Thursday , January 27 2022
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Hong Kong Protesters Form Barricades, Use Fire Extinguishers To Block Police | NBC News

A protest in a Hong Kong train station quickly became violent after protesters attempted to block riot police from entering the station by creating barricades and spraying fire extinguishers.
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Hong Kong Protesters Form Barricades, Use Fire Extinguishers To Block Police | NBC News


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  1. NBC please tell me what if those happened at the USA? and what will the usa police react?

  2. The people behind the scenes want all countries to become democracies. The sheep are just falling into there trap. Once they become democratic the people believe they are free.they aren’t the government still has the same power. It’s actually worse as people just go and vote for there enslavement instead of having it forced upon them. The government can justify what they do as they can say they voted for it. Also once they become democratic it’s hard to get rid of the government as people think it’s what they want. If people in USA started protesting about changing from a democracy they’d be seen as traitors or uncivilised and most certainly be beaten up and locked away.

  3. stop with the "reality tv" trump drama… Cover stuff like this. THIS IS NEWSWORTHY!

  4. The world love HK with many famous movies which I watched over hundreds! Also, I knew over hundreds HK and Taiwan movies star actors name! And, I still watch HK and Taiwan movies every night before going sleep! I wish Beijing army do not come in HK because the world do not want real action movies! I really want watch "Fake" playing action movies only…for easy to sleep! Right! Still HK still having movies! God bless Hong Kong! We prey for HK!

  5. Go HK. Do not give up till demand of freedom and democracy are met. The world are supporting freedom loving HK people.

  6. I'm with you. Hong Kong live free, independent and strong

  7. Definitely not beautiful scene, you cold-blooded woman, @Mrs Clinton.

  8. If they had those fire extinguishers in 1989 they could have stopped the tanks

  9. Be water like a river. Be water like a flash flooding water. Be water like an angry river. Freeze China's debts and investment in Hong Kong. Free Hong Kong!

  10. You want to win a protest call a HongKongnese they do it right

  11. Never was a peaceful protest. Lol. There is something called live streaming

  12. Bruce Lee: You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my Hong Kong protesting friends, and you will rise and prevail !!!

  13. 伟大领袖毛主席教导我们说: 革命不是请客吃饭,不是做文章。是一个阶级推翻另一个阶级的暴力运动。无产阶级革命家可以打土豪分田地了。:)

  14. Bunch of Chinese troll bots in the comment section

  15. How can this still be allowed… Terrorists in the city not under arrest??? 不逮捕流氓嗎?

  16. They are not protesters they are terrorists.. 土狗不知黑白,無頭無腦。

  17. We have better law enforcement. No terrorist will even get close to our airports. USA

  18. How many people around the world got triggered by US flags?

  19. Never was a peaceful protest. Lol. There is something called live streaming

  20. Nice combination of smoke and laser….Goodness look at the size of that MIC

  21. In the US … they robbed stores and shopping centers

  22. Look at these "peaceful" protestors. Did you know most of these quote on quote protestors are actually hired to cause pure chaos? They dont care about freedom nor believe in anything except the good ol $$$$$

  23. Peaceful ????????????? Stop the propaganda.

  24. If the rioters take any bullets to the head, it would be from the MTR cleaning crews.

  25. The reporter is number one drama queen. She is wearing gear as if she is going for scuba diving.Chinese guards impersonating as Hong Kong Police is dangerous. HK police has shown professionalism which is not reachable by Chinese guards (who are bit too stupid)

  26. These young people fight for freedom. Young people in US fight to give up their freedom.

  27. this is how you fight for your life against a cruel country that wants to take all your rights away
    God help those in HONG KONG. HOPE YOU WIN THIS BATTLE.

  28. China signed a One Country Two Systems agreement and designated Hong Kong as a Special District. If China sent PLA into Hong Kong is considered as an "attack" of Hong Kong, China will have to face the consequence taken by the WORLD. China communist will break down by that time.

  29. Word that those protesters are from main land China

  30. Who the heck is that funny Chinese female reporter 1:04 , wearing a gas mask and helmet? Is she a comedian?

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