Friday , January 21 2022
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Half-Million Fewer Jobs: Revisions Hit Trump Economy | Meet The Press | NBC News

New numbers show job creation, GDP and consumer sentiment are lower than previously estimated.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Half-Million Fewer Jobs: Revisions Hit Trump Economy | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Why did it take this long to "fact check" these job stats..⁉️

  2. Time to Audit the FED, Trump has said they don't know what they are doing. we still need to get rid of the FED

  3. Trump lies about the economy like he lies about everything else. Who's surprised?
    The only people left who believe Trump are the stock market folk who go out and buy more stocks every time Trump says the tariff talks are going well.
    p.s. The tariff talks have never gone well. The Chinese are waiting for the "calm" Democrats to come to the table in 2021.

  4. TRUMP 2020 your polls are very FAKE NEWS just like 2016 just like now!

  5. I have three words: Dump Trump 2020.

  6. Take this video with a grain of salt because it makes statements they cant prove. Like the 3 states that lost manufacturer jobs, all 3 states had a change in power to Democrats lmao. Those numbers that are off all have a present of accuracy stated with them but anyone that has taken Econ 101 knows that lol.

  7. Where are the jobs, trump???!!! Did jailing immigrants help your jobs numbers? Apparently Not! Free the jailed babies!

  8. America deserves to crash and burn.
    You have to admit.

  9. Fake news! MSNBC is the leader of fake news!

  10. Another fake news report
    The jobs dont come out until after the first off of month UNLESS you are lying ????

  11. Already more jobs created then Obama Bin Laden in 8 years.

  12. The trump presidency is making a great case for dissolving the U. S. Natl govt.

  13. 20% is big as statistics. Should be investigated.

  14. Now there's a real credible guy chuck Todd lmfao biggest joke in media

  15. Liberals praying for the economy to tank.

  16. China is preparing for tough times by stocking up on food for their people and gold; America is preparing by not preparing! I suggest each household start preparing for their family because our Government is in denial! Tougher times ahead!

  17. I appreciate when trump is referred to as “mr. trump.” He does not deserve to be called President”

  18. Retail down, Fry's is going away, manufacturing down. We also cut back on hiring ourselves.


    A REPUBLICAN RUSSIAN MOLE in the PRESIDENCY of the United STATES of AMERICA and the SENIOR REPUBLICAN SENATORS are OKAY with that RAT McConnell and Graham and BARR's Oh my.

  20. What happened to Russia ? Treason ? Collusion ? Remember RUSSIA THE BOOGEYMAN ?

  21. Argh! Why are Chuck Todd's, and ONLY Chuck Todd's, outros at such different volume levels than the main clip! Every other MSNBC host has even volume level from the clip to the outros… but EVERY ONE of Chuck's outros are either way too loud (like this one!) or way too soft, never at the same level as the main clip.

    Come on interns, get it together! Actually watch and listen to what you are producing for the public!!!!

  22. The most amusing stat in the Trump story is, if he had just sat on the money his daddy gave him his wealth would be substatially larger in all likelyhood.

  23. No surprise that Trump would accuse Obama of cooking the books on Job Numbers, Only to be caught FAKING his Job Numbets. Liar Liar Administration on Fire

  24. Trump is an outlier, all right. He has out-lied everybody.

  25. This is msn propaganda.
    No guest ,just graphics.
    All they can do till 2024.

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