Wednesday , June 23 2021
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How Bloggers Get Ready for Fashion Week! | Fashion Mumblr

Today’s video is a Vlog about how I get ready for London Fashion Week – LFW kicks off TODAY so keep an eye on my Insta Stories!

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Jo Hansford Salon
Belkin MIXIT↑™ Metallic Power Pack 6600 :

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Pink Jumper :

LFW Day One Outfit

Jumper :
Coat :
Leggings :
Bag :
Shoes :

Gucci Dionysus :

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Necklace :
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  1. I loved the gilet at the beginning of the video, can we have a link for that one as well please 🙂

  2. Your gilet looks so warm & cosy 😍❤

  3. You're so nice and cute and I love your outfit OMG!!! 🙂

  4. omg Josie you're really amazing, I really want to start a blog and you inspired me to do that so thank you x loads of love

  5. Oh my god you've hit 100k subscribers! Congrats!!!

  6. congratulations to 100k – well deserved

  7. what's the song around 3 minutes? love it!

  8. The white and grey strips coat is so covet worthy.

  9. would anyone like to help each others channels?

  10. Love your vlogs, especially when we get to experience things like LFW with you. xx

  11. Where is the horn necklace from please? As the link takes you at another rose gold necklace xx

  12. Congrats on reaching 100K! I love how you're very honest about how things are in the blogger game. It lets people trust you more than other bloggers who aren't.

  13. oh you have over 100K!!!! I am so excited for you! …not surprised though…you're awesome and your content just keeps getting better and better! 🙂

  14. Loved this video!!! Hope you enjoy Fashion Week!!!

  15. Congratulations on 100,000! I have loved watching since 20,000 – and looking forward to many more! Love from Michigan, C

  16. Have fun at fashion week beautiful <3 And congrats on 100K! That amazing <3

  17.'re over 100K!! Congrats

  18. Josie you are my favourite l've been watching you since 20.000 i am so glad your 100.000 subs😍😍

  19. MAAASIVE CONGRATS on hitting 100k!!!! Been here since 25k and can not believe how fast you've grown 🙂 looking forward to plenty more videos from you !

  20. Your welcome Josie because your channel has changed my outlook in so many ways. Thanks for all the fashion tips &travel outfits I've really used them. . I so enjoy watching you, Charlie,your mom &likkle dexter.Thank you for the past few years of beautiful vlogs full of inspiration, laughter, & genuine reviews on everything you try.May you achieve more than you ever dreamed possible, Susan,Stephen & boys😘🎉💐🌹

  21. 100 k 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽🙈❤❤❤❤❤

  22. Really enjoyed watching this! 🙂 I am currently uploading my Fashion Week Vlog Series every day as well, if you want to check it out 🙂

  23. I always look forward to your videos 🙂

  24. Josie loving your new hair!! Have a great time at LFW 😘 xx

  25. Congratulations! 100,000 subscribers. Well done Josie!

  26. beautiful hair color 🙂

  27. I went to different salon once to get my roots touched up when my stylist was on mat leave. She did the same thing to me (dyed my hair instead of highlighting it) without telling me. I absolutely hated it; I looked like one of the white elves from Lord of the Rings. This video reminded me of that! Luckily it turned out well for you! Congrats on 100k just in time for fashion week ❤️

  28. Congrats on your 100k subscribers!!!

  29. Congratulations on 100K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Hi Josie! I'm so excited for you to reach 100,000 and much more!!! Your a stunning, very smart young lady with so much to offer in this "YouTube" world, I have no doubts your promising future is just beginning. Much love from a "wish I was young again" fan.😉😙❤

  31. Another fab video! 🙂 Love your earrings, where are they from?? xo

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