Thursday , January 28 2021
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Heightened Security In Washington Ahead Of Inauguration | NBC Nightly News

Local, state and federal law enforcement, plus thousands of National Guard troops are part of a massive security operation for Inauguration Day. Authorities continue to warn of violent, right-wing extremist plots, many of which are being planned in encrypted chat rooms.
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Heightened Security In Washington Ahead Of Inauguration | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Why were they standing there with weapons not loaded.

  2. If America is a Democratic country, why don't they lock up sick Trump?

  3. The Judge just let Nazi T shirt guy out of jail. Judge told him don't go anywhere, Huh.

  4. The camoflage covid masks are cute

  5. Nation Of Laws
    Condemn The Violence In Our Country President Trump Will Not Support This Violence But Justice And Peace For Our Nation 🇱🇷

  6. Who heard what Nancy said? No one!

  7. Don't hold the inauguration in D.C.
    MAGA plots will be foiled without firing a shot

  8. Who needs China,Russia and Iran ,when Americans are doing it themselves.

  9. 20,000 troops, that's what's needed.

  10. also things like nazi, confederate flags and so on and on in most of europe are punishable by either high fines or jail time, try to walk in forbidden emblems in most of europe and see where you-ll end up, USA should do the same, ban or put high fines so no one will even think about it as 99% of them dont have money to pay fines, are not educated and mostly dont want prison time either, its a 1st step

  11. America invades america or america trying to protect america from america .


  13. God bless, this USA Amry, slepp on ground, just to defend your democracy, from domestic terrorist,mob ,thugs of dictator Trump.


  15. Semi automatic….try fully….

  16. Acting President Pelosi summons 30,000 federal troops to protect her home compound from angry Americans..

  17. Well, with all the law enforcement in the city, Biden is guaranteed a larger crowd for his inauguration than Trump, in spite of the fact that people have been asked not to come to Washington!

  18. National Guard: thank you!!

  19. This comments section looks like the GOAT debate – Jordan or Lebron?

  20. What inauguration? Trump won, Biden cheated.

  21. Bring all in jail forever. So ashamed


  23. God bless all of the American people of United States of America 🇺🇸, not just some but all of them right and left alike in Jesus the Christ name Amen. One nation under God. For God so love the world that He gave His only son that who ever believe in Him have life everlasting Amen 🙏

  24. The result of Trump's deraigned strategy

  25. 2001 9/11,,,,, 2011 japan tsunami,,,,,,,, 2021 Golden Gate Bridge or mega tsunami, prepare Americans, jesuit order works on master number 1 , pack your things and go to mountains, stay vigilant, GODSPEED

  26. This is an open letter to the Current Congress of the United States from a lawful Citizen of this Country. Dated January 14th 2021.

    To the Congressmen and Women of the United States I am sadden and dismayed by your actions and words. You have, I feel lost the trust of a large portion of the voting public of this Nation. This loss is a direct result of the Actions and Words of both Democratic and Republican leadership.

    The last 4 years have been, I'm afraid, ones of disappointment and shame by that Leadership. That a leader of the Congress would resort to a childish display of contempt of the President by ripping a copy of his Address to the Country in two while in public view was the point that I lost the respect I had for that leader. That she and her counter part from the other party took every opportunity to place their personal wishes and party politics above the good of this country is shameful.

    When it came time to elect a new President several new methods of voting where used. Large numbers of Mail in Ballots and new Voting machines were in place due to the Pandemic. And while most states had tried systems in place and were able to quickly establish verified results, some states experienced troubles with their counts. When questions by Citizens of those states were made public the President made efforts to ensure that those questions were answered. And while lip service was given, no truly independent effort was made by those states to answer those questions. When Congress was asked to investigate, lip service was again given by Congressional Leaders.

    When Citizens came to the Nations Capitol to have their Grievances Heard, Congress ignored them. The Congress has blamed the President for inciting the ensuing riot. This I believe is not the case. His words simply reflected the distrust of The People of this Nation had for the actions of Congress. Congress's continual denial of The Peoples concerns was the ultimate cause of the riot, another reflection of The Peoples distrust and anger.

    That Congressional Leaders Fear the American People so much that they have brought in the National Guard for their security. Surely this is an indication of the amount of Distrust and Lack of Respect that the United States Congress has for this Nations Citizenry that they must guard themselves. That such a Large portion of the voting public should be seen as a threat to the Government indicates that this Government has violated the Nations Citizens to the point that they are no longer Legitimate.

    The Bill of Right is in a sense a tripwire of tyranny. Should our political leaders seek to set aside, restrict, or in any way limit our rights as stated in simple terms in these amendments, we The People should take that as a sign, this government intends to oppress you and the rest of The People.

    We have tasted this oppression. The restriction of Free Speech on social media that Congress has endorsed, the infringements on our rights to due process, Innocent until proven guilty. Invasion of personal dwellings and business's, confiscation of property with out due cause. The proposed Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) is a renewal and more restrictive version of the 1994 law. This law was intended to help cut violent gun crimes. It did not have any significant effect then and it won't have any significant effect now. It will restrict the Lawful Citizens access to effective home defense and hunting firearms. It may very well eliminate jobs by outlawing manufacturing of the restricted guns and components.

    My trust in these Government Leaders is nonexistent. They have proven that they intend to use questionable means to enact laws that are designed to restrict and remove our Rights. This is an act of Tyranny that We The People did not elect these congressmen and women to preform. These actions against the people are in violation of the Constitution and their oaths to uphold and protect that Constitution.

    I fear for this country, I fear for the people of this country. The continued extreme divisions and inability to put aside personal vendetta's and personal view points have and continue to hamper the ability of congress to work for the good of the people. And the good of the people is not the personal view or good of these congress people, it is the will of us The People that matters. So Please stop shouting at one another and start listening to US the people who pay you to work for US, not some media talking head, not some rich contributor.

    Hear The People that came to our capitol and wanted, needed to be heard. They were a few thousand but they were there to be the voice of millions of dissatisfied customers of the United States Congress.

    Rickey Pitts

    Should anyone wish to use any portion of this letter, be my guest. There is nothing here that hasn't been said by others, quite possible better than me. And again they have tried to prevent my comment to post.

  27. To imagine a coup in the US is terrifying! Imagine the military supporting Trump! Yikes.

  28. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within."- Abraham Lincoln 🦅🇺🇸

    Too much CORRUPTION involved.
    American freedom is attacked

  29. Hello , ! Well done ! Applause for the House of Representatives
    Faced with the dramatic and shameful events on Capitol , America want immediately remove the office of D. Trump, who is entirely responsible for it.
    It is preferable to stop this dangerous man ASAP ! Him and his accomplices.
    Trump's son who as murder sponsor has pushed with violence criminals to slaugter on Capitol Hill must be arrested & convicted right NOW without any expectations.
    About Impeachment, For the History and reputation of the United States, we count on every Honorable Senator doing his or her duty.
    In a democracy, you have to accept the results of the elections. This is the rule of universal suffrage.
    Another important rule, not insignificant one : All the culprits or presumed as such- Trump or whoever- are obliged to answer to the Justice .
    Men and Women of Liberty, impartially let's try to " Fight for the Better World " by reading our eBook in KDP, Amazon. Friendly . See below :

    Dear Friends everywhere on Earth,
    We invite you to take a look at the state of the world
    How do you see it now?
    It is in a rather pitiful or lamentable situation, that seems to us!
    With Poverty and Miseries!
    People are dying of hunger, disease, violence, torture and
    of injustice … !!
    By focusing our attention on the events around us, we have
    so ashamed:
    . when we see humans just like us losing everything
    their dignity, hanging out in the streets, alone or with families.
    . when we see all these emaciated bodies due to malnutrition,
    . when we see all these other bodies at the same time too well
    fed, but too malnourished, and poorly cared for. We are of course not
    talking about obeses with their diseases.
    . when we see all these colossal fortunes concentrated and held
    by a handful of individuals!
    . when we see all these orphans and these poor people rummaging in
    garbage to find something to eat! ….
    when you see and feel the prevalent racism and ostracism.
    -all these dictators, all these corrupt and profiteers of situations: They want to keep power forever, even if the people vote against them. They violate all the rules of democracy …
    -all these wars of genocide with devastation and destruction
    -all these violations of innocent peoples, attacks on human dignity and citizen rights
    -all these wastes and privileges
    -all the colossal debts weighing on Nations and their citizens, especially on future generations.
    -all these bad products and trafficked goods, full of pesticides and pollutants.
    -all these addicts: alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc …
    -all these slums and homeless people
    Too many revolting things in front of our eyes, the list is so long to enumerate!
    We are disgusted, indignant, saddened… !!!
    Faced with these phenomena, our duty is to FIGHT TOGETHER to
    find a BETTER WORLD right now.
    Our tasks are undoubtedly difficult, but exhilarating.
    There is so much to do
    There are also so many obstacles in our way, too many people
    wanting to perpetuate this current situation to take advantage of it just
    for them.
    However, we must do everything to succeed or at least
    to bring sensible IMPROVEMENTS to our Earth. That’s our duty for Democracy
    Good Courage and Good Luck to You. NOEL TUY

  30. All these troops because violent conservatives terrorist want war. All capitols are endanger because of these traitors. This is trumps America.

  31. Those rifles are useless without magazines in them

  32. Iraq and afghans will be sending security personnel to help the american democracy just like they did in their country

  33. Democrats are digging there own hole having weekend worriers with live ammo.

  34. Why isn't he mentioning israel

  35. Republicans do not fight at Innauguration!!!

  36. 1.This man TRUMP solely cares about his own wealth and welfare. His latest speech is a sham. The ONLY way to hit him is in his pocketbook. Rid ourselves of this monster forever, it is very important to strip him of his future privileges and income.
    2.This man TRUMP incites innocent/ignorant people to violence then says they're bad people. He has blood on his hands, he should be removed from office, prosecuted and jailed.
    3.This man TRUMP is Corrupt, a Liar, an Inciter, Untrusworthy, a Narcicist (a person who only cares about their self), an Egotist (a person that thinks they are better than everyone else). When he calls other people these names he is mirroring his own personality. Can you not see that people?

  37. Why are Trump supporters only targeted? Because they endangered politicians life. That's the only life politicians care about not the average American citizen being beaten or killed by Antifa.

  38. Now we knew most of american can not defend your ground. the chinese are laughing.

  39. Iran is watching and laughing. This is so shameful.

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