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Honoring the victims and the families forever changed on 9/11

Nearly 18 years after the planes hit, firefighter Michael Haub’s remains were identified; his family held a wake for him in 2002.



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  1. We had a 9/11 ceremony at my school two days ago. It's an annual thing that my school does to remember the fallen heroes. It's a really big deal because the school that I go to is based off of the military and it's important that we honor and remember the people who died on that day

  2. 9/11 was Mossad for Israel's YINON PLAN
    Mossad "Art Students" (chemical engineers) rigged explosives 2001 in WTC.
    5 Dancing Israelis. They were Mossad agents who tested positive for bomb residue on both clothes and Van.
    Chertoff son of a founder of Mossad took them from FBI custody in NJ (Able Danger Team) and quietly deported them

  3. Saudi Arabia seems stronger then the US… Even when they funded ISIS, while beheading Americans, the US was silent as the night… Same after 9/11. Saudi Arabia made the US looking like a timid mouse, loosing all respect in the world…

  4. I was in 6th grade my school was dead silent …. everyone was in the cafeteria sitting around those old school massive box style TV's on one of those metal roll out shelves …. Teachers students other staff members… Just watching … I never knew what a terriorist was until that day, never knew the hate that was in the world until that day …. Of course there was Hitler , and slavery, racism,gangs …. But for me at a young age with h limited and immature understanding of such things … This horrific day still haunts me, still have nightmares about the bodies falling . Now that I'm older I know that kids all around the world in war torn countries don't know anything about life outside of war, the grew up in it. I just saw it on the news. Not much has improved since then sadly….

  5. What’s the difference between a cow and 9/11?
    You can’t milk the cow for 18 years

  6. It is a shame for Americans that they can not pressurise their gov't. to punish real culprits of this false flag drama by Bush and his team killing their own fellow Americans only for their personal oil business.

  7. All of these bots or r people still this stupid???

  8. To this day i still cant believe how perfectly they got only the towers

  9. didn’t this happen 18 years ago? what about the people that die everyday in the US? What about the 2 million lives in Japan

  10. Damn 18 years already??? Seem just like yesterday when I was on my way to work and this breaking news interrupted the song I was listening to on the radio😭😭 sheesh time sure does fly. May they rip🙏😔😞😢

  11. Happy 9 11. Wish you many more to come.

  12. I was not born yet in this time
    But i still feel so strongly about this
    Im so sorry for everyone that has lost someone close to this tragedy

    It is so disappointing and disgusting that anyone would ever even thing about that

    I am a Muslim and as like many others I believe in peace, those inhuman…not even people are one of the biggest disgraces to us

    Im sorry for all the losses

    May every soul rest well

  13. Remember you plane for a plane crash.

  14. 2 minutes ? Wow ! ABC is starting to forget . Shame on ABC .

  15. 9/11 should be a national holiday

  16. a warming and eternal hug to all who need it forever

  17. when he said 18 years I gasped, I was 6 and I recall it vividly

  18. How is it disrespectful to say this was an inside job? Whats disrespectful is the government and media lying for 18 years about it. The families of victims deserve to get the truth plus compensation, including the ones affected by the asbestos that was spread over New York.

  19. Thank God for our heroes who are willing to rush into danger to save our lives.
    Thank God for eternal life through the death of Jesus Christ, for those heroes and beloved souls who we lost that day are not lost forever.

  20. Never forget 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. A NASA scientist said it simply. Do you REALLY think 9/11 happened by an airplane? You want the answer? Go to the side of a steel structure and throw a campbell's soup can as hard as you can against it. See if the building collapses demolition style. not. After Global Warming, THIS is the SCAM of the century! WAKE UP SHEEP! BUSH/CIA/FBI orchestrated TERROR!!!

  22. David Muir…the purveyor of racial hatred. Always driving wedges and spewing tales of "evil white people". Here, he finally honors Americans murdered by Islamic hatred. I salute the fallen and the all who responded……….

  23. I remember days what it was like after 9/11 a man jokes about having a bomb on a air plane so they maid a emergency landing breaking news stores and there were others like that.America was on highe security alert for a coupl of years

  24. We will never forget…..The Jews did it.

  25. Im so sorry its been years later and til this day the families have not got the true justice they deserved in this terrible inside job. I implore people to seek the truth. The victims deserve it. Larry Silverstein pull it video on building 7 right from the insiders mouth.

  26. so many tears:( seeing the comments saying to move on i will never, this day was horrible all the lives that were taken breaks my heart:( i have so much damn respect for the firefighters 💓🇺🇸May we never ever forget this day

  27. American Nazis are the same like German Nazis! Both groups murdered millions of people – the German Nazis never complained, they knew what they did was wrong.

  28. We never forget 9/11 and those heroes who saved or gave their lives.

  29. Rest in peace to anyone that has been a victim of terrorism NATIONALLY OR INTERNATIONALLY

  30. self proclaimed Christians that murdered black, Jews, even their own and all other people of color

  31. All religions have or have had EXTREMISTS


  33. I lost my dad on this day. He was amazing I loved him so much. Also today is my birthday. I was 11 when it happened. I remember what he said before he left. He wanted to celebrate when he got home from work. He never made it home from work. I didn’t celebrate my birthday. I would do anything to see him one more time. I miss him so much I hope I can see him again one day. Thank you dad for being so amazing. You are the best person I’ve ever had in my life❤️❤️❤️❤️


  35. school shootings,workplace shootings, places of worship shootings , and nut jobs that just mustard up the audacity to kill others or anyone for no apparent reason or reasons

  36. How tf does a video like this have dislikes?

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