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'He had a lot of backbone': Waugh on Ganguly

Steve Waugh recalls battles with Sourav Ganguly, analysing what made the former India captain so damaging with bat in band


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  1. Dada is the G.O.A.T of Indian team

  2. If you are a baba you will say I like to sit back and have a large bout of statistical diarrhoea.. if you are a dada you will rewrite offside field play ..

  3. মহারাজ তোমাকে সেলাম ।

  4. Not only Kolkata he is the prince of all format of cricket
    Love him a lot❤️

  5. Australian clever mind will be used world peace

  6. It's that tour where Greg Chappell invited Ganguly for dinner….after that Sourav suggested to make Chappell the coach of Indian team…after becoming coach the first thing Chappell did was to tell Sourav to leave captaincy and step down from the team

  7. Dear Australians please stop racism

  8. Sourav Ganguly the born leader and immense fighter….👍👍👍

  9. dada ki zara tabiyat kya kharab hui aap toh tribute dene lag gaye! 😉

  10. 100 in Brisbane is no joke. Dada for a reason

  11. Dhadda da ….. 🥰😍🥰😍

  12. Dada.. the feel of that word we 90s kids get is indescribable
    Also love Steve.. He's an Indian soul accidentally born in Australia.. Respect for both legends

  13. It's not bat in band it's bat in hand

  14. The man who gave new direction to team india….lots of respect

  15. My question is that when the team Australia and those who start losing, then the Australian team and the people there start tightening the knuckles. Sorry for that my question hurt you.. Like tim Paine sleding ashwin

  16. Please like, share, subscribe and support my channel 🙂👍

  17. This is one of the very few times that Sourav’s batting was talked more than his captaincy. Very well put together

  18. Delete Akshay ad other wise ban youtube😡😡😡

  19. DadA gaand nikal k batting karte hai tab bahot ajeeb lagta hai..🙄

  20. @ Gabba last victory by visitors in 1988 by west Indies, last draw in 2012 by SA. What is your say?
    Only 3 vistor Winners :Windies, NZ, Eng.
    India lost 5 Draw 1 under Saurav (he scored 144)

  21. He scored 144 in Gabba in 2003 2004 and draw match

  22. મારા ૧૧.
    ૧. શુભીમન ગિલ (ઓપનર) Gill
    ૨. રોહીત શર્મા Hitman
    ૩. પૂજારા ChePu
    ૪. મયંક Agarwal
    ૫. અજિક્ય રહાણે Ajinkya
    ૬. સહા Saha
    ૭ કુલ દીપ* ( જો પંત ફીટ ના હોય તો) Kuldip (if pant not fit)
    ૮. અશ્વીન Ashwin
    ૯. સિરાજ Siraj
    ૧૦. નટરાજન Nattu (Welcome to test cricket 🏏 Debutant)
    ૧૧. સૈની Saini

    *૭. જો પંત ફીટ હોય તો પંત. પણ આવુ કરવાથી એક બોલર ખૂટશે યાર. . If pant is not fit then we can play Kuldip. But we will be one batsman short resultantly more responsible batting will be needed from Openers and ChePu and Saha. Ajinkya already responsible as a captain.
    જો પંત રમે તો મયંક ની જગ્યાએ કુલદી૫ કારણ કે બે સ્પીનર રાખવાથી ગઈ મેચ ની જેમ વિકેટો પડશે. પણ એક બેટસમેન ઓછો રમશે તો ઓપનર અને પૂજારા એ વધારા ની જવાબદારી ઉપાડવી પડશે.

    If Pant is playing then we can play Kuldeep in place of Mayank because like last matche two spinners and 3 fasters strategy will be good provided batsman perform their duties well.

    Prithvi will play against England at home series. For the time being he has no other option. Only one chance in first test is given to him.

  23. He was the man who taught India to win overseas

  24. Ganguly had his flaws but with the amount of pressure he played being the captain was very impressive. He was anything but dependable but when he scored a century, it felt better than Sachin's century because Ganguly always played for the team as soon as he became the captain. Steve Waugh on other hand was a traditional batsman and great intimidating leader. Ian Chappell may not like him but he was instrumental in Australia's world beating attitude.

  25. The God of off side.. The very definition of the fearless cricket.. the leader..❤️

  26. God of offside orbit of bounce batsman

  27. Thai title scared me for a sec

  28. Dada is Dada…. Royal Bengal Tiger ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  29. Ye Akshay Kumar sade hue, cutlets aur patties bech kar hi manega😭😂

  30. He had…once upon a time…

  31. A world class cricketer/captain pleasing another world class cricketer/captain. Love cricket just because of those gentleman cricketer.

  32. Daalo Indian masala… And get millions of views

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