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Millions of Puerto Ricans are left without power after Hurricane Fiona, WNBA players say they will not play in Russia due to Brittney Griner’s imprisonment, and the FDA releases its findings of the internal investigation into its response to the baby formula shortage. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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  1. Well this is how it cover up there isn't even a war going on.

  2. Oh come on Russia's not hurting Putin's not hurt in his farmerton He's got all that cold back money called back rubles now he's got Ukraine

  3. I think it's terrible that they're focusing on Trump instead of focusing on what Biden's doing right now and why he shouldn't even be there anymore You should be out of the White House especially after all of his shady dealings with Ukraine He's such a traitor I don't understand why you still present I don't get it why I want to know why why and then when we stand up for our rights were terrorists were domestic terrorists cuz we're trying to get things done but you know they don't do anything we want them to the Democrats I'm speaking of they're just making their own rules and doing whatever they want they didn't get them vote from everybody you know for anything they've been doing and Biden hasn't delivered not one thing.

  4. Really what about the big scam our government which is a corporation is pulling on us and all the banks what about that how come they're not in jail this is nothing with these people did is nothing compared to what the government's doing to us we're there slaves they take all of our money that they get from our checks and they send it all to other countries and it goes inviting's pocket and a bank in another country!! BIDEN AND HIS KID SHOULD BE OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE AND IN PRISON ALREADY.

  5. Lots of US warehouse jobs available to athletes unable to go to Russia to play basketball.

  6. The FDA got the mesaage they conveniently made the message disappear… I smell cover up!!!

  7. Hopefully when the fart dust which is trump clears…future losers will be too embarrassed to claim voter fraud anywhere near this extent

  8. So only Texas needs to take the migrants other than that they get all mad. I’m sure the migrants knew this no one forces you to to nothing. These migrants were used by the Venezuelan govt to give them cash then the gov't stopped and they are not used to working, that's why they left. Good for the Santis, El Paso Texas is over the capacity of migrants.

  9. Republicans and Democrats are all involved somehow in the failure of our government to keep our security and serve the people! 1963 JFK was killed by? That’s why your government is not working properly today!

  10. How many Laws need to be “CLEANED UP”? 100?1000?100000?100000000?

  11. Okay help the poor people and get Putin!

  12. People who steal charity money for poor people who loss their living by Covid-19 shutdowns? No people stealing money for the victims of COVID!?THIS IS A JUDAS PRIEST THAT STEALS THE FOOD AND MEDICINE OUT OF THE POOR PEOPLE MOUTH AND SPEND THE MONEY FOR LUXURY ITEMS!

  13. Politics USA style is dirty nasty evil wicked tainted with treason against freedom and Liberty but abortions are killings and killings is not Legalized recognized as a solution for teen age pregnancy!

  14. The well to do are NOT THINKING …..that those who can not afford to pay the outrageous RENT will not be able to do the work for them because they can afford to live in FLORIDA!!!! A society that is build on greed and not balance crumbs!!! Get ready for the big fall.

  15. Move off Puerto Rico evacuate the people and send them to the camps for refugees that have lost homeland

  16. LOW-INCOME HOUSING is What FLORIDA needs NOW!!! No more $2,200 apartments !!! PEOPLE can’t afford. VOTE Ron DeSantis OUT ASAP!!!

  17. Former US president Donald Trump's prison detention continues with what is still communicated as without temporary leave for public appearances and media presentations. His diabetes has recently progressed to the point vision is blurred beyond a few metres with the internet access television mounted close to his prison cell being unusable for viewing purposes.

  18. 7000 euro was added to my PayPal account with the help of maskoffweb they did well

  19. 7000 euro was added to my PayPal account with the help of maskoffweb they did well

  20. Hallie is the best news channel!

  21. I watch Hallie Jackson NOW daily shows for only one reason for Hallie. I like her communication style with expressive hand gestures and voice rhythm..Hallie you're the best anchor.👍

  22. When the Multiple Trump investigation’s are over, all these nights of speculation will be wasted time. Russia for over a year? You didn’t report the truth when the truth came out. Disgusting!

  23. i'll be able to get therapy when my insurance co. treats it the same as other health care…i'm not a$$ full

  24. One of Trumps Lawyers is Venezuelan worked on espionage for their president. Reakon he had input on DeSantis debacle.

  25. How come the FBI doesn't have the ETA of these flights? Is this or is this not a Federal Violation?