Thursday , August 11 2022

Hallie Jackson NOW – June 27 | NBC News NOW

Protestors take to the streets after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, WNBA star Brittney Griner’s trial in Russia will start on July 1st, and Wimbledon kicks off with Novak Djokovic set to play in his last Grand Slam of the year.

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  1. What is the real problem? Individuals or groups are mainly concerned about their issues. Nations focus on their nations. Religions focus on their religions. Political parties care only for their group. Pro-choice are concerned about their rights. Pro-life don’t care for pro-choice. Each race is mostly interested in its security. The result is inability of all to overcome their problems. All these problems can be wiped out with the flame of oneness—a concern for the well-being of all.

  2. Good Luck getting the DoNuthins to do something….😳


  3. Are not Politicians TO WORK FOR the American People?

    One Day Americans will realize that they DO NOT have a Democracy BUT RATHER an Oligarchal Government with Pseudo-Politicians, also called Pocket Politicians.
    It has been that way from DAY 1!
    IT WAS AN OLIGARCHY THAT CREATED THE U.S. CONSTITUTION! (not "we, the People….") duh!😳
    your vote has NEVER counted


  4. This control over private lives is a civil violation. And birthing people? Females birth. I am telling you. The insanity is out of control. I'm not saving the mental health crisis. FEMALES.

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  8. Serena is a guy in drag. Cheaters will cheat.

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  10. Ali Ackmen the black man stop the steal rally organizer, has ratted out, on grumpo and all his gang. All the Senators and Congressmen, search warrants for all.

  11. What's wrong with this anti abortion argument? They want to protect what's inside of a womans uterus, without knowing the consequences of that pregnancy or birth. While at the same time they ramp up the pro gun hype. And they can't. Or won't. Defend our school age children.

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  13. Religion is mans creations for control of people. Look at how all churches say how that church next door is a scam. All are a scam for guilt tripping the people. Here in Texas churchmen and their wives all Fxck around.

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  17. "Birthing people"? Come on guys, you can just say mothers. Good god. 🤣

  18. Bank accounts are getting hacked, please change your topic immediately!

  19. I Am 1776% Sure Witches [Orange Green Pink Purple Yellow Hair] Has No Constitutional Right To K!ll The Unborn, Witches [THE UNHOLY] Keep Your Legs Closed, Because Unborn Life Matters!!!

  20. Looks like all those who have paved the way and have fought for our rights was for nothing. Seems like we are going backwards in time.

  21. The message this young lady received did not come from Biden. It was a Scammer! Do not believe everything your phone says.

  22. If women simply turned out to vote against Republicans than abortion wouldn't be legal.

    But they don't so it's becoming illegal for a while. It won't be long before we're seeing hundreds of women dying every year again.

    And we will also find out about wealthy Republicans sending their daughters and mistresses out-of-state for legal abortions.

    And the law won't be enforced against them.

    Eventually some really sympathetic girl is going to die and then the law will be reversed like it was an Ireland.

  23. He's going to drop another bomb in 30 min

  24. Someone needs to tell students across America that as soon as the game is over, they can ignore their coaches. They are only coaches during the game, and can't tell the students what to do once the game is over.

  25. Mrs. Rudy GUILIPUSSYANUS”which do you prefer “PADS OR TAMPONS” 🤡🤡

  26. Can I just say, how stupid to waste sacred prayer on something so puerile and, by the way, self-serving, as for a victory in a football game. Give me a f**king break. Save your prayers for disease, injustice and war…not a game…. A GAME. What’s next… disturbing the good Lord’s attention for victory in a game of Monopoly?

  27. Not seeing a lot of CHILDREN at these protests.

  28. No she's A MAGA MARRGOT and not a Democrat.

  29. I can't believe a woman would love to have an abortion when she could have made the guy wear a rubber or she took some kind of contraception

  30. Can a Muslim coach bring his prayer rug out on the field and say prayers?

  31. Stop the game about destroying people in America's livelihood. Stop putting people out of business with your nonsense, it destroys families, their children and general family members.

  32. The never ending obsession of the American people to slaughter babies is absolutely mind boggling.

  33. Hope in Democratic substantive change = recipe for disillusionment

  34. “birthing people” 🤮🤢

  35. Birthing people?? Come on

  36. They Change Constitucion To Ban Abortion. But Guns Are still available to Abort Grown School kids Dreams.

  37. Preachers have used this holy god crap scam like the 'Phone Scammers' in India use Norton! These greedy evangelicals use Christmas as a big selling point. Believing in Santa Claus is no different than believing in the camel herder's story about God. Everyone knows there is no 'Santa Claus' and 'God' has never saved anyone from anything that can be proven. It's like all 'mumbo-jumbo-double-talk' from guys like Rev. Tilton blessing prayer clothes for a a $1000 each, "it's all a SCAM"! You can pray until you are blue in the face and no one hears it but your tiny little brain. I know because at five years old, I prayed for months for my dad to stop beating and torturing my mom. I never heard a single word or helping hand to stop him. 6 Million Jews prayed and then died by merciless torture and starvation!. Americans and people around the world prayed for protection from Covid 19 and then they died. God ignored the 9/11 people stuck in the burning buildings, God didn't help the 52,000 soldiers screaming in a Vietnamese jungle from wounds in combat. Life is death and death is life. If there is a God he has never done anything but help these 'GODAM Plastic Cable Preachers' rip off the worshippers! Religions have never saved anyone from anything. I'm sorry he hasn't helped because I sure could have used him to save my mom.

  38. “Politics: ‘Poli’ a Latin word meaning ‘many’; and ‘tics’ meaning ‘bloodsucking creatures’.”– Robin Williams

  39. 1998 or 1999 north of Austin in Hutto, Tx amtrac hit a garbage truck at an unguarded crossing with derailment of 4 locomotives and several passenger cars, i stopped to help (I was an ER /critical car RN. The Truck driver could not be resusitated due to the massive internal injuries. He left behind 2 little daughters.

  40. Should United State Sent the Same Chianese practitioner from Newyork to legalize Marijuana in Russia and all Over the World once for All Otherwise Who Gana Buy the Millions of Acres Farmed Marijuana in United State and Canada-England-Sweden they Need Customer's

  41. Djokovic looking extremely healthy

  42. Public prayer looks like showboating.

  43. Hallie Jackson NOW…Is there a name for the Hallie Jackson "jingle"? that little sound before you change topics or pics.