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GRWM : Wedding Guest Makeup, Hair & Outfit | Fashion Mumblr

Get Ready With Me for a Summer Wedding ; my hair, makeup and outfit! All product links are below!
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❤ What I Used ❤

Clarins BB Skin Detox :
Beauty Blender :
Clarins Light Concealer :
Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer :
Laura Mercier Loose Powder :
Zoeva Fan Brush
Hourglass Bronzer :
Stila Palette :
Sigma Blush Brush
Benefit Brow Pencil :
Eylure Brow Gel
Makeup Revolution Highlighter
Tom Ford Liquid Eye Liner :
Tweezermen Lash Curlers
Clarins Brown Mascara :
Clarins Lip Balm :
GHD Platinum Electric Pink :
Kevin Aucoin Lip Liner :
Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick :
Ouai Soft Curl Spray


❤ What I Wore ❤

Sparkly Top :
Pink Skirt :
Circle Necklace :
Valentino Shoes :

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Necklace :
Rings :


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  1. You are extremely lovely and beautiful 🙂

  2. The perfect beauty channel ! 👏🏻👏🏻💕

  3. If you think this is to bridal go to a middle eastern weddung im sure youll be shocked

  4. Please come to a Indian wedding if you think this was too much

  5. It's so beautiful what you chose to wear. I can really feel your femine energy in the end.

  6. People saying it's too bridal, I literally dress up more than this while hanging out with friends lmao

  7. You're supposed to dress formally at wedding. Shes pretty:)

  8. Hey those who are saying it's too much search Indian wedding make up and then say 😂😂😂

  9. You are so cute really so cute😀

  10. That doxie though… 😍😍😍

  11. Being asian, this would be the outfit i would probably wear to a restaurant lol

  12. Pleasant music….Pleasant video….

  13. Thanks josie .. You looked beautiful

  14. I love you and your mum. Your both amazing. Also you guys should go to a Croatian wedding. Almost all the guys stripped down and started doing crazy dances. By the way you look amazing and beautiful. So elegant

  15. I just love your style!! ❤❤ I keep rewatching your videos from time to time as reference 🙂

  16. if y'all think this is too much y'all didn't witness a north african wedding lmao

  17. I’m born and bred British but I do have Pakistani heritage, if you think this is too much, try going to an Asian wedding!

  18. Can I know where to buy this top and dress

  19. Aw.. i really love your hat!
    So lovely ♡

  20. Pls Make a video on ur hair care routine….u have a very good and voluminous hair

  21. Why are people complaining about her clothing like she's wearing something like basketball shorts in a wedding? She looks appropriate and fresh for events like a wedding. Can't see any reason to complain about this video

  22. I like the concept of this tutorial but it's disappointing that the products you are using aren't animal cruelty free.

  23. Good outfit, but could be much better if you ironed it

  24. have yall never been to an asian wedding

  25. مكياجها مكياج لعابات 🌚💔

  26. that's the ugliest outfit I ever saw.

  27. Toooooo simple…like you could wear nothing

  28. In what world is this bridal 👀
    Scrolling through the comments, most seem to think so. But this doesn't even remotely look bridal to me. Not my style, but not a bride for sure. People are strange, if you wear black they complain, if you wear pastel they complain. You do you lady! It sure suited you well, without being over the top.

  29. Just once see an Indian makeup you will be in shock

  30. ❤ the jewelry also. 🙂 do u have a jewelry collection video?

  31. Close that door girl!!😂😂

  32. Big oofff it looks amazing.and no it's not to much. If you think this is too much you should see how Middle Eastern weddings look like

  33. it's just stunning ….you look beautiful 😀😀

  34. This outfit is beautiful although the dress could be a different color as it is the brides day

  35. I Hope U B Happy In Your Second Life😍

  36. It doesn’t look wedding dress. If brides change the ‘rules’ of the wedding dress… of course it could be… but not like traditional one.It looks pretty and conservative what is important if you go to a wedding 👰.the attention should not be on you.of course there are some rule what to Hungary we are quite strict with this.but young girls don’t even know this things.
    I would be happy to wear the same kind of dress for wedding.
    I don’t have beautiful dress because we should always wear new one… and it costs a lot. I mean generally the wedding.the gift ( we have to give money) and to travel ad sleep there.

    i live in W-Europe and the weddings are really rare here. Even if they organize something, it’s nothing special. Brides don’t wear wedding dress and there is no tradition.

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