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How A Doctor’s Accusation Of Child Abuse Separated A Mother From Her Child | NBC News

Ajshay James sees her only child, Harper, just two times a month. The state took custody in 2017 after doctors accused her of medical child abuse. They believed Ajshay had exaggerated her daughter’s medical needs, leading doctors to prescribe unnecessary medications and treatments. But an investigation by NBC News and the Houston Chronicle raises doubts about the evidence used to separate them.
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How A Doctor’s Accusation Of Child Abuse Separated A Mother From Her Child | NBC News


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  1. Well that was sad…n no happy ending 😕😞😩😭

  2. 6 hours twice a month is cruel and they know it

  3. Doctors don't live at home with the child and sees how they are day on and day out. If doctors truly believe the parent is lying why on earth do surgery on someone who may not even be sick

  4. The United States will do the same thing taking your kid if you keep changing your childs doctor to many times too…just crazy!

  5. 6 HOURS, TWICE A MONTH? Some racist nonsense. This is injustice from the system.

  6. okay but the kid is no off oxygen, running and jumping. not all abuse is done from spite or hate. I think its obvious this mom loved her daughter, but her hypervigilence resulted in her being over treated. I have seen plenty of parents act out of love either willful get in the way of their child's care going so far to break them out of a hospital to ignoring their dying child's request to die in peace to get futile often painful treatments. I am sorry she lost her child, but are we going to deny the daughter is NOW THRIVING

  7. Weren't the child's regular doctors called to testify!? This is a crime against this mother and her child!

  8. While there are children out there who are actually being abused and reported to cps, it is usually ignored. She was by her child's side every second, taking care of her and praying for her health to improve, and this is what she gets? This is beyond devastating! I am a mother whose child was born prematurely and even though his health wasn't as severe as this child's, I know how protective you become of your child.This is pure evil! I am praying that she is returned to her mother!

  9. Dont believe this woman for some reason

  10. Mom don't give up be encouraged in Christ…

  11. Thats the sweetest baby I ever seen. I want one. God love the mother.

  12. Unfreaking believable, how about investigating the doctors that prescribe all the Medications that were given to her. Seem like incompetence on their part is it ? Just saying.😠

  13. Outrageous and unfair to this Mother and child

  14. That is so wrong and unfair.

  15. There are many parents who are accused of child abuse with only observed info, or someone who calls in that they suspect a young parent of abusing their child because they haven't taken their child/children to a dentist. Come to find out, the parent had needed help paying for his kids to get the dental treatment needed b/c he didn't have insurance nor the funds to pay the costs associated with the dentistry needed by his children. He was found not to have abused his children, & his accuser was told that unless she knew for sure that what she suspected was true, she should stay off the phone & keep her suspicions to herself!

  16. Sad😥😥😭😭crying 😭

  17. i know this is going to be unpopular because of the opinions below are set with emotional BS. The child is in the best situation…The mother is suffering from PTSD and her Grandparents are more stable…

  18. My mother in law claimed this of me, yet she was one accused of muchausen by proxy on her own kids and pets?
    I faced cps often and their accusations. I ran a home daycare, and it was jeopardised by her spite.

  19. This was medical mom abuse by the system .There was no way for Ajshay Jame to win . Too much or not enough concern she loses her child .

  20. This sucks- it happened to me sort of- not medical abuse, no abuse- just being separated from my only child- on off on off until she was 18. At 12 she was old enough to make a decision but she wouldn't- so I said I'm going home- if you want you may come with me- and i moved back to Mexico – (long story). So she stayed, moved out of fathers house and found a young man who lives her and they are new parents- my grandson is 9 months old- they have been together for 5 years- a few years ago she was going to take Christmas presents to her father and his wife's kids- and they told her to not to bother coming- she was devastated- and since then the sob hasn't bothered to see her- he hasn't seen his grandson- all of those fights for custody and now he doesn't give a hoot! Which makes me think all he wanted was a tax deduction!!! Because he was earning around 70 k a year.

  21. NBC, your outro is super inappropriate. For this very serious and somber story you have appropriate tone, then you switch to your chipper outro where you shamelessly advertise your youtube channel with smiles and cheer. Seems disgusting and lazy to me. Make a few different outros with different tone to seem less out of touch, perhaps?

  22. That's how the government works. Plain and simple to take your children away for their advantage.

  23. The father wasn't there for the beginning of Harper's life. Why should he have sole custody of her. He in my opinion doesn't deserve a say so in anything!!!

  24. Don't get me wrong, these liberal doctors just need to fix ppl not inject their 2 cents. However, i'm sure she screamed 'racist' to get her back… the all too common race card these days.

  25. Land of the free, home of the brave.

  26. Nurses and doctors can be very evil. They are not all sane. I would never bring my child into the Hospital of Unniversity of Pa or Childrens in philly. Dupont yes! Dupont seems leagues above. And it's getting worse in healthcare. These nurses and doctors need to go through psychological testing and observation annually.

  27. This is so sad😥 Another CPS job failure. They take children from completely competent caring parents but don’t do their job when called to assist a child that does need help then later to find that child died that they did nothing about. So sad and I feel for this mom and her daughter. I hope and pray she’s home one day🙏🏼

  28. I would make sure Me and the child would never have to work again, Compliments of the doctors and the state

  29. Enough is enough!!!!! Get rid of CPS

  30. Texas…born and raised there but will never go back..racism in the 60s n 70s was out of this world and graduating in the 80s from a super racist high school told me plenty.. Good bye and good riddance

  31. 44% of black babies are aborted, 100 years ago the Democrat Party, descendants of Civil War slave owners, came up with a "soft" genocide for African Americans. The goal? Be like NYC with a 60% black abortion rate. https://www.bound4life.com/statistics

  32. Sounds like the grandparents want a second go at raising a child. Considering your son already has 1 child out of wedlock… I think the mother could raise her child just fine… and perhaps with better morals.

  33. No goverment should ever seperate child from parents…at all….

  34. Find the doctors responsible for this AND KICK THOSE DOCTORS TO DEATH !! and rewrite the law !!

  35. Give that woman back her child.. If anything it's the doctors responsibility to properly diagnose and treat the child.. Texas is full of idiotic judges and doctors.

  36. A lot of these doctors are incompetent! You go in there for one thing and end up needing back surgery and medication you don't need even as an adult. The same can happen with children but somehow It's the parent's fault for taking the advice of the doctors the baby had since birth!?

  37. So very sad and I pray for Harper and Ajshay to be reunited soon. It amazes me how many children suffer from TRUE child abuse and CPS looks the other way or does all they can to keep the family "together" but someone who is clearly a good mom is suffering (as is Harper) from being separated for no reason!

  38. Take your baby to the doctor too much, in a doctor's eyes, and they can call it child medical abuse? This is criminal. She was a premee, with health issues.

  39. God bless you and Harper. My daughter was born at 22 wks gestation. She was 2lbs. She is now 21 yrs and doing very well. Harper is beautiful. I pray you strength.

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