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Harvey Weinstein due in court to face new allegations | ABC News

The disgraced Hollywood executive will be arraigned on a new indictment and the judge could rule on a bid to move his trial out of New York City.

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  1. He's rich, he'll go free
    There are laws for the poor.
    Different laws for the rich.


  3. If He Goes to Suffolk County Court he will be innocent on all charges.He Knows the Suffolk county Court is less than forty minutes away from the Hamptons where all the Attorneys and Judges own second summer homes.Follow Money and thats why he is smiling in all his pictures .He has this and if he goes to Suffolk County he walks free.

  4. The (((STEINS))) think they can do whatever they want, when will people finally wake up to who controls them.

  5. Of course they wanted clout so he f*cked you

  6. This man can be addicted to sex(like 90% of the men are in the planet) The fact is that these women are not obbliged to surrender to a such masculine behavior,unless their soul is sold to their bussiness…If a woman say No,theres no way to advance in her direction…They should have to cry out at that time the fact was going on..Not now years and years after it.The trials now in USA are pointed to witness not to the reality..Anyway I don't believe a dime in this malign and destructive midia that haunts our planet…This tipe of negative human exposition speccially in the Hollywood matters,has to do with fight for power and people wanting to get rid of the others in order to show their true power (Sorry for my bad english)

  7. I hope what happened to Epstein happens to you, Harvey.

  8. fuck these hoes that sold their ass for movie roles why arent they ridiculed!!!! instead their applaud

  9. I'm watching the hateful 8 . Didn't know it was produced by weinstein

  10. Smells like another "suicide" coming.

  11. When will he be suicided already?

  12. Well, his pecker hopefully is back in its appropriate place. He had a baaaad pecking habit. Bologna sandwiches await.

  13. Hey Oprah u better stand up for your buddy, he's in trouble again. U need to have a Documentary, u back stabbing snake.

  14. Frankly I don't believe the numbers did the trick in Cosby's case. More his deposition about giving drugs to women before sex. And the decision not to testify. Harvey Weinstein needs to present his side of stories. And any place in America would be just as bad. Weinstein and his lawyers should make a mental time travel of sort – from the times before Queen Victoria to XXI Century. If it's still possible…

  15. George is a dirty dog too

    He was seen with Epstein the day he was released the first time around

  16. Why is he limping? Did something happen to him in the clink? He looks like a washed up hobbit.

  17. Perhaps he can pull an Epstein in jail!

  18. Bill Cosby should have bleached his skin and hired Harvey's attorney!!

  19. How come nobody is going after the women who pimped all those young girls to Weinstein
    … Oprah Winfrey …

  20. Hillary and Bill need to lawyer up. Suicide would be nice though.

  21. Most of the commentators here would've enjoyed living in Salem, MA during the 1692-1693 witch trials & in Nazi Germany

  22. What a joke this guy ain't gonna do no time well not hard time…he's high profile he won't ever see general population …probably won't even more than a year in jail

  23. You think this is bad you should see the Jewish war crimes.

  24. Dear Editor,

    It has dawned on me for years that too many of our elected officials were not voting for the best interests of America. Perhaps the hanging death of Jeffrey Epstein has answered my question. Apparently both Epstein and Harvey Weinestine had connections with current and ex Mossad members. Is it a coincidence that Anthony Bourdain also died of hanging after trying to expose a pedophile ring?

  25. Bill Cosby lock up so lock his ass up an trump

  26. He's bought off half the Democrats in DC … I'm surprised he was even charged.

  27. What about all the money that Weinstein gave to Democrats ? To my knowledge, none have given the money back. Why isn't ABC covering all the Democrat campaigns being financed by a rapist ?

  28. What about all the money he gave to Democrats ? To my knowledge, none have given the money back … Why isn't ABC covering all the Democrat campaigns being financed by a rapist ?

  29. Another dirty rotten jEWW

  30. Harvery Weinstein and ABC have been in bed for decades

  31. Let me guess, another (((fellow white)))?

  32. Hang him. He looks like a aids victim.👈👀

  33. Who wants to take bets and guess which black celebrity is going to be used as a sacrificial distraction and end up on wild sex scandal against them meant to distract us from this?.. Will Smith?.. James Earl Jones?.. Samuel Jackson?.. Dwayne Johnson?

  34. Why is the world so shocked by the proverbial casting couch that existed for years on end? Are we really that oblivious and ignorant? Why now?

  35. Walking dead. He will be blind like Bill Cosby at his next court date 🤣😂😂😂🤣😂

  36. Lock him up! Lock him up! R Kelly scoot over and make room for Harvey boy

  37. Ya never talk about this fat bite shit but was all over black celebs and their shit up until conviction. Fuck the news

  38. You can’t rape the willing … they obviously gave pussy for money and fame and they maybe making great money from all this stuff going now so I don’t really feel sorry for them

  39. The perverted privileged getting some justice. Too rare, but.. NICE!!!

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