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HOUSE TOUR! // Inside our London Home // Fashion Mumblr

Finally darlings; our HOUSE TOUR! Join me as I show you inside our London Home.
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What I Wore :
White Knit –
Pink Trousers –
Necklace –

Marble Coffee Table –
Giant Anthropologie Candle –
Tom Dixon Candle –
Flowerbox –
Amazon Alexa –
Sonos –
Dyson Air Purifier –
Philips TV –
Thermomix –
Nespresso Machine –
Emma Bridgewater Tea / Coffee Pots –
Madeleine Shaw Cookbook –
Aesop soap –
Copper Rail –
Pink Love Tub –
Ted Baker Diffuser –
Hollywood Mirror – (use JOSIE10OFF)
French Furniture Company Bed –
White Company Bedding –
Cushions –
Signature Collection Furniture -
Projector Clock –
Elemis Candle –
Philips Somnea Alarm Clock –
NEOM Scent To Sleep Candle –
Heritage Bathroom –
Bathroom Cabinet –
Sausage Dog Doormat –

11.21 – makeup storage vid
11.58 – Wardrobe Tour


In the background:

Gold Clothing Rail –
Coat Hangers –
Pink Small Bag –



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  1. Absolutely love your home! Also, thank you for the link for the mirror and the discount code, will definitely be using that! Would you suggest warm white or daylight bulbs? X

  2. Beautiful house nice to see that it looks lived in and not showy love your bed x

  3. Your home is beautiful! What did you write your dissertation on?

  4. Do you pay the rent or did your family helped you buying it?

  5. Where is your food up bed from? (Box bed)

  6. I really like your house. Comfortable, cozy, fits you. Your equipment is also clean.

  7. What was the cursive font that you used in the thumbnail?

  8. Love your house!! I love how simple the building, very realistic typical house but the simple furnitures and stuffs in it definitely well defined you & your fiance who are the owner of the house so it feels very homey!
    Love the dining area and the kitchen, the wooden table is my long term house goal!! Lol
    Compare to other house tour this is my favorite not bcs it’s posh, expensive or anything but bcs I adore your taste in picking the furniture and stuffs, all looks good, clean and adorable! Good job!!

  9. I really also have such a chair in the corner of my bedroom. Looks quite similar than yours 🙂 But I covered it with a checked plaid in beige-light blue. That looks very classy and protects the cover fabric of the chair.

  10. Very cozy and inviting! Love all the whites and softness of your home!

  11. Your home is lovely and I love those bedside lamps.

  12. Home sweet home ❤️Its beautiful just the way a home should be unlike some homes which have a hotel like feel !! Its nice clean and fresh yet cosy i luved it 🌹🌹

  13. Did you buy this? Or do u rent

  14. Love your house it's Devine but wait until you have kids I have three and I work every day try to keep my house clean and tidy after school it's a mess again.

  15. I have a bedroom dedicated to a dressing room with wardrobes, a velvet loveseat, wall tv, and a makeup table. Love it. My sanctuary. A mix of rock and roll and Chanel.

  16. Very comfortable home!! Thank you for sharing. It definitely reflects your style

  17. I got kisses for Dexter & Dickins


  18. Thank you for the delightful visit and being a guest in your home. Your children were very will behaved. Four beds now that is Spoiled! 0CD … that's good you both understand and work well together ~ HA! I'm a bit of a neat freak myself and have been called compulsive with cleaning, but I just blame it on my Mother because that's the way I was trained, I thought that was normal. Seeing the passion coming through in your fashion videos doesn't surprise me that it is very apparent in your home as well. Looking forward to your next creation.
    Oceans of happiness from Fran in the Palm Beaches of Florida

  19. Love, love, love your house is really, really beautiful!!!! 💝💕

  20. 🤣😂😂 " too clean to put in the laundry basket, and too dirty to go back in the walldrope"

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