Hallie Jackson NOW – Feb. 6 | NBC News NOW

Powerful earthquakes devastate parts of Turkey and Syria leaving thousands dead, the FBI arrests two people in an alleged plot to attack the Baltimore power grid, Ohio officials implement a “controlled release” of toxins after a train derailment and a look at why teachers are torn on whether to ban or embrace ChatGPT technology in the classroom.

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    Increase Your Satisfaction By Understanding Your Existence … sea rch EXISTNC

  2. AYO,… does the news media think we, the American public are dumb? Noooooo one cares how big the balloon was, everyone should know balloons expand so now one cares. What I am interested in knowing is how big was the item being carried by this balloon. Was that the size of a bus and if it was that big why can’t they, the us gov, find a bus sized object?

  3. Mental health is not a good excuse to stab someone. That dude got what he ask for! Common sense should tell you that after stabbing someone else the police are not going to play with you.

  4. I'm waiting for Trump to claim that the Turkey earthquake wouldn't have happened if he had been president.

  5. kamu manusia aku juga manusia tetapi kenapa gambarnya warna warni seharusnya gambar huruf sama manusia

  6. Forget the news, I like the tennis shoes.

  7. It's not censorship by Twitter, it's the 'No shirt, no shoes, no sanity, no service' selection system every proprietor uses.

  8. State of the union address BS. It will be more like how many lies can Biden spit out in one speech.

  9. Little Ronnie wants us all to stay asleep! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! The stronger AI gets, the more mentally lazy we become. If you think that's a good thing, you are in real trouble! So are we all.

  10. Somebody needs to go Rhonda Rousey on Hallie Jackson🥊😵 'POW"

  11. Alleged Chineses "spy" balloon… WTF?

  12. I cannot imagine needing my sense of smell badly enough to put a chip implant in my brain. Personally, my sense of smell has been highly diminished for over 20 years due to sickness in high school and I just don't really miss it.

  13. Repent before its too late!!!!!Turn to God in your hour of need!!!!!!

  14. In such an earthquake zone it is very obvious they have no building codes for earthquake resistance. Shoddy construction, corrupt contractors and public officials are all in it together. and the citizens suffer. Those buildings were collapsing as if they had no steel structure in them.

  15. She makes Kamala Harris look intelligent

  16. 48:59 : Yeah, I really feel for you. I was hit by a car and lost my sense of being able to walk like a real live boy ever again. I just can't imagine your suffering at not being able smell fresh baked cookies. 🙄

  17. The News Media jumped right in the bed with the NAZIS Republican Party

  18. American archaic infrastructure. Maybe America should blame the Chinese for being the world's leaders in infrastructure and fast speed rail. Maybe America should blame the Japanese for having bullet trains in 1964 when The Beatles released their first record album. Go back to your own country? How many European Americans are packing up and moving back to the Caucasus mountains on Russia's border? America has bombed 14 Muslim countries since WWII. New Zealand's last mass shooting 3 years ago was a racist Australian shooting Muslims.

  19. Good morning for you Hallie Jackson and for everybody and God bless you all as a whole.God Will help all those people that survive in this Earthquake, this Is very bad thing for Siria and Turkiye.I hope the best for both countries.Hallie Jackson,Let me tell you that I Will not care of about this baloon because we have some other problems about this baloon,we have many people die in Ucrania y many people die because they do not have foods to eat.Well,I Will see you tomorrow night at the same time and the same place.

  20. Interesting to see the " Reporting " & Response ( & Ignorance ) The Last , Let's say 7 – 30 Years . GLOBAL , Territories , Neighbors , Allies .

  21. Unreal ? Finish later, EARTHQUAKE 8.0 !?

  22. Fifteen football fields is 1500 yards, just short of a mile. Don't Americans know what a mile is?

  23. Why didn’t they just shoot a missile through the balloon, and not blow up the payload? Keep in in a bigger piece instead of blowing it into a hundred pieces and scattering it all over the place? Would have been easier to find and examine!!!🤪🤪🤪

  24. TÜRKIYE [ TOOR-kee-yeh ] The Republic of Türkiye.
    It has been implemented by he UN since May 2022 and
    officially in use by the US Dept. of State since last month.
    Its easy, as heard on Al Jazeera English a 100 times today.

  25. I actually agree with his attorneys that man that was shot and killed in Huntington Park, California at the very least they should be fired and the City should have to pay the family money because they shot him to money times in the back.

  26. It looks like Hallie might be having some kind of circulatory problems and should see her doctor.

  27. The attack on power stations comes from Trump and his big oil cartel the Republican senators and house members don’t want to compete or find other ways to do think they are just greedy .

  28. 8:28 : It would have been fun to capture the balloon and feature it in the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade.

  29. Republican senators and house members should not be allowed to investigate anything because they are the criminals.

  30. If it was just a weather balloon, then you have nothing to worry about. That's an insurance claim. So go ahead and make that claim and get paid … unless of course it wasn't a weather balloon.

  31. Why are you going to listen to the speach?? you hate joe biden so much,that sounds stupid to me. All you are doing is making his rating go up.but hey we all want you to watch because there are a lot of good stuff in his speech to I know you want no about it

  32. I don't know how often these areas get earthquakes, but in Japan we mostly wait it out. Our first instinct isn't to run out of the building, because there's more earthquake outside! At worst it's to take cover wherever we are, second to that we are worried about our most precious things getting damaged. For example, I have my most precious instruments 🎸 and other things in cases or on stands I know will not fall over, and where nothing can fall on them. We're basically always ready for an earthquake. But in Japan, buildings and infrastructure are made to take it.

    So I don't agree with the apparently inexperienced reporter that people wake up, grab their children, and get out if they can. Earthquakes don't usually last long enough to do that anyway. It's not like a fire. First they see if it's just a big shock. After ten seconds they're looking for cover in place. After that you're looking at a big mess to clean up, but you never think the building is going to come down, nor could you prepare for, or escape that.

  33. Boycott Bidens State of the Union Address.

  34. What a stupid military why wasn't the navy and/or coast guard on stand by the drag the debris instead of letting it spread out and sink.

  35. Please remove the people to a warm country. Now.

  36. Hallie 💔💔💔🙏🙏sad day 😔😔

  37. Who knows that balloon could have been carrying a biological weapon or a chemical weapon.

  38. It's a Horrible Horrible Disaster But Great To Watch ! – What ! Too Soon ?

  39. Wishing all the best for the survivors and victims of the Earthquakes in Turkey.Bless you and stay safe.

  40. Joe Biden has done more for this country and the American people than anyone else in years or ever! GOD bless you Mr Biden!!

  41. Why didn't Canada shoot it down?

  42. Hallie Jackson NOW – February 6

  43. i think those balloons can be used as nuclear bomb delivery which maximize its effect detonated above ground. yikes!!! armed with jamming devices and proximity detonators. mind you its unmanned too. can be used to deliver emp that will destroy all electronics. i hope i am wrong…..

  44. CHATGPT will replace many human jobs. Include Newscaster.


  46. People don't get close to it it could have a deadly virus. Remember covid came from China many scientist warned us before we got covid.

  47. what makes the Chinese balloon a spy balloon? if navy divers are just finding pieces of rubber