Tuesday , September 28 2021
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'Hamilton' Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyle Raps With President Obama | NBC News

President Obama challenges “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda’s freestyle rap skills in the White House Rose Garden.
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‘Hamilton’ Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyle Raps With President Obama | NBC News


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  1. Barack Obama is now the objective second best president after Hamilton

  2. This video is useless without the president grabbing the mic and spitting some rhymes.

  3. From the wise words of Dave Strider

    Kick it Barack

  4. Remember when our President was awesome? Anyone? I sure do miss those days!

  5. This is what the Homestucks have wanted.

  6. Immigrants, we get the job done 😍🖤😁

  7. Lin: raps

    Lin’s hands: 🙌🏻🤲🤝👍

  8. 1:35 Lin was trying to let go but Obama wasn't letting him

  9. Trump ain’t half the man Obama is…

  10. I don't care much about politics but i miss Obama and his thug life compilations… all we have now are trump tweets

  11. Lin is wearing jeans with the president

  12. "Immigrants, we get the job done" I love this man, more than my first born.

  13. Personally, I wanna see public debate in general done via rap battle.

  14. Im almost sure that the reason of Lin using jeans when he needs to go formal its because he really likes his blue coat but he doesnt have a pant that combines that its not a jeans xD

  15. Oh my god he’s so lucky! He got to meet Lin!! 😂

  16. I really appreciate that Lin didn't actually drop the mic. Those things are expensive! Bless him.

  17. Immigrants, we get the job done

  18. Coolest. President. EVER!!

  19. The drummer looks like he’s having so much fun lol

  20. you just know the solider playing the drums thought he wouldn't be doing this when he signed up for the military but he's glad he is.

  21. Notice the theme of the words…….ha

  22. That Marine on the drums is the chillest guy ever.

  23. I love all the Hamilton references!

  24. It's like Obama was holding up all these controversal words to see if Lin would slip up, and say something offensive.

  25. 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭

  26. Me – Same Obama
    Also Me – Is this what my life has come to? Same Obama?

  27. They did the bro hug…they are bros4lyfe now ps luv ya lin

  28. I wish we still had a president that tried to keep America great for all ppl not just for whites

  29. H A M I L T O N W R O T E T H E O T H E R F I F I T Y O N E

  30. Whew knew Obama's guards actually have hobbies of playing instruments instead of having the hobbie of roaming around the White House



  33. I love how when he asks if that is going viral a person that most likely works for him very quietly says "yes sir" 😂😂

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