Wednesday , August 10 2022

High-stakes meeting on gas prices

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has suggested the president could invoke the Defense Production Act to boost gas supplies ahead of a Thursday meeting with oil executives in Washington.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. And the retards who voted for this are screaming the loudest.

  2. gases can go up but some people atill fix and remodel their house ❤️

  3. If you voted for Biden you can't complain. He promised to end the oil and gas industry and to stop drilling during his term. What did you think that meant? Don't whine now when you asked for this. Think before you vote next time.

  4. Can't wait till gas price goes double digit!

  5. It's not going up fast enough. Something must be done.

  6. Democrat policies are to blame. No other reason than their elitist minds to go GREEN

  7. Screw their election lower the cost

  8. They're screwing us… period

  9. When the pump only goes up to $9.99

  10. AOC said high gas prices is all Trump fault. If he would have stay in office, it won't be this high.

  11. you could just try to drive less and save more than the 18 cents he's trying to give you for 3 months.

  12. Biden promised this while campaigning and it is one of the only promises he kept.

  13. thats cheap comparedt UK

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  15. This is so stupid. Tell oil companies that they need to switch to clean energy. And at the same time, tell them to invest in more refineries. Is this president an idiot or what.

  16. I drove through downtown Buffalo, New York. Gas prices were down to $4.65 at the gas station. And falling. They are not price gouging as the price of oil is falling. The owner of the gas station said it will continue to drop. He's not PRICE GOUGING! In Republican states they are PRICE GOUGING to punish the country because they think it will help them win the midterm elections.

  17. So Biden can't control gas prices huh? Then why is he trying to pause the tax on oil and gas to lower the prices? Guess he really does have a say in what we pay for gas, huh?

  18. Government is more concerned with pushing bill c11 through. Which no one wants or asked for and does not serve the interests of the public at all.

  19. How can lowering TAXES increase INFLATION you dumb bastards! How stupid are people

  20. Remember to thank your fellow American who voted for Biden for high gas and food prices never vote for democrat again we were gas independent under Trump Biden is puppet of the green new deal AOC. Strength voter integrity no to voter fraud. God is aware of the democrats and Biden abuse against the poor middle class of this country, shame on them