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Omega jewellery – https://bit.ly/3Nae71J
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Polka dot dress – https://bit.ly/3Cmle5a
Similar linen belt – https://bit.ly/3QDNG6p
Striped dress – https://bit.ly/3cjknab
White Zimmermann dress – https://bit.ly/3vEQdVM

Get your first SKIN + ME Daily Doser for just £3.50 (usually £24.99!) with code JOSIE8 – https://www.skinandme.com/?promocode=JOSIE8

Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool™ Formaldehyde – https://bit.ly/32ArXFc

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Wild Nutrition omega 3 – https://bit.ly/3OYZteh
Wild Nutrition iron – https://bit.ly/3JxD728

White Amazon dress – https://bit.ly/3CsbCpc

00:00 – Intro & Home Updates
02:43 – In The Garden
06:48 – Cake Recipe
07:58 – Park Fair
08:53 – Evening Skincare
16:52 – Travel Planning & Home Updates
20:25 – Morning Smoothie & Cake
24:04 – Home Updates
34:34 – Photoshoot
35:24 – OOTD
36:18 – Homemade Pizza
38:02 – Skin + Me Review & Tidying
42:52 – In The Garden
50:41 – Evening Walk
51:30 – Garden Updates

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  1. I was feeling anxiety all day for some reason, to the point of a knot in my tummy. The golden hour walk in the garden really helped me let go of it and calm down 52:33, I think it should be a regular thing. Thank you, it helped me relax, the flowers, golden hour, soothing piano, so peaceful and beautiful 💜💙💚

  2. Ohhh not another skin product. I love your blogs, but when it comes to skin care you endorse to many, one right after another, it is hard to believe you darling. Not hating on you, like I said I like you very much but to many endorsements . Wild nutrition endorsement too ? ❤️🙏

  3. Loved the end of the vlog in the garden!

  4. That is the color of Mexican limes. Your garden is amazing, what beautiful flowers you are growing. Absolutely lovely my darling ! And yes, why look for a venue for your wedding when you have that beautiful back yard/garden. You have the perfect place for a stunning wedding ❤️

  5. You have a beautiful house, perfect for your wedding..I would have been disappointed if your choice of venue was different.

  6. Amazing Garden 🌿☘️🍃🌼🌻🍀 the dream, 🙏 manifesting

  7. Baking in a Zimmerman dress? So out of touch

  8. …and all your garden flowers, the green house, your doggies, everything that Charlie does I show to my husband as they share similar passions. Keep it up Josie, your videos are so amazing!

  9. Your skin care routine, dresses, home decor, cake, PIZZA night! oh what a great way to start my day.

  10. Beautiful footage of your gorgeous garden Josie! I enjoyed it very much!!

  11. 😂😂 Spider in the greenhouse….. go on line at Lakeland Plastics…..their spider catchers are fab!! I have a few dotted around the house….

  12. It took me until this vlog to realize a courgette is a zucchini

  13. I don’t think words can express how enjoyable your channel is! I talk about your content to family & friends all the time! I can’t help it!! It truly makes me happy🤗☺️ So thank you😁

  14. You and Charlie are so cute together, I love getting the two of you just talking xx

  15. Oh Josie. The interior of the house is superb, truly. Usually only see mostly kitchen and family tv room.

  16. Love the musical garden moment at the end of the video <3 It looked heavenly!

  17. Yes that’s a lime tree 🙂

  18. Something popped up on my timeline, Leonora’s wedding, did you go?

  19. Those drawings are beautiful

  20. So beautiful to get married at your gorgeous home at sunset would be beautiful 😍

  21. Loved the vlog, so sad Skin + Me doesn't come to Australia

  22. Your wedding in your own home!!!
    What a beautiful idea.

  23. Do you not have air-conditioning?

  24. Beautiful garden and house❤️ Are you living in a castle?

  25. Hi Josie, I enjoy your channel very much as do many other people. I suspect a majority of women. Please consider not going to countries that greatly repress and discriminate against women. These women are trapped in lives ruled by other’s and cannot do what they like as you do. They can not wear what they wish etc etc. Men are totally ruling the female gender so… going to countries that harm women and hold them back is harm your viewers. Please give this some contemplation as it is important and we all as women need your support. Thanks very much.

  26. My lemon tree produces green looking limes but if you leave them they turn yellow

  27. i really love your gardening videos they inspire me so much

  28. What happened to your beautiful dressing table?

  29. One of the most beautiful videos of your stunning home and garden💕💕

  30. Lemons ripen in january/february

  31. I got married on the family Property , it was amazing with the same kind of view like in the movie sound of music You mentioned Australian 60 mins we here never watch food for thought lol Have a happy safe trip Hugs xoxo

  32. Your garden is absolutely magical! What a treasure.

  33. I think the colors of the lady painting have faded with time. Maybe if you restore it, you might like it better ?!