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H&M TRY ON HAUL // Spring Summer 2019 // Fashion Mumblr

H&M TRY ON HAUL // Spring Summer 2019 – so many dresses!
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The below links are affiliate links, and items may have been gifted from brands, scroll down for more information if you’d like to know more!

Check out Georgia’s H&M Haul – https://bit.ly/2clKjjd

❤ FEATURED in this video

Blue and white dress: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/dk3csj2bzw
Broderie midi dress: http://bit.ly/2HtRS6G
Broderie jumpsuit: http://bit.ly/2HvCyqj
Stripe jumpsuit: http://bit.ly/2VGAlCd
Long sleeve dress: http://bit.ly/2JlAbJO
Cropped top; http://bit.ly/2VGnakG
White skirt: http://bit.ly/2HsSFVu

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Strapless Bra – http://bit.ly/2YEZMRH
Shell necklace : https://rstyle.me/cz-n/djfcch2bzw
Prada bag: http://bit.ly/2Vzis8g
Chloé sandals: http://bit.ly/2JJELB4
Chloé C bag: http://bit.ly/2JbawDG
Pandora O necklace: http://bit.ly/2Nq3rN2
Pandora ring: http://bit.ly/2QzaTfy
Pandora flower ring: http://bit.ly/2V7gDLJ
Pandora bow ring: http://bit.ly/2Jpz1Np
Pandora pearl earrings: http://bit.ly/2PkjXUR
Shell necklace: http://bit.ly/2YAIB3D
White Skirt (similar) : http://bit.ly/2VJuAni

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DESIGNER DUPES 2019 – https://bit.ly/2UynL38


❤ Camera that I filmed this video on – http://bit.ly/2S48HsH
❤ I also use this camera for smooth shots – http://bit.ly/2BlXDkF
❤ I use this camera for the *pro* looking shots – http://bit.ly/2HVcRTi


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  1. urgh love your style I need to get to H&M quick timeee

  2. Hi. I remember you talking about a travel steamer but can’t find it in your vids. Please can you tell me what brand it is? Thanks Lynn

  3. H&m products in India is really poor…

  4. Hi, I can't find this beautyful white dress with long sleeves, are you sure it's H&M ? I adore it, you looks gorgeous in it!

  5. I like how the Prada bag goes with everything. Definitely so glad you kept it 😍😍😍😂💯❤️😘

  6. I love the white full sleeve dress something I totally could wear because I cover my whole body. I love how you think about modest clothes as well. It matters to me because I’m a Muslim and I stay in Dubai.

  7. Hey I don’t think you have to worry about a birth mark you know you’re beautiful beyond that

  8. H&M recently switched their sizing and it makes life so CONFUSING. Everything now runs a size smaller. I'm normally a 0 in other retailers and with the new changes with H&M I have to size up to a size 2.

  9. Love! Another great video.
    I think birthmarks are beautiful. 💕

  10. Totally have to invest in H&M now. Thanks for the inspiration babe. Gonna be thinking of you when my order arrives! xx

  11. We should collab I’m 18 and a small YouTuber from London

  12. Your chest is so flat not a feminine look at all

  13. Hi Josie….😘😘🇧🇷💓

  14. I live in Sydney. I went to H&M shops in Sydney after I had watched your video. But, I think I went to Fake H&M. Because I’ve never seen any dresses which have shown in your video! I wonder why there are so different between London and Sydney. So sad.

  15. Your birthmark is unique.. it does not look bad at all

  16. Could do a haul for a more ethical brand

  17. Watch the True Cost on Netflix.

  18. Hey pls tell us how tall are you, because i‘m really small and this striped jumpsuit looked stunning on you. So I don‘t think you are as tall as me and the suit fits well🤷🏽‍♀️😅❤️ Love you

  19. Honey. If that dress bodice is too tight, it means you should size up. Fuck what “your normal size” is, if it looks good and you’re comfortable then that’s that but don’t go on about how you had to try to put it on and wonder why it doesn’t fit – you should know, you enjoy your shops – the industry is just fucking everyone over. Just get the right size because your viewers can’t even see what it’s supposed to look like if it’s not fitting properly because you are sticking to “your normal size”

  20. I really liked everything. Try Hello Molly, OOTD FASH, LOVE SHACK FANCY, LOVE LOREN, MANIERE DE VOIR, BEGINNING BOUTIQUE, MISTRESS ROCKS, TIGER MIST, ZOYNE and Naked WARDROBE. I have more and I will tell you about some on the next video. I find more stores when I travel

  21. Congratulations on the video Josie! You look bright, I think the makeup and hair you're wearing is beautiful. Could you tell us how you did it?

  22. Josie you definitely have a crush for white dresses 😬and you look stunning in them👌🏽

  23. Hi, just got here through recommendation. May I know what shoe are you wearing? They look really gorgeous:)

  24. where's the cream and brown dress on the rack from??

  25. Josie I hope it is okay to ask you on here. I want to purchase Slip brand Pure silk hair scrunchie. My hair is very similar to yours. Do you own the small or large? Since I am ordering from US need to order the correct size the first time. Love your amazing fun videos. Thank you for all your help and advice on all these great videos.

  26. H&M🤔 quality is just so so. 😦

  27. Ahhhhhh… You have a LH dachsie?? Me too! My absolute baby. Love him so so SOOO much! Aren't they the most loving sweet breed ever?

  28. What…..😲😲😲
    Did you keep that Dior bag 🤑🤑??

  29. That second dress is amazing! I liked the Victorian one too

  30. how tall are you? I love your hauls they’re the best 🌸

  31. you have the best taste in fashion ~

  32. You are the sweetest youtuber ever!

  33. I absolutely love every single dress. Well done!

  34. You should check out the Hammersmith H&M if you’ve never been to that location! It’s a beautiful store with a different concept from the normal H&Ms

  35. Thank you, thank you, Josie, for the sundress and outfits for summer! I must go shopping at H&M.

  36. Favorite pieces! Lovely and affordable.

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