Sunday , September 27 2020
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Hillary Clinton blasts Sanders in new documentary: Nobody likes him

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton slammed her rival Bernie Sanders in her upcoming documentary on Hulu. #FoxBusiness

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  1. WOW! SAME TEAM LOSER! Its like Pippen slamming Jordan DURING a game……. Ok, my bad, let me apologize to Scotty. First Obama throws shade, then Warren, (but I almost understand that, political opponent and all) But H. Clinton!? After the nomination Bernie backed her in 16". What a shitty play! Would be funny if Bill backed Bernie, lol

  2. What do bath house Barry be thinking about this shizzle?

  3. Doesn't Hillary Clinton have anything else to do like take care of her dying husband or her stupid daughter Chelsea.

  4. HILLARY is not anymore on the side of being likable either, she did so much wrongs that are now exposed, she would be well avise to stay put on judgement as her turn is not over, by far ! When she declared that if she's going under, 50 % of Washington will follow, she was right and, it's on the making. Her family will be on the wrong side of History. Gerry


  6. Reporter to Bernie Sanders:
    "Also, why did you call a Native American woman and janitor's daughter, who got fired for being pregnant a liar on national TV?"

  7. Nobody likes Bernie Sanders. But also, nobody likes Hillary Clinton! Two bitter dieing dinosaurs. Get the F out of here, ancient ones!

  8. Hillary, hate to break it to you…. but it’s you that NO ONE likes

  9. this witch dosent seem to go away

  10. Best endorsement she could give, actually….the wretched demon.

  11. creepy Hillary stalking people again

  12. Hillary hates Bernie means Bernie is a good choice.

  13. And nobody likes Hilary either!

  14. She reminds me of the creepy clown in “It”.

  15. First time Hillary said something true!

  16. Hillary really really really hates Bernie and Tulsi.  

    Bernie and Tulsi must be honorable statesmen that work for the people not the donors.

  17. hillary is not right about much but this time she's right on the mark. she should have clarified her statement though – only stupid peasants like him and they don't count as people

  18. That woman is determined to die angry.. feel shes describing herself. Such a bitter woman.
    Trump/Pence 2020!! KAG!

  19. No body liked Hillary because we all knew she is a vicious unscrupulous liar who's ripped off taxpayers for millions. Clinton is the biggest criminal with extortion money laundering and abuse of power while in office this country has seen.

  20. Well to reply with a famous line…..
    "What difference at this point does it make?"

  21. Bernie is a nasty piece of work , he would be the worst president ever.
    Hillary is right at least on this

  22. What a Bitter Old Woman. Has she ever said anything nice about anyone.

  23. It's called PROJECTION.

  24. “ Nobody likes him, “especially CNN LOL

  25. With respect to her career as a US Senator, and Secretary of State, the voters liked Obama and Trump more than Hilary.

    Clearly, the former First Lady is delusional.

    Manipulating the DNC, with the former DNC chairlady to deprive Sanders the opportunity to lose based on his merits during the election despite her claims of Bernie’s “unlikability” , ironically, demonstrates her entitlelist attitude and ultimate “unlikeability” ,spanning two presidential elections.

    Hilary’s a bad sport and outrageously undeserved sense of entitlement is now interrupting a third presidential election process, that she is not even a candidate.

    Hilary is symbolic of the old grumpy ghost, that will not stop haunting Bernie Sanders, and the democratic presidential elections.

    Please go into the light or into the night. Both options work.

    Grumpy old ghost.

  26. Why is Clinton in the news? Dumb sore looser

  27. If there's one thing the left and the right can agree on, it's hating Hillary Clinton. Only centrists like her because they serve the powerful to keep the status quo running.

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