Sunday , December 5 2021
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How Biden admin could see big problem from ‘stagflation’

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin adds his analysis to the U.S. economy under President Biden’s policies. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Ugh.. Fox Business still pushing the "US was or (is) energy independent" myth. We stopped being energy independent back in the 70's. Our middle east foreign policy since then is all the proof you need.

  2. All this restriction on fossil fuels,taxes restrictions. Meanwhile China is going back to coal.

  3. If your last name is Biden you could be a d-bag.

  4. Biden is the biggest pos in history

  5. Thanks to the people that vote for Biden. The government making money off of the oil. Simple dum bunch of government we have in the white house

  6. Cavuto is a shill. This is partly his fault as well by shutting down Trump , censoring him , and allowing the ccp Dems to take over. Cavuto needs to go. Leave Fox !

  7. Buck Fiden! Dump Harris! Let’s go Brandon!

  8. BIDEN just lied again, telling everyone that the supply chains are ramping up, fact is the fool is mandating the jab , or lose your job,

  9. The US makes the cleanest fossil fuel in the world. Why would we want some other country processing oil???

  10. Remember, people tend to vote their wallet.

  11. Looking at that thumbnail I had no idea Joe has a mullet.

  12. Biden cannot legally force vaccine mandates so he tried to use OSHA.
    OSHA cannot do anything either because it relies on Congress and Congress has not voted on the matter.
    OSHA relies for its regulations on Congress’ power under the commerce clause. But a vaccine isn’t even commerce, let alone interstate commerce.

  13. Joe don't know where or who he is. America in real trouble with economy.

  14. Get what you vote for all 80 or so million voters. You make poor and middle class suffer. We we energy reliant under Trump

  15. The wise vest analogically matter because mouth phytogeographically delay minus a petite satin. lush, flaky caution

  16. This is what a corrupt election does

  17. Just don’t buy anything but food

  18. This people have made this country so top heavy its sickning !!

  19. China will INVADE Taiwan this Winter, I just believe it, If so America will be drawn into WW3 and INFLATION and Interest rates will Rocket to space with Jeff Bezos!

  20. BUMBLING JOE BIDEN and his 81 million voters are ecstatic with the new developments in hiring 50 thousand more IRS agents to watch individuals making 600 dollar or more transactions in which they are taxed PS they are laying the ground work for digital currency where nothing can be concealed — everything is going according to plan for BUMBLING JOE BIDEN to MAKE AMERICA LAST

  21. I’m so happy ☺️. I have been earning $18,000 returns from my $6,000 investment every 13 days.

  22. I think the pandemic have really thought people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security

  23. Joke is only thinking about ice cream and "when's my next nap."

  24. Obama rolling the floor laughing!

  25. Fox get rid of Kabuto he's an a****

  26. The so called Green Energy is really the Worst and Dirtiest Energy .. Just to make the Batteries to make an EV make as much C02 as an ICE car does in 8 years .. and digging up all the Metals is terrible for the Land and Water but China who makes the stuff doesn't care .. This is ALL a Big Scam to transfer Money to the well connected to get Subsidies from the Government .. With Honest Money like Gold the Gov. couldn't afford Subsidies or Lockdowns either as the Gov. doesn't make Gold or Wealth but they can redistribute Your Wealth so someone else

  27. Aren't the men and women in uniform going to organize, and in unison get this country straightened out? We will never get our country back if they won't do anything. Their decisive action is the solution. There is no turning back. It's up to them. Our good public servants are overwhelmed by the crooks. We're losing our rights and everything. Now, we'll just have to wait for God Almighty to step in. But there will be much tribulation beforehand.

  28. China don’t care about global warming because it’s bull crap

  29. Get this instigator out of office. Does everyone of you in high places has no say? but you still get paid. Crooked piden Crooked Hillarious, crooked Milley, Austin, Blinkers, kamalala, Schoomer, stiff, peloser: shame, shame, shame.


  31. these fools talk as though Biden is a legitimate potus..

  32. Not to mention WW3 which is a real possibility ! and its clear these woke are not to Woke and the poor "right" is trying so hard to get a grip on these crazy's???? ,… meanwhile WAR is imminent !!!! that should wake up the woke real fast good news is all these freeloaders that came across the boarder will be running right back over that boarder!

  33. Stagflation is exactly where we are heading. I see every problem he has is one he directly caused. All of them.

  34. he President of the United States is sworn to protect national security… why is he still in office… he has broken his oath! WTF is Washington doing besides rolling over in his grave

  35. If he paying for us to stay home where my money f@@k!! I will not work and make these DEMONIC DEMONS LEADERS in slave me and make you rich . Welcome to the new world order guys

  36. History shows the democrat presidents sucked and dragged America down & now they promote communist/socialist agenda which will change your children's futures for the worst

  37. What the American people have seen since the virus is that the government breaks the law and no one is enforcing the illegal activity it shows how weak the Senate and Congress is they have no power the courts have no power. It's the people with the 2nd amendment that has the power. It is important that we protect ourselves and our way of life because the politicians just talk or ignore any problems. We have a President that does not know what he is doing.

  38. Biden has been selling Taiwan to China to get elected riggedly.

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