Tuesday , November 24 2020
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House Democrats Speed Up Impeachment Inquiry | NBC News Now

The impeachment inquiry is in its fifth week and House Democrats are bringing in even more people for questioning.
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House Democrats Speed Up Impeachment Inquiry | NBC News Now


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  1. BS. Glen Beck did an interview with Ukrainian Andii Telizhenko and he spilled the beans on ALL the corrupt Dems in Ukraine. It wont be much longer before the truth gets out. MSM and Dems lies are unraveling fast. Notice you don't hear about the investigation behind the scene. Big names are going down for treason. My popcorn is ready.

  2. NBC fake news media no credibility protector of Harry Weinstein and Matt Lauer.
    takes orders from the DNC and Hillary Clinton.lmao

  3. which word of "do us a favor though" is confusing? how exactly did we get the point where the English language has been changed by Trump?

  4. It is sooo obvious! How could anyone doubt this?

  5. He didn’t explicitly say “let’s not discuss this over texts” he just said “call me”. While one could easily imply the former from the latter (and I do), it is irresponsible journalism to state it as fact.

  6. Stop dragging your feet

  7. MSNBC the Democrat Propaganda Network….on the Campaign Trail 24 / 7  365 days of the year…..Pelosi comes in and gives orders what MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, report on….off they go all networks pushing the same narrative.

  8. The Russ-Publi-KKKants will not stand-up to CBS until they can not be Primaried. Once they have that under their spineless butts… time to jump on the locomotive that is proving corruption beyond the pale. And many pockets of deep red are actually going to genuinely support CBS. No matter what… this buffoon is doomed. Wait until you see all the poop he's going to start throwing ath the wall.


    ☔💦🌊2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣🌊 ☮☯💖😎🙌

  9. Tick-Tock Donald Trump, your time end is near.

  10. About time. I havent seen Giuliani of late, so I'm hoping he has made a deal to spill the beans in exchange for immunity.
    Trump has done good things for usa, but if he keeps messing up in the middle east, there is a good chance he will start all out war there. I mean if he really goes and moves troops to Iran, it will be seen as invasion, and BAM, youre at war with Iran and its allies.
    Yeah. Trump has become too much of a loose cannon. He must go.

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