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Holiday Vlog : One Day In Verona | Fashion Mumblr

Join me for the first of my Vlogs from my short trip to Italy! This one features our time in Verona as we visit the Juliet Balcony, some historic gardens, oh, and a World Duty Free Haul!

Sorry I sound full of cold – still had Fashion Week Flu!

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  1. she looks like Freddy my love a youtuber in youtube too 🙂 she's pretty#

  2. It's my city, I live in Verona

  3. i went to verona in december and it was amazing. i'd love to visit italy again! i stayed in the hotel where juliet's balcony is, so every morning we'd walk out and there'd be so many people queueing for photos already but luckily because we were staying in the hotel in the quadrant, it would be shut off to tourists early morning/late evening and i got some whilst it was empty! xx

  4. Your hair is beautiful! What styler do you use to get such pretty curls? x

  5. Just found your channel and wanted to say that you seem like such a lovely and nice person! Also your videos are awesome xx

  6. I went to Lake Garda a few years ago (absolutely gorgeous!) and went to Verona for the day, but it was 40 degrees and we got lost so wasnt that enjoyable!

  7. Love your channel! This may sounds creepy but your face..is absolute goals!,x

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