Monday , April 19 2021
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‘Hostile’ Biden administration will disturb gas prices: Ex-Shell Oil president

Former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister argues the Biden administration’s pause in oil and gas leasing on federal lands will create a ‘psychology’ in the industry that there will be less available.

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  1. If Starbucks prices where going up, all these liberals would be outraged.

  2. Because the Biden Administration is just a further Extension of Obama & doesn’t want the US to be Energy Independent but to further prop up Foreign Oil

  3. In Kentucky it's getting close to 3.00 a gal. It will probably get as high as 5.00 a gal.

  4. Ya think? The last time I filled up, $1.91 a gallon, yesterday $2.59.

  5. Nice video Though, Despite the economic crisis, this is a Still a good time to invest in Gold and Crypto

  6. Democrats have a lot of $$$$ to pay at the pump! Specialty those who work as politicians!

  7. I'm sure the big oil companies have never used their monopolistic powers to undercut smaller oil producing countries in order to make an example out of them 🤔💭

  8. It is not only fuel prices going up. Everything is going up in price. But that is what Biden wanted. Cut people’s jobs, raise prices, let criminals in our borders with Covid, no IDs, etc, they can get Americans jobs. Keep schools closed while you open the borders to who ever wants to enter illegally. Give illegal immigrants who are here more stimulus money then Americans and green cards too…don’t keep promises made to people who voted for Biden like the unions. Then try to cut President Trumps throat because the election was fraud and he was a good President who put America First. A guy like Biden was no match for Trump. It becomes clearer every day. Biden is reversing all Trumps good policies. Making a travesty of things. He will turn America into a place like Portland is now. That is really what he wants. It’s hard to believe anyone could be that demented. But it is true and it shows.

  9. If you voted for Sniffy Joe….STFU, and pay up!!!

  10. Good old china joe

  11. Go figure the administration hurting the hard working people that they keep throwing OUR money away to other countries and there hidden agendas!!!

  12. We patriots must continue to contact state attorneys General demand reinstate keystone pipeline, we must stay energy independence during trump administration. Its safer,cleaner efficient etc. We patriots must demand this change. God bless America 🇺🇸 God bless our troops, America first!!


  14. America is heading into bad waters ! Poor direction and policy will hurt a lot of people . Prices will continue to rise .

  15. This is what happens when an idiot steals an election. Impeach Biden and Harris.

  16. Biden is corrupt and rigged an election and is an illegitimate president why would anyone left or right want to support him.

  17. So far he has not created any jobs.

  18. Senator Biden needs to talk to president Trump and get some good advice on oil.

  19. The Trump-GOP agenda to “Make America Great Again” was never explained in detail, but the word “again” refers to the past! The majority of its supporters are white supremacists: MAGA must mean a return to the era when white (European) Americans were a majority and held total political power! MAGA is just a pipe-dream!

  20. Oil
    Companies are happy again.

  21. Isn't this what fox wanted? Called election early. Will never trust again

  22. Enjoy driving makes me think this guy is from the East coast. In a big state you need to drive.

  23. 4.59$ a gallon in california

  24. Biden & his ultra leftwing Administration are erasing all the positive MAGA steps President Trump took to improve living standards for US citizens…and this is just the beginning…

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