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House vows to plow ahead with impeachment inquiry l ABC News

An indicted associate of the president’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has provided information to the intelligence committee including audio and video recordings, sources told ABC News.

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  1. Leave President Trump alone. No one is perfect.

  2. Democrats pass reauthorization of Patriot Act – can you tell me what that is? I can not find that story in corporate News? U.S. government Spying on U.S.citizens continues?

  3. Another ABC BOMB SHELL!!! Funny they are just shells no bombs, suckers wait expecting something.

  4. Jeffery Epstien didn't kill himself

  5. It's the economy that im looking at.

  6. LOL I think all these people better lawyer up because a bombshell is coming but it won’t be President Trump!

  7. Secret tapes, my arse. The fake news never stops, thanks to party hacks like George Stephanopoulos. And the Dems in the House are definitely stupid enough to continue with their non-stop effort to remove Trump from office. Every day, more and more independents and even Democrats see this for what it is and are becoming Trump supporters.

  8. I wonder how many innocent children ABC allowed to be raped from the time time they stopped the Epstein story, to the time Epstein didn’t kill himself in his jail cell.

    Fake news, persecuting the president over hear say, letting child raping pedophiles run free.


  10. Cause that's how you : Make America Great…. Again 😜!

  11. I am an Immigrant
    I am an Latina
    I am a California Resident
    I am a Liberal
    I did not vote Trump 2016
    WALKAWAY + MAGA 2020

  12. Pelosi, Shifty and 6 hours Joe don’t want to move it to the Senate, because “only the witnesses from the secret basement are relevant”…..

  13. Look at Sky News Australia and Viva Frei you tube channels in Canada.. It's interesting to get more objective perspective.

  14. Sounds familiar Stormy Daniels Air Force 1 his comment no I didn't pay her I know nothing about it after they found out he knew everything about it what's the problem his statement that's not illegal Rudy Giuliani is a smart lawyer Trump hire smart people to do his Dirty Work as well as other politicians Republicans and Democrats people in politics is corruption until you understand that and address it this kind of craps going to keep happening wake up people so call Patriots understand what's really going on with these elected political officials thay owe the American taxpayers more than that taxpayers

  15. Look like Trump will throw the New York Mayer under the bus and blame everything on him , and this mayer may stay in the jail for the rest of his life

  16. Hunter Biden's alleged crimes, of which there is no evidence, does not exculpate Trump.

  17. The Only "Bombshell" the Democrats have is that of its own party. DNC is the "Bombshell", Schiff, Pelosi & the Squad are its fuse. Bye – Felicia !

  18. I will never be a Democrat again. I did not walk, I ran far away from these Dummy crats. DNC represents nothing good or positive ever. # walkway today!

  19. The House Impeachment Committee had better heed this person's words of wisdom. Shawn Armbrust, executive director of the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project which represented the falsely accused trio just released from prison after 36 years, stated: “…this case should be a lesson to everyone that the search for quick answers can lead to tragic results.”

  20. Trump keeps sticking to the crap that Ukraine interfered with our election, when it was RUSSIA interfered with our election!!!! 🇺🇸

  21. Go Mr Trump you don't love Africa.

  22. People that claim a political moniker are already dumb Dems are certifiable.

  23. New evidence only held by Schiff for eight months…? Remember Democrats swore no one was spying on the Trump administration. lies from the Donkeys mouth.

  24. Wow the comments. OK on Epsstien it's a seprate story so not related. Also the info is not clear on that which is why reputable news agencys are not just blabing thier thoughst as if they have facts. I know thats not whats cool these days but actual journalism means having facts not thoughts about what happened. As for the "mountain of evidence why don't they procede" thats not how law works freind. You gather all and I mean ALL available information and interview everyone before proceding in order to arive at the truth. Thats why pushing ahead despite several parties refusing to answer the summons is newsworthy. If we had not all lost our minds you would know that. The Police do not push for charges before interviewing all the witnesses unless some witnesses won't come forward. Please take your partisan hats off and step out of your echo chambers for just a moment to remember how reality works.

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