Thursday , January 28 2021
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House Meets As Democrats Consider Impeachment | NBC News

Watch live coverage as the House of Representatives meets for a pro forma session as Democrats consider bringing articles of impeachment against President Trump.

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Live: House Meets as Democrats Consider Impeachment | NBC News


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  1. ATTENTION now we are bringing articles that weren't used before but people want to use now as a role model. "18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 Treason, sedition, and subversive activities: "If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the united states, or by force to size, take or possess any property of the united states contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years or both" ….Watch out people if you want to lose your freedom

  2. This is a waste of time that could be put into distributing the vaccine to get us out of Quarantine.

  3. Clowns and crooked politicians

  4. Why is this discredited bigot still on the air

  5. Don't be ridiculous. That door was open because they evacuated already. 🙄

  6. Impeach Trump, and all his Gangsters followers and Lock the Key behind them 👍🏾

  7. Can not fight against the idiots because they are too crowded – Albert Einstein

  8. What a joke….congresa has turned into a joke. Sad

  9. They don't want unity or they wouldn't have wasted so much of tax payers money on this B.S. They would be working on helping the American people

  10. Consider is a better word
    Than the sensationalist titles
    Just watch BBC

  11. Thats media for you. Both sides! Hoist theyre own internal issues onto the public so they can all live in snooty comfort as they gradually divide and conquer. One layer at a time!
    Political projectile vomit fair ride bring the advil, maalox and have fun
    At least now I know what to expect, why and AVOID!!

  12. This crazy president who cared about his personal interests in the Gulf countries with his son-in-law Kushner, and some of these countries supported him in various ways in the elections and his support for the blockade of the State of Qatar that is friendly to the American people and colluded with the Quartet countries in the unjust blockade of Qatar as well as letting the American people drown in Corona until the catastrophe solved the biggest deaths And the injured in the world, yes, it is a tragedy and a tragedy that continues to ravage the innocent. Trump cared about his narrow interests in the Gulf and left the people in a dark tunnel.

  13. You are speaking over the women speaking🤔

  14. I hope your all wearing masks

  15. Stop wasting our money !!! We the ones who gave you the money should have a say so in what you do with it . There’s a million other things we could be doing other than you getting your revenge. Like children. Stop . Or Pollosie you can pay for it .

  16. Are they afraid 😱 of something?

  17. What a WASTE of our TAX DOLLARS and time spent, I agree. Last I checked the US National Debt was close to $28 TRILLION and the Annual US Federal Budget Deficit (Taxes minus Spending) is negative $4.5 TRILLION. These impeachment objectives are not free and seem too political and too improbably to succeed. Last attempt to impeach was definitely a flop compliments of us taxpayers as is looking strongly to be this one?

  18. Dems are forced to do this by Big Media. Thank you President Trump for your service.

  19. The Dems are scared shirtless of Trump

  20. The only way to get orange clowns attention is take his power, money if he really has any, his property and put him behind bars.📵📵📵📵

  21. Just when I think you couldn't get any dumber… come back and totally redeem yourself!

  22. TAKE DOWN TRUMP THE TRAITOR! Mow down his traitorous minions!

  23. Pence's family is being targeted when he does

  24. We have a whole lot of Government Hypocrites in the White house. Meanwhile they screwed Americans out of the $2000 dollar stimulus Checks.

  25. Good story but, lies its the leader in charge not our mess.

  26. YES, Hi ?
    Faced with the dramatic and shameful events on Capitol , America must immediately end the office of D. Trump, who is entirely responsible for it.
    Please stop this dangerous man ASAP !
    For the History and reputation of the United States, we count on everyone and especially on every Honorable Senator doing his or her duty.
    In a democracy, you have to accept the results of the elections. This is the rule of universal suffrage.
    Another important rule, not insignificant one : All the culprits or presumed as such-Trump or whoever- are obliged to answer to the Justice .
    Men and Women of Liberty, impartially let's try to " Fight for the Better World " by reading our eBook in KDP, Amazon. Friendly . See below :

    Dear Earth Friends,
    We invite you to take a look at the state of the world
    How do you see it now?
    He is in a rather pitiful or lamentable situation, it seems to us!
    With Poverty and Miseries!
    People are dying of hunger, disease, violence, torture and
    of injustice … !!
    By focusing our attention on the events around us, we have
    so ashamed:
    . when we see humans just like us losing everything
    their dignity, hanging out in the streets, alone or with families.
    . when we see all these emaciated bodies due to malnutrition,
    . when we see all these other bodies at the same time too well
    fed, but too malnourished, and poorly cared for. We are of course not
    talking about obeses with their diseases.
    . when we see all these colossal fortunes concentrated and held
    by a handful of individuals!
    . when we see all these orphans and these poor people rummaging in
    garbage to find something to eat! ….
    when you see and feel the prevalent racism and ostracism.
    . when we see pell-mell:
    -all these dictators, all these corrupt and profiteers of situations: They want to keep power forever, even if the people vote against them. They violate all the rules of democracy …
    -all these wars of genocide with devastation and destruction
    -all these violations of innocent peoples, attacks on human dignity.
    -all these wastes and privileges
    -all the colossal debts weighing on Nations and their citizens, especially on future generations.
    -all these bad products and trafficked goods, full of pesticides and pollutants.
    -all these addicts: alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc …
    -all these slums and homeless people
    Too many revolting things in front of our eyes, the list is so long to enumerate!
    We are disgusted, indignant, saddened… !!!
    Faced with these phenomena, our duty is to FIGHT TOGETHER to
    find a BETTER WORLD right now.
    Our tasks are undoubtedly difficult, but exhilarating.
    There is so much to do
    There are also so many obstacles in our way, too many people
    wanting to perpetuate this current situation to take advantage of it just
    for them.
    However, we must do everything to succeed or at least
    to bring sensible IMPROVEMENTS to our Earth. That’s our duty for Democracy
    Good Courage and Good Luck to You All. NOEL TUY

  27. WHY every single one of the House AND Senate are not 100% behind getting this MOOT LOSER out of the White House… I just can’t understand.

    And Pence… they literally would have strung you up, and you’re like “oh, it’s ok Donny, I forgive you”.
    So now it’s….
    REALLY?!?!?!? 🤬🤬🤬

  28. The Snakes are Squirming

  29. A message has been sent to the world!. All kinds of things is gonna come out the woodwork now. America has no balls to put a tyrant out of office here in the states but can go in someone else's country and reek havoc and help over throw a government. All involved, all who incited should be held accountable. Starting from the top. Shameful, double standards. This is what happens when you let children with behavioral problems go unchecked you get a Trump. If you don't punish these people then the truth is what has always been suspected. Laws for white people and laws for people of color. Shame, shame, shame America has become the butt of the joke.

  30. Oh ok so it only matters when the rich don't get paid I see.

  31. ATTN ATTN – See Glenn Kirschner – Arrest Trump Now ! – Do some real reporting Girls! NOW ! !

  32. The President and Pence we’re together last night! Is that all you do is lie???????

  33. Fake Republican please!!! Everyone Now knows Dems run the Republican Party!!! Dem Slave Party Members have no one to blame for all their evil!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  34. Someone needs to take these Democrats down! Where are our proud boys!!????

  35. Bigot Biden and His Slave Party Members in full Power now 💯 Total Control of Government 💯 Total Control of News 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆💯😆😆😆😆😆😆💯

  36. If knowledgeable lawmakers really think it would be better till after Jan 20 that's ok. Keep Donald in a holding tank like any other criminal and give him a hearing after.

  37. How in the world can any one hear what is being said if you idiots keep talking while the government is. I actually want to hear and see this.


  39. if the president did care about the country hed resign, but he has no intention to do so because he doesn't care about the country or anyone else other than himself.

  40. This is not good for America, and it will not end good, Patriots are being attacked by this actions,

  41. The Republican that objected is a pion . Look at him. A nobody who was sent there out of fear. Think of a circle of old men in the woods talking about their failed Coup d’état and this guy is standing in the back naked with an apple in his mouth and he’s unchained and told to come to the capital today to say object . This is how the Republican Party is. There’s a reason why their party is red. Theirs a reason why they have followers as they do. The great lie that was told is that the Republicans are for the people , and this is told because the red coats thought it would be best to use the people against the government, and you seen how that’s possible as they used their followers to attached the rob.

  42. There are alot of lunatics

  43. Polosi is the biggest criminal there

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