kept their pharmaceuticals in house we would just get them there.

  6. We don’t neeed big pharma!!!!! Eat real food get your secrets from us the Natives or you will die!!! I’m a native!!! The USA calls me Mexican but I’m a native🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. This is a shocking but informative piece that the American public should pay attention too. Besides the tainted Heparin for humans, several years ago we had canines die in this country due to tainted dog food.

  8. The blaming game begins. Nah, since long time ago, any poor handling of local policy will be directed at China. China is to be blame.

  9. Next headline: "United States no longer self-sufficient. Officials alarmed by dependence on foreign slave labor!" – Why is any of this surprising?

  10. if the companies didnt have to have gigantic monstrous profits they could provide americans with safe drugs but they have to get rich over our dead bodies. greed is all that matters money is god

  11. we should repair the relationship

  12. what the fuxk the medicine made in china?

  13. Nobody forced US companies to go to China. It was largely US greed that got them there. Now that China is rising and offering alternatives to the world, the US is quick to cry foul. Even US vassals states in Europe are jumping ship more and more.

    Also, why is US healthcare (including some medication) so absurdly expensive ? Answer: Greed and general (intentional) mismanagement.

  14. You cannot fight China because they can produce everything cheaper due to economies of scale of 1.4 billion people. Unless the US government subsidize pharma, but then what about rare earth, toys… everything. Just give up trying 🤕

  15. US starts trade war and tries to destroy China, dumb Americans think China is out to get the US? lol. It's like shooting another man and claiming he shot first and out to get you!

  16. Wait a minute! 80% of the key ingredients used to make pills in the US are from China? Did Trump know this b4 starting a trade war? Could dis be 1 of d reasons past presidents didn't address d theft of intellectual property?🤔

  17. The Chinese should do to usa the same thing the usa do to CUBA, VENEZUELA, NICARAGUA, IRAN, NORTH KOREA,them they can feel and live what those families ,kids feel.

  18. Greed, money …. This is why!! They're not stupid. America has lost its way due to corruption and bad leadership that sells itself out.

  19. Please explain to us why China trusts US so much that they just import pork and other foods from US without any concerns.

  20. Should our nation subsidize pharma?
    Free property, power, low tax?

  21. This is all part of China's plan to take over the world!!!
    But we allowed our greedy companies to do this to us.
    Maybe it's time to start filling our prisons for the corporate executives.

  22. A case of companies putting profit over people and the U.S. government let it happen

  23. 2:05 he says it all right here, profits first, wellness of humanity second .. then people act like W T F, how did it get to this stage.. you are engaging in cheap profiteering, and you are the cause of the problem. case closed. what about "Growing Concern over Cheap Profiting"..

  24. I don't want to buy or consume anything made in 🇨🇳 ! Stupid Trump putting us at risk. Hope he takes a 💊 from 🇨🇳 and gets 😷.

  25. Our crooked politicians sold us to China.

  26. China is out to destroy America & they are doing a fantastic job at it… unbelievable US government would allow China to be the new powerhouse in all aspects of life…boy we are in deep trouble… Almighty God of holy Israel, plz help us…amen 🙏!

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