Friday , September 17 2021
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Hanuma Vihari dedicates century to his late father

The India batsman on scoring an emotional first Test century after a sleepless night.

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  1. Indian selection committee has no brain. They were experimenting no4 slot in ODI for a long time before the World Cup with same set of failed batsmen. Never thought outside the box. They should have tried youngsters like vihari and Shreyas iyer. A solid batsman like vihari would have definitely saved India in the semifinal situation against New Zealand

  2. Sorry selection panel having an another plan for u just like what they did to raidu..#talentisurcurse

  3. Remove Rahul,bring Rohit.Hanuman shouldn't be removed

  4. This lad has a bright future.

  5. I think he is. better place than Rohit

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